Dragonball: Generations is a fanon made by KazionKnight. It focuses on the story of a Full Saiyan named Goshen, who lives many years after the events of Dragon Ball Z. Though great warriors like Goku have now passed, him and other fighters he meets on his journey will become Earth's new protectors.

Chapter 1 - A Chance Event

-Age 920-

The Z Fighters passed on many years ago, but their legacy was remembered. Thanks to the works of Gohan and Trunks, ki is also much more well known throughout the world now. However, Earth lacks one thing, which is a group of fighters to protect it once again. It may possibly get an answer when a particular person comes to see the Jr. Division Tenkaichi Budokai.

The tournament registry starts early morning, and many young fighters form a long line outside the arena. One by one, they test their skills on various equipment such as punching machines. The Crane School is a top competitor, as their students have been winning for the past 4 years. Many other big names show up in the lists of competitors, hoping to become the new champion. Later on, the rounds are finally starting, and there is plenty of skill being shown. The legendary martial artist Master Roshi is attending and watching for a certain reason, which is unknown.

After a few battles, somebody catches Roshi's eye. It is a fighter named Goshen, and he is about to come up for the first time. His hair is similar to Goku's, only missing the bangs that stick out on the side. He also wears a light teal gi, with a dark blue undershirt. There is one odd aspect about him.

"Does that kid... have a tail?", Roshi questions himself.

He is correct, as Goshen does have a tail. After winning the first round by a landslide, Goshen faces a well known fighter. This arrogant fighter is cheered on by the crowd, as he tells Goshen that he has no chance. The person strikes with a hard punch while Goshen easily blocks it with his palm. He then dodges a leg sweep from the kid and jumps into the air. Goshen bounces off his head next, then jabs him in the chest when he turns around. The attack is strong enough to make him fall down, knocked out.

The whole crowd is now silent, beginning to shift attention to this powerful individual. Goshen sweeps through the rest of his opponents and makes it to the final round. He faces a student named Tenza, who is from the Crane School. Tenza has spiky, wild brown hair and wears a red gi. When the fight begins, Goshen is surprised to see that Tenza lands a hit on him. He recovers quickly, and hits Tenza in the stomach with a punch. He does this multiple times, then shoots a blast at him. Tenza extends his arm, blocking it, with smoke coming off of his hand.

"You're a strong fighter. Where'd you come from anyways? I'm the champion of the Crane School, and I'll stay that way."

Goshen grins, "I don't come from anywhere special, only a village. I was raised there for the first years of my life, but here I am. I'm ready to beat you!"

Their fists clash back and forth, trading blows equally. Tenza begins to charge a very thin beam from his finger while at a distance. It is the Dodon Ray, a very deadly technique known for piercing. He swings his hand, aiming it at Goshen, then fires. He gets hit right in the chest, which makes him skid across the arena. Tenza walks up to the clearly injured Goshen, while the announcer is ready to call KO. Right before this happens, Goshen somehow flies up and kicks Tenza. Since he was off guard, it was an instant defeat. All the people in the crowd were in absolute awe.

"That was a good fight.", Goshen says as he is handed the trophy.

Tenza scuffs, "If I don't win, they are never fun."

"Come on, don't be so mad. You gave me a challenge."

Many people are outside, departing back to their respective locations. Goshen and Tenza are still chatting, as Roshi approaches them. They are surprised to see such a popular figure of Martial Arts encountering them. His offer comes as even more of a surprise, because he wants them to be his student. Master Roshi hasn't had one since Goku and Krillin, so his reasons for new ones must be interesting. Both of them, being only 9, would have plenty of time to improve. And thus, Goshen and Tenza are given permission to go with Roshi. They set off for the infamous Kame House to begin their training, still a little foggy about what is going on, since the offer came up so quickly. Whatever this is for, it must be a good reason. Goshen promises his village that he will grow into a strong fighter, so they are convinced enough to let him go. The Crane School has hesitation, but their new leaders give permission to Tenza, warning him that he will not be trained well.

The two young fighters begin their teachings under Roshi, and they are currently sparring with weights. He is impressed, as they are swiftly able to learn how to control their form while under the added stress. Their punches connect, as they are then called to the ground. Roshi is now ready to tell Goshen and Tenza why he has searched for and found them.

