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The Dream Realm Saga is the First Saga of Dragon Ball Dreams.

It is about Luke, Zach, Rezon, Bey and many more characters.


  • Luke
    Dragon Ball Dreams Intro03:10

    Dragon Ball Dreams Intro

    Dragon Ball Dreams Intro. Sung by Three Days Grace

  • Zach
  • Rezon
  • Bey
  • Sew
  • King Yemma
  • King Kai
  • Cell
  • Unknown Saiyan
  • Others


  1. Warriors Unite
  2. A Saiyan Warrior?
  3. Saiyan Epic
  4. Dream Realm?
  5. A Shared Dream?
  6. Time Machine
  7. Stop Cell!
  8. Luke vs Cell
  9. Gohan, Goku, and Luke Kamehameha?

Warriors Unite

Zach: Hey Luke

Luke: Huh? Oh hey Zach.

Zach: Lets train.

Luke: Oh okay.

Luke gets in his fight stance.Zach gets in his fight stance.Both charge at each other.They hit then each attacks with a series of punches and kicks.After a hard punch from Luke and a hard kick from Zach both fighters back away.



Both use Kamehameha.Blast struggle. Zach increases power. Luke increases power. Both Fighters scream. Using all of they're might.


The blast strggle ends with a giant explosion.Both on floor huffing and puffing.

Both: Huff.....Huff.....Huff.....

Both get up.

Luke: Good battle buddy.

Zach: Your my best friend you know.

Luke: You are too......for me.

Rezon: Hey! I'm here now. :)

Both: Hey Rezon! :D

Rezon: Hey look.

Rezon shows a book.

Both what is it?

Both: *Gasp*

A Saiyan Warrior

Luke:D-Dream Realm!?!?!


But to getthere you must Die,Teleport or find a door in your dream!!!

Zach: Hey they have this stuff that sends you to that place over at the market.

Rezon: Great! Lets go.

The boys walked on to the town market.

Clerk: What would you like?

Zach: Give us Dream Tea you old hag.

Luke: Zach!

Clerk: You should'nt say that how old you are.

Zach: I'm nine but I don't care,NOW GIVE US THE DAMN TEA!

The clerk runs away to the back room of the store.Zach leaves 16.00 dollars on the desk and takes the tea.

Luke: Okay lets drink the tea.

Unknown Voice: Not so fast!

The kids: Huh?


The saiyan suprised by the kids energy.

Saiyan: I am a saiyan warrior so give me the tea! Or I will kill you!

Zach: Come take it!!!

Saiyan: I will, you little hacks!

The saiyan scans they're energy with his scouter.

Saiyan: Hmm.....1,200.....1,025.......2,800?!?! J-J-Just kids!

Saiyan Epic!!!

Zach:We're strong............very strong!

Saiyan: I see....

Saiyan: Okay, then...

The saiyan gets in stance.

Zach also gets in stance.

Zach appears then punches the saiyan in the face.

The saiyan's scouter then flies off his face, and he shows pain towards the punch.

Saiyan: OOF! Why you little-

Zach appears behind the Saiyan, and elbows him in the neck.

The Saiyan fall fowards to the ground.

Zach begins floating around.

Zach: Wow... I really gave him a hit did I?

The Saiyan hardly manages, but he gets to his feet.

Saiyan: Grr.......

The Saiyan sends a Full Power Energy Wave at Zach.

Zach: Ohh... Ah!

Zack fires a quick Kamehameha.

The two blasts collide, but do not become a blast struggle. BOOM.gif

Zah is standing without a scratch, and not tired at all after the smoke clears, while the Saiyan is standing there panting..

Zach: ..You don't give up much, huh?

Saiyan: ...Huff... Huff... K-Kids... This strong? No how... IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

The Saiyan begins to turn red with anger, and his Power-Level boosted to over 3,600~!!

Zach: What the-

The Saiyan clotheslines Zach, sending him flipping through the air.

The Saiyan jumps, and kicks Zach to the ground.

Saiyan: Still wanna talk trash, kid?


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