This article, Fridge, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Fridge, is a Role-Play article.

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Fridge is the son of Cooler and the nephew of Frieza. 


Despite being the son of Cooler, he bares more resemblance to his Uncle, Frieza. He looks almost identical to Frieza, only all the purple plates are black. Fridge is taller than Frieza, yet still shorter than his father and grandfather.


Fridge in his 1% Fourth Form is stronger than a Supreme Super Saiyan, but weaker than a Legendary Supreme Super Saiyan. In his 50% Power state he is much stronger than a Legendary Supreme Super Saiyan, but isn't a problem for a Destruction Super Saiyan. In 100% Power, he is equal to that of a DSSJ, but loses his power due to the strain on his body; when he goes 5th Form, he can beat a DSSJ, and will beat a DSSJ in an instant.


Fridge first came to Earth in search of fighters. He met Jamez, Wallace, Domon and Ian. He quickly beat them,—he then transformed. He beat them easier and faster. When he went third form he had a little fight with Domon, who stood a chance, but then... He went into his 4th form and all of their attacks did nothing. Then he saw Hideki and Killed him with a Death Beam. When Ian saw this, he got so angry he became the first DSSJ!!! He quickly beat Fridge; Fridge went 50% power but still had no chance. When he went 100% power, he and Ian had an even fight. Then he went into his 5th form and beat the living crap out of Ian. He then threw the Ultimate Super Nova, which broke Ian's arm, almost killing him. When it was about to hit earth, Ian fired out of his right hand a Destruction Super Kamehameha. Fridge struggled, but Ian then powered up and beat Fridge, vaporizing Fridge. Now the world is at peace... for now...


First form Fridge

1st form.

Second form Fridge

2nd form

Third form Fridge

3rd form.

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