"I may be known as a great fighter, but I'm not good enough to protect our planet from the many massive threats out there anymore. I saw your potential, and knew you guys would be able to replace the old Z-Fighters.", Roshi explains.

Goshen then questions, "Why did you pick us?"

"I knew Tenza from watching him in previous tournaments, but you were the new one. Despite this, both of you will gain great strength. I am merely your first steps, but I will do a favor by letting those first steps guide a new generation of warriors."

"I've got one thing to ask. Why does Goshen have a tail?", Tenza wonders.

"Ah, he's just like my old student. Part of a race very similar to the humans, known as Saiyans. Nowadays, you'll see different species around Earth, but I thought that the last of the full blooded ones were gone after Goku and Vegeta died."

"Woah, I'm the same race as him? I always thought it was maybe just a rare condition. Hey, maybe I could find out about my family!", Goshen exclaims.

Roshi grins, then telling him of the Dragonballs. He says how to gather them, and summon Shenron. The only problem is that even if Roshi does have his own Dragon Radar, it would take a long time to gather them all. Tenza is intrigued by the idea of such an adventure, though, and wants to do it as well. Taking a minute to think about it, Roshi actually believes it would be a good idea. They'd find the truth of Goshen's bloodline, and the many treacherous locations would prepare them for future battles. Now, the quest for the 7 magical orbs begins.

They begin their travel, which leads them very close to the snow lands, however many mountains and grass can be seen in the certain area they are in. Whilst Master Roshi takes a break, he hands the Dragon Radar to Goshen and Tenza. They both scurry off, when they discover something amongst the rocky terrain. The arrow on the radar points straight to it. What they find turns out to be a cave. It is seemingly dark, but going deeper into the rocky halls, they notice something that looks like a machine.

"Woah, this place is cool.", says Goshen.

"Yeah, it looks like an abandoned lab or something.", Tenza replies.

Then, they decide to explore the room a little more, and the radar buzzes. Goshen sees an orange shine in the dirt, and kneels down. He dusts it off and picks it up. What is in his hands is an object that both of them can confirm is a Dragon Ball. Goshen stands up, but hits his head on something.

"That hurt, owww!"

"What did you hit anyways?"

They stare at a row of different buttons and switches and notice that he hit one of the levers upwards. The dim lighting of the chamber soon brightens up, as all of the tech turns on as well. They can now get a clear look of the place which has rubble covering up at least half of the area. Tenza thinks for a moment, then does a kiai. The strong wind from this makes all of the stuff in the way fly off. Goshen acknowledges his idea, and they examine everything further. A large supercomputer stands in the middle, seeming to start up.

The systems finally turn on in a bright flash, but then something else happens. A scanner looks at the faces of Goshen and Tenza, then a red light radiates through the room. Five robots storm into the room with a blink. They are now finally getting the feeling that they probably aren't allowed here. One swings its arm at Tenza and picks him up. It throws him to the entrance of the cave near them. Goshen kicks it in the back, and it is then destroyed. While he blasts another into bits, Tenza recovers and joins in as well. They clash with the robots using a barrage of moves, and the remaining three are smashed in on multiple places. This damages causes a rain of sparks to fly up, while the robots shut down.

Goshen and Tenza make it to the other end of the lab, where a much bigger robot is guarding. They charge at it, but it blocks with its arm and pushes them away. It then steps towards them and shoots a blast out of its head. They both roll away from the blast, but it leaves a burnt path. They follow up with a side by side kick that makes the robot explode. Revealed behind it are multiple chambers with a glass window at the top of each one. They have numbers on them, from 1 to 12. Numbers 8, 11, and 12 are empty, while the others are merely metal endoskeletons. To Goshen and Tenza's shock, one of them opens. It is Chamber 10, and it begins to let the door down. A person that looks like a human comes out, who has black hair which sticks upward, with a bang coming down to his eyebrow. His clothing consists of a completely blue gi.

"I have finally been set free. I am Android 10, the reviver of the Red Ribbon Army!", he shouts.

