This article, Ethan's Sword, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Ethan's Sword, is a Role-Play article.

During his training with SS, Ethan decided to forge a blade from Katchin to use in battle.  He also mixed Dark matter

Ethan's Sword

with the Katchin when it was forged, this gives the sword dark powers.  The sword is practically indestructible, if you try to destroy it with punches it won't work.  If you try to destroy it with energy blasts that might not work either.   You can also shoot shadow blasts from this sword.  After Ethan died in the Smither Saga, Masa was given his sword.


Ethan's Sword looks like a normal blade except the butt of the sword is made from tree roots. These are no ordinary tree roots though, they are made from the trees of Hell and are almost as indestructible as its Katchin blade. There is a gem near the bottom of the sword. This is an Emerald Gem which can shoot blasts.

Attacks used with the sword

Black Dragon of Hell

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