This is one of the Sagas of Dragon Ball MX.

Episode 1

Narrator: In a normal day, Everything was normal and peaceful, Until....

???: *Lands on Earth* So this is Earth, Quite a decent planet, Unit 54 and 38, Come on, We have a planet to agonize. *Flies off to Satan City*

Units 54 and 38: Yes, Sir. *Follows*

Salesman: *Selling jewelries in Satan City* Come by, Ma'am, We have diamonds and much mo- *Sees ??? and the units, Points at them* MONSTERS!

People: *Start running away from the city*

Unit 38: Such cowards. *Starts blasting the people*

Mr.Satan: *Comes out of nowhere* Hey you! Don't you dare destroy my city! If you wanna do that, You"ll have to face the greatest martial artist in the world! ME!

???: Hmph, Such foolishness.. *Floats near Satan and smacks him to an alley full of poor people*

Poor person: HEY LOOK! IT'S MR.SATAN! *Starts taking off his clothes*

Other poor people: *Starts taking off his clothes too*

Bandra: *Lands near ???, Unit 38 and Unit 54* Hey you! What do yuo think you're doing with these inoccent people?

Unit 54: *Sees Bandra's power level with scouter* Ooh, Master, This guy seems to be a challenge, Would you like to defeat this one?

???: No need, 38, Take this rascal down.

Unit 38: My pleasure. *Charges at Bandra and knees him on the face*

Bandra: *Dodges and punches Unit 38 on the stomach*

Unit 38: *Disappears and reappears behind Bandra*

Bandra: What the-?!

Unit 38: *Knocks out Bandra by kicking him far away* Too easy..

???: I guess it was, Let's just keep searching, I will not stop until I find an opponent worthy for the ultimate duel.

Unit 54: Yeah right, But I guess I should follow your orders.

???: Move out! *Flies off at incredible speeds*

Units 38 and 54: *Flies off too*

Narrator: Who are these mysterious, Yet dangerous people? Find out, Next on Dragon Ball MX!

Episode 2

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball MX, A mysterious person has arrived on Earth and assaulted Satan City with his two henchmen. Bandra attempted to stop them, But was easily stopped by Unit 38.

???: *Still finding for a worthy opponent* I'm feeling like there isn't a single strong warrior on this planet..

Unit 38: *Picks up a power level from my scouter* Sir! I have found a power level, Much, Much stronger than the previous one.

Unit 54: Great, But if master passes, I get to fight this time!

???: Enough chit chat, Let's go. *Flies off*

Units: *Follows*

Kage: *Is training in the woods with Twist*

Twist: That the best you got?

Kage: Not yet...! Chidori!

Twist: Bring it, Lightning Blade! *Clashes with Kage*

???: *Seperates Kage and Twist, Appears right in the middle of them*

Units: *Floats down to ground* 2? I guess this planet does have some decency.

Kage: Who are you guys?!

???: Wanna know? Then duel me, If you defeat me, I shall tell me name and leave this planet peacefully, But if not...

Unit 54: We blow up this planet.

Twist: Blow up Earth? If you wanna do that, You'll have to go through us first!

???: Very well, 54, 38, Take them down.

Unit 38: *Charges at Kage and kicks at him*

Unit 54: *Comes from behind Twist and chops his neck*

Unit 38: *Throws Kage at Unit 54*

Units 54 and 38: Soldier Crash Combo! *We both hit Kage on the back then side kick him, We both come from above and crash Kage to ground*

Kage: Ugh..!

Twist: Kage!

???: *Is in fornt of Twist* Not on my watch. *Punches Twist on the stomach*

Twist: *Sight gets very blurry, Faints*

Kage: T-wist... *Faints too*

Unit 38: Hmm, Harder than expected.

???: They were impressive, But they lack experience. I will not leave this planet until I find someone worthy! *Flies off*

Narrator: The mysterious people strike again, They have claimed Kage and Twist as their victims, Will they be stopped or not? Find out, Next on Dragon Ball MX!

Episode 3

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball MX, This mysterious person now claims Kage and Twist as his victims, Is there a way to defeat this person or not?

???: Ugh, We have searched nearly half of this planet and not a single worthy warrior.

