Emperor Tenchi
is the form that Incubator Tenchi existed to bring about prematurely and accelerate the growth and subsequent power of. Emperor Tenchi is an extremely powerful state taken on by Tenchi and is one of the closest forms to his true Godlike powers. Emperor Tenchi is a state in which Tenchi has no control over due to the effects of his mortal mind impeding the progress of his powers. Tenchi's true concience enters a coma-like state of nothingness while in this form, and he must constantly fight for his life to regain control of his body, lest he "destroy everything".

Usage & Power

Tenchi's emperor state is one of his single most powerful forms, surpassing even his Destroyer of Heaven form. The Emperor state is the true manifestation of the deepest powers of a god sealed away within the confines of his very soul. In this right he is now closest to the true almighty powerful form he once took on before the birth of the universe. Tenchi first entered this state by complete accident, as his powers were elevated to surging out of control while he was trapped in his involuntary incubator state. The armor that nurtured his power to the point of exploding could no longer hold the divine energies raging about within, thus shedding revealing this state.

After becoming Emperor Tenchi, his entire body becomes morphed to become a ethereal, wraithlike alien being, the only semblance of humanity from his previous forms being the extravagant hair-like protrusions coming fourth from the head of the new beings body, appearing very similar to the hairstyle he had when in his previous forms, showing that this godlike creature is indeed still Tenchi. Tenchi's body becomes very tall and his limbs become extended and snake-like, giving him a hauntingly slender appearance. How takes on a distinctive machine-like physical appearance.

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