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A Dream

A little girl with brown hair and a red dress is shown humming a gentle tune on a field of grass. She slowly rocks back and forward, each movement is as graceful as the last. The panel shows a closer look of her face. She has big eyes but they are closed.

The panel switches to men riding horses.

Scene switches back to the little girl and she gently opens her mouth.

Scene switches back to the men and the men raise up their swords high in the air. The sun reflects of the blade and the sword shimmers in the bright sun.

A split panel is seen. One panel has the little girl with her eyes open. She has brilliant blue eyes that outclass the sea. The other panel shows another set of me charging at the first set. These men are not on horses.

The next page shows a giant panel of both sets of men charging at each other. These men were no ordinary men; the men on the left were human. However, the men on the right were mutants.

Humans: ATTACK!!!

The two spirits collide in a never ending battle. A battle that were there can only be one winner. Battles were one mistake could cost you your life. A battle were victory, is just not enough.

Panel shows a bright orange sun rising on a miserable world full of pain and suffering.

Boy 1: I’m so bored. Ever since the war ended there has been nothing to do.

A boy is shown lying on the grass. He has black hair with crimson eyes. His eyebrows rest upon his eyes and arc over his thin eyelids. Another boy runs up to him. This boy has blonde hair with blue eyes.

Boy 2: Yugen, get up.

Yugen: What do you want Zeo?

Zeo pulls out a gun and directs it at Yugen.

Zeo: I’m gonna kill you. Stupid mutant

Yugen: Don’t be so racist you fucking jerk.

Zeo adds to the amount of pressure he has on the trigger. Suddenly Zeo’s eyes flash yellow and the gun starts to float in mid air. Zeo wishes to hang on but is forced to let go.

Yugen: Beg me to let you live.

Zeo: Shoot me!

Yugen eyes flash yellow and Zeo falls to both of his knees. Zeo unwillingly bows his head.

Yugen: Was that so hard?

Zeo: Bastard! I’m gonna kill you!

Yugen: Yeah, good luck with that loser.

A man approaches them.

Yugen: How is it going Dakka Senpai?

Dakka: You idiot. How can you use your powers on one of your classmates?

Dakka picks up Yugen by the collar and punches him around the face.

Dakka: Leave Zeo alone.

Yugen gets dropped on the floor and his nose is shown to be broken. Yugen sees the blood and starts to tremble. His body glows yellow and Dakka falls to the floor.

Dakka: You.............freak!

Yugen: Die!

All of a sudden Dakka’s chest opens up and his ribcage bursts free. Amidst the pool of blood, Dakka’s heart drops causing a minor splash of blood.

An all grown version of the little girl from before sees all this taking place.

Girl: What....... what did you do?!

Yugen: Namaka..... I.

Namaka: GO TO HELL!

Namaka starts throwing stones at Yugen, she kneels down over Dakka and begins to weep.

Namaka: Daddy, daddy, please don’t leave me. DADDY!

Yugen: Namaka, please forgive me. You didn’t see what he did to me.

Namaka: Wh- what did he do?

Yugen shows the bruises on the left side of his face.

Zeo: It was pretty brutal not even a mutant deserves to be treated like that, I’m sorry Yugen, I’m sorry I tried to kill you. It wasn’t the right thing to do. Forgive me.

Yugen: It’s okay. I don’t blame you.

Namaka: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. You killed my father now my family will hunt you down and kill you. Then your family will hunt my family down and kill them. It’s just an endless circle of hatred that will spark a war.

Yugen: No, I won’t let that happen. My dream is to create peace between humans and mutants.

Namaka: Then I’ll make that my dream.

Zeo: Me too but how will we achieve this.

Yugen: We will travel and spread the word of good, those who oppose....

Zeo: ....

Namaka: ......

Yugen: Will die!


Servant: Your majesty, we are struggling against the mutants. Fido is now theirs.

High King of Doldrey: Blow it u and make sure the mutants are within the blast range.

End of chapter

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