Unit 54: Do you even think we can find a person who's power is on par with you?

???: I don't know, But I feel there is one.

Unit 38: *Picks up another high power level* Huge power level, Up ahead!

???: Let's go!

Jamez: *Is flying towards Satan City* What could have happened...? *Senses 3 huge power levels behind me*

Unit 38: *Appears right in front of Jamez* Well well well, It seems we have a visitor.

Jamez: Who are you?

Unit 54: There's more than one.. *Is up in the sky*

???: Now there's three.

Jamez: *Senses ???'s power level* What the...?!

???: I'm bored, I'll take this. *Charges straight at Jamez and pushes an energy sphere at hish stomach, An explosion occurs*

Jamez: *Flies back and double-axe handles ???*

???: *Blocks with elbow then elbows Jamez*

Jamez: *Gets hit and coughs up a little blood*

???: *Kicks him higher up the sky*

Jamez: Ugh, Wh-Who are you..?

???: I forgot to introduce myself, I am Sin, The most powerful being in the universe.

Jamez: Most powerful? *Smirks and wipes the blood off my mouth*

Sin: Huh?

Jamez: *Makes a bunch of Dopplegangers* RAAAH! *Punches Sin on the face then a doppleganger grabs Sin's right foot and another doppleganger grabs his other foot*

Sin: Agh..!

Dopplegangers: *4 of us punch Sin on the stomach while the two hold Sin*

Sin: *Uses Explosive Wave before the dopplegangers can do anything* Impessive, But not by that much! *Is behind Jamez and chops him on the neck, Then throws him to the ground and fires a huge ki blast at him*

Jamez: *Gets overhwelmed by the blast and gets defeated, Lays on the ground*

Sin: Like I told you, I am the strongest!

Unit 54: Well done, Sir.

Sin: He was really strong, But enough to match my power, Let's keep searching....

Narrator: And this time, This mysterious person is to be revealed as a person named Sin, He now defeats Jamez, As he takes down more Lookout Crew members, He starts to get impatient, Will he find his worthy opponent? Or end up destroying Earth? Find out, Next on Dragon Ball MX!

Episode 4

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball MX, This person is revealed as Sin, He shows his power first to Jamez and almost effortlessy defeats him.

Unit 38: *Interrogating Bandra,Kage,Twist and Jamez to find out where the most powerful people they know are*

Kage: We..we won't tell you anything...!

Bandra: So let us go!

Unit 54: Shut up already. *Kicks Bandra on the stomach*

Jamez: Bandra..!

Sin: And you.. *Points at Jamez* You're the strongest among you four, Tell me, Where is the strongest person you know?

Jamez: I will...never tell.

Sin: You're persistent, Only one way to let it out, Ningendo.*Snaps my fingers*

Pain (Ningendo): *Walks in* Which one...?

Sin: The two colored face one.

Pain (Ningendo): Hmph. *Puts palm in front of Jamez' face and starts extracting information*

Unit 54: He sure knows some skills.

Pain (Ningendo): ..........Done.

Sin: Ok, Who is it and where?

Pain (Ningendo): I don't have much information, But I have two people....Vegitax..and Zan Jr, They're currently at the forest.

Sin: Sounds interesting, 54, 38, Let's go! *Runs out and flies to the forest*

Vegitax: *Is fighting Jr in the forest*

Zan Jr: *Hand signs*

Vegitax: *Hand signs*

Both: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! *We clash our fireballs and a large explosion occurs*

Sin: *Stops* Huh?

Unit 38: It seems like there's a fight, Do you want to continue?

Sin: I'll never turn my back on anything. *Keeps flying*

Zan Jr: *Jumps away from Vegitax and sees Sin*

Sin,38 and 54: *We are up in the sky*

Vegitax: What the..?

Zan Jr: Who are the guys?

Vegitax: How should I know?

Sin: I hate to say this again, But I am Sin.

Zan Jr: S-Sin?

Unit 38: Yes, He is looking for a warrior, With strength equal to his, And one of you two have that.

Sin: So whoever is stronger within you, Come forth, And we will fight until the end!

Narrator: Sin has finally found two opponents worthy, Is it Vegitax? Or Zan Jr? Find out, Next on Dragon Ball MX!

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