This article, Frozer, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Frozer, is a Role-Play article.

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Frozer is an Ice-Jin who is very strong, but still can't even compare to many of the Lookout Crew in power, although he has an intense fighting strategy, plenty of soldiers, and his secret weapon!


He's a cheap fighter, and more, and is 1000 times more ruthless than the other known Ice-Jins.


  • First Form/Base - 7,900,200
  • Full Powered First Form - 939,287,472.492,548,028,472,930,302,400
  • Ultimia Form - Way beyond the powers of most villains combined.
    Images (67)yy

    Ultimia Form Frozer.


  • Death Beam
  • Death Ball
  • Ultra Death Ball
  • Crazy Fingers
  • Hyper Death Ball
  • Sterling Death Beam
  • Kamehameha (Scanned, and inplanted in mind)
  • Dirty Fireworks
  • Ultra Death Saucer
  • Hyper Death Cannon - Strongest Technique

Fighting Strategies

  • Uses Melee attacks to wear his opponent down, then uses ki based techniques due to him having very little techniques.
  • Cheap Fighter.
  • Gets into people's heads with trash talk.


Frozer, and Ice Arc

After him and Ice arrived on Earth, and had a good game of Volley-Ball using Zero (RP Chracter as the ball, they confronted DJ, and Michael Iron. While Frozer was busy dominating in a battle against DJ, Ice was killed by Ina's Destruction Kamehameha, but that didn't mean it was gonna happen to Frozer. After beating DJ, he faught Michael. Michael put up an honestly good fight to Frozer, but Frozer pushed him to SSJ2. After a harsh, long battle Frozer beat Mike. He torture Mike, death beaming him while he was on the ground. AFter an epic battle. of Manticore, and Zero versus Frozer they all showed their true power. As seen, he is equal to Manticore's Ultimia Stage 3 while in Ultimia Form himself.

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