Full Power Basic Form is also known as FPBF. Nikad was the first to use it. You must focus some of your character's energy to ascend past the Base form powers. It's Mystic but stronger. And you don't have to go SSJ to use it. It's basically a Power-up and it increases your speed and strength. If you use this power-up you will gain the power of a SSJ3 but be careful it's only for 3 minutes. It has the strength as a SSJ4 and a speed of a SSJ5 Nikad uses this form because it's easier to transform into. 


This form was first achieved by Nikad when fighting and/or Mars It's achieved when you Power up greatly. More Information is in the paragraph above.


This form was first looked at by as Nikad didn't want to waste energy transforming into SSJ5 and figured out this form. 

More information coming soon. 

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