He looks at the two fighters, then gains a smirk. The Android throws a punch, making a shockwave that forces Goshen and Tenza out of the cave. He quickly catches up to them, hitting them into the ground outside, where Roshi is staying. Both of them slowly stand up again, as Roshi joins them. Android 10 laughs at the thought of the old hermit fighting him. What he gets comes as a surprise, though. He charges up, gaining a great amount of muscle mass. He punches Android 10 and this shoots him across the grassland, where he stumbles and returns back.

"I'll make sure to finish this quick.", Roshi remarks.

He charges a Kamehameha wave and fires it, while Goshen and Tenza stare at the amazing beam of ki. Instead of hitting Android 10, the Kamehameha wave is turned towards the cave, completely destroying it along with the lab. He now explains that he did that to ensure that nothing else can be improved in that place, thinking back to the main supercomputer of Gero. After that, he shrinks back to his normal size.

"What a display, but it's too bad you wasted it on that.", Android 10 spurts.

"Well, hehe, my experience told me that was what I should do. I'll go ahead and see how my students do!"

"Big mistake, old man."

Android 10 engages Goshen and Tenza again, and notices Goshen's tail. His programming has images of Goku as a kid, since Gero's intentions back then were obviously to eliminate him. Though they aren't exactly alike in appearance, it is enough of a similarity for him to be enraged. He begins to thrash and throw Goshen around, exclaiming the revenge he must get. While blinded by the rage, 10's guard is dropped, and Tenza takes the chance to fire a Dodon Ray. It leaves a burn mark on his shoulder, as well as making him stumble back. Goshen recovers also, kicking him in the face upward. Frustrated even more, 10 begins fighting sluggishly. This allows them to predict his movements easily, and they dodge his incoming attacks.

Clearly taking damage, 10 calms down. He runs at Goshen, who barely steps to the side. It is odd for him to purposely attack so slowly, since he suppressed himself at that one moment. Tenza looks at Goshen's bag, which was originally puffed up due to the Dragon Radar and Dragon Ball. It is now flat, dangling from his belt. They look back at Android 10, who has the items.

"Give me that orange ball back, it can't be in the hands of somebody like you!", Goshen roars.

"These items? Ah, don't think that I don't know what this is. Thank you, I will find these helpful."

10 begins flying off, but Goshen and Tenza think of the powerful attack that Roshi created earlier. They begin forming their own, collecting ki into their hands. Roshi knew they could use ki, but it is quite the impressive feat for them to form a Kamehameha wave either way.

"Kame... hame...", they mutter.


While Android 10 flies away, he turns around to notice the incoming attacks. They hit him instantly, as he is barely able to react. They combine into a ball and emit a bright flash before dissipating. Great damage is done to 10, but he is still intact. He smiles and flies off. Roshi tells them it is okay that they failed to stop him, since there is always room for improvement. 10's actions after seeing Goshen's similarities to Goku were a little expected, considering Gero was a former Red Ribbon scientist, and is his creator. It felt like something more, though. It felt as if he had another purpose, rather than the cliché "I'm getting revenge".

The group returns to Kame House, while Goshen and Tenza heal up after the fight. Everybody enjoys some ramen, and they sit in the living room of the house. The TV is turned on, and the channel is on a woman's yoga program. Roshi grabs the controller and turns it to the news hurriedly to get off of the channel, not wanting the kids to see. The news speaks of soldiers wearing old Red Ribbon uniforms attacking small cities. This is an odd occurence, since they were wiped out over 100 years ago. The 3 have their eyes glued to the action. The soldiers have tons of advanced equipment, such as laser rifles, missile launchers, and heavily armored tanks rushing into roads.

Not getting much time to rest, Roshi calls for the Flying Nimbus. A yellow cloud swoops in, calling for anybody with a pure heart to sit on it. Roshi tries hopping on, but the cloud falls apart when he touches it. He sighs, but Goshen is able to go on without difficulty. He takes Roshi's cane so that Tenza and Roshi can get on as well. The Nimbus takes off for the city, where they will have to avoid the massive crowds of new enemies.

Chapter 2 - An Army's Uprising

The Nimbus flies into the burning city, and a section has already been destroyed. It goes to the top of a tall tower away from the intense firing. Roshi, Goshen, and Tenza all jump off. Many citizens are evacuating in the streets. They are still wondering why this army is here.

