Energy Lasher
Anime name Energy Lasher
Manga name Energy Lasher
Alternate names Energy Lasher
Debut SDBW
Appears in SDBW
Inventor Rasetsu
Users Rasetsu
Class Attack

Energy Lasher is a torturous technique used by Rasetsu. It is a primarily melee based technique that allows one to create a tangible whip of energy that is extremely deadly and is fundamentally based on causing pain in the recepients body. It is usually a mid range energy technique, but can be modified so it has greater than its normal range, extending its whip by several extra meters.


The Energy Lasher is a thin whip of energy that is generated by Rasetsu out of his palm. He can extend and retract the whip by great distances. The whip does great blunt force damage and because of the constant surges of electricity surrounding it, it can inflict immense pain on those struck with it, directly attacking the nervous system. The lasher can also be used as a means of binding the enemies body parts and restricting their movements, sending a constant shock into their bodies.

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