This article, Dragonball R-P, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Dragonball R-P, is a Role-Play article.

The epic stories of the current RP that is happening in chat.

Chapter 1 The Crew Begins!

Quick punches Quick kicks huffs and puffs.The actions of the 19 year old boys Zion and Kuzon.

Zion: You've gotten stronger.*Huff...Huff*

Kuzon: Yep.*Huff...Huff*

???: Hey guys!

Narrator: Who was this mysterious man? Well it was Zion and Kuzons 21 year old friend TOAA.

TOAA: Hey *Huff...Huff..*I sensed your energy from the Lookout. Now am I wrong or are you two stronger than me now?

Kuzon: Well we have been working out. *Flexes Muscles*

TOAA: Hmph.

Zion: So whats going on?

TOAA :You two's energy weren't the only ones I sensed I sensed more,about three more.Two there *Points south east* and one there *Points north west*

Kuzon: I sense them too.

Zion: So we all do then.

TOAA: What are we waiting for lets go.*TOAA takes off towards the first two energys*

  • Zion and Kuzon follow close behind*

TOAA:Stop the two energys are there. *TOAA points at two specs in the sky*

Two ki blast come towards the three they all move and zoom to the area where the two specs are and they ended up face to face.

Zion: Who are you two?!?!

???: I am Nova. This is SS.

SS: Who are you!?!?

Zion:The protectors of this planet!!!

Nova: Hmph.

Kuzon: A 2,200 Power level reading?

Nova: I'm suppressing. *Smirks*

TOAA: Hmph.

SS: Got something to say tough guy!?!?!

Nova: SS...No he's weak.

TOAA: Grrrrr...Lets fight right here right now!

SS: Master?

Nova:Go ahead SS be my guess.

SS: Okay *Fight stance*

TOAA: *Fight stance*

SS:Show your power!

TOAA:Hmph okay.

TOAA charges his energy and it reaches 4,800.SS charges his energy and it reaches 4,700.


Nova:No worries. *Smirks*

Both warriors charge at each other.


Chapter 2 Nova and SS

TOAA kicks SS in the jaw.SS punches TOAA in the gut.They both back up for a moment stare each other down then starts to fight again.Flashes of punches,Flashes of kicks they wouldn't stop. Until SS got angry and put a mask on.The mask's name was Ignika. This gave SS much power.He charges his ki up to 6,300 and that sets off a fire inside TOAA. He goes Super Human and his power level goes even with SS's 6,300.And with one great punch from each warrior they both fall down to the ground.

Zion:TOAA!Are you okay!?

Kuzon:Yeah are you!?

TOAA:I'm fine.

SS:*Gets up and dusts self off*

Nova:Good job but now its my turn! Who will I fight!?!

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