"Unforgiveable..." Resounded the dark, hunched over figure, his body seemingly made out of tangible shadows, his eyes glowing with a furious hellish red. "Absolutely... UNFORGIVEABLE!!" His voice resounded like the thunder that created the big bang. The location was a dark temple similar what one would find in the dead zone. A portal had opened itself, and was sucking the essence of the hunched over shadow husk into it slowly. Over the figure stood another, who's appearance shall go nondescript. "It's over... creation is at last free from your terror". The unidentified being said, blood coursing down over its knuckles.

"Is this your victory!?, is this what you see as defeating me you insolent worm!?" The shadow husk shouted, his thunderous deep voice reverberating and bringing the house down around them as he was dragged back into the portal, leaving the opposing figure silent. "I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS!!, no matter how long it takes... no matter what may come... I WILL RETURN!!" Shouted the husk as his legs, abdomen were sucked through the rift. "I shall live on yet!!, Rest assured... YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF ME, BROTHER!!" The figure screamed as its head sunk behind the portal, and in the following instance, the portal closed.

Quadrillions of years later...

The haunting, soul-crushing noise of a dead line indicating the passing of a life was heard in the hospital room, accompanied by the noise of a crying baby. There was no father figure, and the mother had clearly passed away during child birth. The doctor holding the child merely attempted to calm him, and eventually, the newborn exhausted himself and fell into a deep tranquil sleep.

Meanwhile, entire dimensions away...

The Old kai was sitting with his fellow shinjin at a large dining table, laughing and chuckling haughtily over the boisterous chatter which resounded in the room. Just then, the old kai felt an all to familiar energy signature graze through his senses. His face drooped and his eyes widened to the size of saucers as though he'd just seen a ghost, his laughter instantly ceasing. With a deep gulp, he spoke only the next few words.

"So... the time has arrived". 

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