These are the Dragon Ball Short Fanons. Come here to get ideas to make a long fanon or just to read a short one.

Simpson DBZ

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Bart: Holy coramba! Its Frieza!!

Mr. Burns: Yes it is me.!

Homer: I'll beat this Frieza guy!

Mr. Burns uses death beam and kills Homer.

Homer: Dope!

Bart: Hurcule!

Drunk: Burp! I'm Buu.

Bart: Shut up Drunken Guy.

Drunk: Awww

Mr. Burns: Die!

Bart: Never!!

Bart and Mr. Burns charge at each other. Bart goes SSJ3 and uses Kamehameha.Mr.Burns dies.

Vegeta was not included but if you make a longer version of this fanon please add Vegeta. Thank you.

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