Everyone is Anyone and everyone that has ever existed, and currently does exist. Due to it being Anyone and everyone that has ever existed, it is immortal and never dies, and lives inside everyone's body, as he is everyone. It can control Anyone and everyone in existence, whether they're in a different galaxy, dimension, multi-verse, or omniverse.

It controls the action of everyone and their decisions and decides if they're good at evil. Everyone even fights itself, causing conflict in the world with itself having infinite amounts of personalities and power. It has both genders as it is everyone. Everyone is also friends with itself, as everyone who has a friend, is Everyone, with the friend also being Everyone, because everyone is Everyone who exist and has existed. Therefore in a sense, Everyone exist and doesn't exist at the same time, due to the fact that he is everyone. Everyone also has every name since it is everyone. Every name, every nickname, every race, every brand of clothes. Everyone has ate everything and is unstoppable therefore being immortal.
Troll face


Everyone has the appearance of everyone who has and does exist. Meaning everyone looks like everything, and has no definite appearance


Like it's personality, it does not have no definite personality, due to the same reasons.


"Everyone's here"
"Where is Everybody?"

Powers and Abilities

Almighty Intelligence

Everyone knows everything, as he is everyone who has ever existed and is everyone who currently exist, existing in every time period, knowing everything there is to know about the world, even knowing who Jack the Ripper is, since it is Jack the Ripper, due to the fact of him being everyone. He has experienced everything and discovered everything.

Endless Arsenal of Techniques

Everyone knows every technique, and knows how to perform every technique, combine it and do anything with it as it is Everyone.

Infinite Power Level

Everyone's power level is literally infinite, as it is everyone's power level who has existed and currently existed and as long as people exist, which people will continue to exist, it's power level will stay growing and growing and never die out.


Everyone has everything, because is everyone who has owned something, which everyone has owned everything, so Everyone has owned everything.


Everyone has every form, that Anyone or everyone has ever had in existence and, currently has in existence, as it is everyone and has everything everyone has, as it is everyone.

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