Energy Razor
Anime name Energy Razor
Manga name Energy Razor
Alternate names Energy Razor
Debut SDBW
Appears in SDBW
Inventor Rasetsu
Users Rasetsu
Class Attack

Energy Razor is a supplementary ki-based attack which forms a powerful blade of ki energy that can slice through katchin itself at its fully realized state. The user and inventor of this technique is Rasetsu and it takes fundamental designs from Salza's blade attack and Super Vegito's Spirit Sword technique.


To create the energy Razor, the user focuses Ki into their open palm and unleashes it in the form of a highly pressurized, highly concentrated "sword" of energy that can be used to slice apart things due to its extremely high movement frequency and destructive capacity. The blade can also be extended like a lightning bolt to hit targets and foes that are a significant distance away.

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