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Dragonball Lookout is a Fan-Fic by Zion3x about the Wiki Users but in a DBZ Fan-Fic.

Main Characters

  • Zion: Super Saiyan- Super Saiyan 2- Super Saiyan 3- Super Saiyan 4- SSJ5
  • Kuzon: SSJ- SSJ2-?
  • Harmony: SSJ- SSJ2
  • Tenchi: ???
  • KB:?


  • Ice Saga

Ice Saga

Saga 1 Chapter 1 Heroes Train!

Sunny Day.......

TOAA: Zion, Kuzon, Hey.

Kuzon: Hey.

Zion: Oh ,Hi TOAA.

TOAA: Want to train?

KB: Not without me your not. (KB says as he lands.)

Zion: Ok, let's go. (Zion gets in his Fighting Stance)

Everybody: Ok!

All Four Warriors Clash. Zion vs. TOAA, Kuzon vs KB.

Four Hours later.....

All Warriors on back......

Zion: Lets get out of these clothes guys.

Kuzon: Ok, let's get out of these clothes.

Narrator :After 2 minutes all of the Warriors get out of their clothes they set off on an adventure to get the Blue Dragonballs.

Zion: Let's go. (All Warriors fly into the Sky)

Three hours later.......

TOAA: So where are these so called Blue Dragonballs?

Zion: Uh......Well there located by space warps.

All Warriors stop flying.....

Kuzon: Uh.....

KB: Ur.....

TOAA: Wha-What the hell!

Kuzon: How will we get to different warps of time?

Zion: I don't know how the hell we are soppose to get between Space warps!

KB: Let's go!

Zion: If we put all our power together, we can somehow teleport.

KB: No just stand back.

The three Warriors stepback.......

KB transforms into Kid Buu form.

KB: Now...Hold Buu.

All three Warriors grab KB and they teleports to the first warp. The Cactus Warp, the dry and desertess warp....

Zion:Ok, let's get to looking.

KB: ....O....K

TOAA: Damn, now Buu is going to talk like a pshyco.

Unknown Voice: Split up for what, this?

The mysterious Alien holds up a Blue Dragonball.

Kuzon: Who the heck are you?

Unknown Voice: I am sector.

KB: ........Buu.....kill....Sector.

TOAA: No Buu, he is strong I sense it.

Zion: TOAA's right, calm down Buu he is strong.

Sector: Going to do something?!

TOAA: I'll fight first.

Sector: Fine by me.

Sector rushes at TOAA. TOAA jumps up and Sector misses. TOAA uses Stellarnova. A giant explosion happens. Theres a crater in the ground. Sector is standing unharmed by TOAA's attack.

Sector:All you got?

TOAA rushes at Sector. Sector reaches his hand out catching TOAA by the face. He sqeezes TOAA's skull.

All of the Warriors look surprised. The faces of the Warriors are surprised. To Be Continued......

Saga 1 Chapter 2 The New Warp

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