"Should we go stop them, Master Roshi?", Goshen asks.

"No, it's best to stay here and gain information."

"Fine, but will there be any action?"

"Don't worry about that, there's going to be plenty."

They begin taking a look at the people below. Their cannons are able to obliterate the walls of buildings with ease. Such power is not obtainable by any normal group of enemies. It had to have been supplied by somebody.

The group notices several citizens still trapped by the wreckage and fire in the buildings. They hop across them, picking people up and putting them in a distant location to retreat. One person is dangling from a rock, and a tank is aiming its missile at the place in a whole. The missile launches, but Tenza comes in to kick it back, destroying the tank instead.

He drops to ground level, along with Goshen and Roshi. An army stands in front of them, aiming all of their arsenal at the 3. One of the higher ranks give a signal to shoot, and a huge brigade of bullets and lasers hit the one area in seconds. They constantly attack, until a huge crater replaces the city.

A cloud of smoke floats off the land. The army is right behind it, and infront of them is the same fighters as before, having taken no damage at all. Goshen notes to the army on how easy it was to dodge the attack. The soldiers are out of ammunition, so they just stare with their jaws dropped.

Goshen and Tenza charge ki beams, pulling their arms back and preparing to throw them at the people. The blasts are ready to shoot, but then a whole row of the soldiers fall down, with a cut across their chests. This happens multiple times, until the whole army goes down. The two beams fire, destroying all of the weapons next. Master Roshi watches the action from a distance. He rejoins Goshen and Tenza, but there is somebody else with them as well.

Somebody around the age of 15 stands there, with long white hair. He wears grey armor, except for on his arms. He also has a wide sword on his back. Now they know the person that took out the army at least.

"Who are you?", Roshi questions.

"Heh, my name's Zikar. These guys raided my hut, so I decided to get my revenge. Anyways, what are you guys doing here?"

"We saw that they were attacking this city on the news, and we came to stop them. We are also on a search for the Dragonballs. Would you like to join? You seem like a good aspect."

"The Dragonballs? I thought those were legend, sure I'll join! I've got a partner too, but he apparently fell behind."

As Zikar says this, a cat of 2 feet in height rolls beside him. It then stands up, showing light purple fur and eyes that look like two dots. Like some of Earth's population, which are animals, it can talk. He introduces himself with the name "Pai". Now that they have new members, they continue their journey. The evidence from the battleground leads them into the snowy, icy lands ahead.

Walking for many feet, they find a facility hidden within the glaciers. The front part could easily be mistaken as a rock, being a slanted wall with no apparent entrance. Goshen tries punching it, but the material barely dents. Next, instead of melee, he and the others use ki. It burns through with much more ease, giving a hole that they could walk through. It leads them through hallways, where they finally discover the main area.

The main area consists of many items of equipment which the Red Ribbon soldiers at the city had. At the end are reinforced glass panels, showing a room with robots sparring. A scientist comes by the door to watch them. The group rolls back to avoid being caught, but Zikar dashes through the rooms to confront the scientist. Everybody else follows him, facepalming. The scientist does not tell Zikar anything, but instead clicks a button, activating the robots.

"These aren't our typical models that you've seen, but they are much more advanced. You won't stand a chance against a Super type."

The Super Robots attack him while he stabs the scientist due to his stubborness. He swivels around and kicks one, but the other hits him across the chest. Goshen and Tenza punch one from both sides, smashing it inward. They kick it into a wall, but it bounces back off and slams both into the ground. The one Zikar is fighting has been scratched up by his blade on the front, however that is the only significant damage. Pai comes by him and jumps in the air. He falls onto the robot's face, blocking its vision. This gives Zikar the opportunity to slice it in half. He goes over to the second robot, shooting a beam through it.

Goshen and Tenza stand up again, dusting themselves off. The group moves on and near the room they were in is a factory that is mass producing robots just like the ones that they fought. As each goes down an assembly line, they are filled with supercharging energy, made from a central power rod. This makes their bodies highly durable and give stronger attacking, explaining why they were a challenge to Goshen, Zikar, and Tenza. The Red Ribbon logo is stamped on to all of them once they are finished, showing that they have gained much power in such a short amount of time. They problem is that due to their inactivity for so long, it is hard to see the army making a comeback in such a short amount of time. There has to be somebody else doing this.

