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Fudo Daimyo
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Fudo Daimyo is the ancestral progenitor of all ninja-based combat in the universe and is the legendary monk whom founded the ways of ninjutsu. He is regarded as the legendary god of Shinobi, and was first discovered about by Adam after reading ancient scrolls given to him by Cyber Murasaki.



Powers & Abilities

Nigh Omnipotence

Though an aspect of power he rarely resorts to, Fudo's sacred eyes allow him to influence and directly change. Period. With his eyes he may cause anything that he wants to occur, though he most commonly demonstrated this by turning imagination into reality, never using this in combat and only employing this miraculous ability to help and save the misfortune. His godlike powers have been demonstrated in a vast and numerous variety of different applications, such as the restoring of life, indefinite healing, rejection of fate, probability manipulation, and more.

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