They notice an observatory above them. Many more scientists are overseeing the production, along with a man in a tux, who has a goatee and slicked back brown hair. It is obvious that the group has been spotted. Lines of Super Robots march out and surround them. Their powers combined easily overwhelms everybody, and they are cuffed behind their backs.

"I see we have intruders. This should be fun my friends!", The head scientist exclaims to his helpers.

The fighters were knocked unconscious, but wake up hours later in the observatory. There are strong bands of ki that latch them to the wall. The man who captured them stares.

"I'm quite surprised. The great Master Roshi is leading some fighters yet again? Well then, they won't be stopping the Red Ribbon this time, it seems. This will be all thanks to me, Dr. Myak!"

Zikar gets angry that he is being held captive, and tries escaping. While he struggles, Dr. Myak comes over to him and punches him in the stomach. He stops, and his head dangles, still giving a glare. It seems they have found the person up to all of this yet have no way of stopping him in the current situation. Two Super Robots were enough trouble for the group, so an army of those could pose a huge threat. While the fighters wonder what to do, Master Roshi gives a chuckle as he goes maximum power and buffs up. He breaks free of the ki bands and punches Dr. Myak across the room. The scientists try to restrain him but get pushed back as well. Myak recovers and begins to show surprising skill, which is still not enough. Roshi helps the rest escape, and he blasts a hole through the roof of the observatory, letting everybody escape.

Heading back to Kame Island, they notice that a group of five Super Robots are chasing them, being lead by Myak. The robots fire ki blasts at them and knock them out of the sky. Now finding themselves in a jungle, they stay behind a rock. The robots land, trying to search for them. Goshen sends a Kamehameha wave while sneaking up on one. It manages to dent the robot, who was off guard. However, he has created a problem, attracting the attention of the whole squad. The robots extend their arms outward, preparing to fire away at the fighter.

Suddenly, Roshi comes in and kicks through all of them. Ready to get away, there is one more obstacle. Myak lands, but he is accompanied by somebody else. The other person happens to be Android 10. It is now obvious that this pair has been working together to revive the Red Ribbon army to its former glory. The only thing that the fighters want to know is how they did it. Myak has an answer, beginning a long story explaining his origins.

Long ago, when the original Red Ribbon were at their peak, trying to find the Dragonballs for world domination, Dr. Myak was one of the scientists. Commander Red only accepted a few of his ideas, since he thought they could be dangerous to the army. Disappointed that his hard work was rejected, Myak found Dr. Gero shortly after the army's destruction. He helped him with creating the Androids to get revenge on Goku, the one who defeated the Red Ribbon.

Secretly, Myak did not want to avenge the Red Ribbon, but he wanted to make his own version. He wanted to make it achieve world domination and shift it into what he thought it should have been. Another reason that Android 10 is helping him would be that he was actually the one who worked on it for Gero. After it was declared a failed project, Myak continued improving 10 in private. When Gero decided to become Android 20 so that he could have a much longer lifespan, the two went their separate ways. Myak was still left with an idea, to lengthen his lifespan as well. He began to do experimentations with his bio energy, implementing it into himself, along with his technology that he created.

Around Age 918, Myak began to do hidden recruiting for a new Red Ribbon Army, using the strength of his inventions to help gain new soldiers. Now, here we are, in Age 920. He has finally gained enough power to spread his rule, and since Android 10 was unleashed and stole the Dragon Radar, the Dragonballs would help him do this.

Instead of fighting Roshi's group, Myak and Android 10 fly away. This action shows that they are giving a warning. Now that the confusion has been cleared, they can return to Kame House to train. Flying off, they know that is the only way to end the trouble before it begins. The new Red Ribbon is currently collecting the Dragonballs and must be stopped.

Chapter 3 - The Threat Unfolds

Zikar dashes across the island, slashing his sword at Goshen. Goshen hops onto the blade, then flips off with a kick to his face. This makes him stumble back, and Goshen follows up with multiple strikes to the chest. Tenza decides to join as well and slings a Kamehameha at Goshen, who turns around to see it approaching. He fires his own Kamehameha to counter it, and the beams clash in the middle. Zikar takes this chance to throw his sword at them, making them skid across the ground with the clash cancelling out.

Goshen and Tenza hop back up and punch Zikar simultaneously. He flies into the water, getting soaked. They are the final ones remaining. Ki blasts fly everywhere, and they can be seen sprinting across the land. They connect their attacks then bounce straight back, flying into the water as well. Roshi calls it a tie. This has been the routine for many days, sparring and training. Android 10 and Myak combined are going to be a definite challenge, along with his technology.

While the fighters train, far off is a Red Ribbon soldier at one of the main outposts, sitting on a crate. He had short brown hair and wore red trousers with boots, resembling an average uniform used amongst the army. The captain comes over and tells him to get off, but he refuses and gets attacked. The captain swings his baton with no use, as the soldier slams him down in a hold.

"H-Hey, let go of me! I demand it, or else I will get higher authorities.", he shakingly murmurs.

"Alright, hehe, go ahead. They won't make a big difference."

Worried by the soldier's confidence, he calls in a group of guards. They surround the soldier, who stands up and casually walks away. The guards chase after him, telling him to stop retaliating. Turning around, he throws a ki blast at them, leaving them vaporized. Now he has everybody on the outpost confronting him, and Myak happens to be there. He walks up to the soldier, who he can identify as Radec.

"Ah, Radec. You are quite the strong one, but you do not like being ruled. Lucky for you, I've been looking for somebody to help me with a certain little idea."

"Hm, as long as it gets me out of this place."

"Good, now follow me."

Myak takes him to a ship, which also has Android 10 inside it. The course is set for the same lab that Roshi's fighters tried to infiltrate. After preparing to take off, it flies to the glaciers, landing outside. The transport ship is then put up by a group of Super Robots as scientists escort Myak, 10, and Radec to a door in the main area. It is a secret area where only the most elite of scientists are allowed to have access to. Upon entry, they are seen working on special types of bio energies.

"This is Project Omega. You see, I've been known for experimenting with bio energy, but this is a mixture that we have been trying to get the best results out of, through constant tests. They all produced good results, but this one is what we believe could be the best one. Since you are strong, I believe you would be the perfect person for trying this.", Myak speaks.

The offer pleases Radec, who will enjoy having a better position in this army as well as strength. Myak and his army are already capable of taking over the world, so he has another question.

"What do you plan to do with this? There is no need to increase your abilities if nobody is a match for you.", Radec mentions.

"You may mostly be right, however a certain few people could pose a threat. They go by the name of Goshen, Tenza, and Zikar. Interestingly enough, they are led by Master Roshi, the great Martial Artist.", Myak replies.

He now remembers, he has heard about them before. The group is constantly trying to stop the army from collecting the Dragonballs and stopping them from their goal. After escaping the soldiers for the first time, they have been training on Kame Island. Myak tells him to go to this location, where he will be allowed to test the bio energy.

Radec then drinks the Omega energy, and he feels the boost of power. Seeing the increase, Myak considers him the "ultimate" weapon. Liking the sound of this, Radec is now sent off. Once he arrives, the group of fighters are already in their stances. Due to training, they have not only improved but learned how to sense ki. He is impressed, however he is also ready.

The fighters dash forward, barraging Radec with multiple punches while he has his arms in a defensive position, resisting all of them. He pushes his arms outward, and the fighters jump back. Zikar dashes behind Radec, slashing him as he goes by. When Radec turns around to attack Zikar, Tenza fires a Dodon Ray that pierces through his chest. Thinking he is defeated, the fighters turn around, but Radec somehow regenerates and heals his injury. This is thanks to the energy he consumed earlier, of course.

"I am superior, for you all shall get tired while I will still have the ability to move as quick as ever! I suggest you give up now, for I am unbeatable!", Radec boasts, due to this newfound ability.

It seems that the Red Ribbon has created yet another enemy to the group. If they are still being sought out for, then something big must be coming. Roshi and his fighters are considered a threat in the way of their path to world domination. Whilst the battle continues, Myak is talking to a scientist back at the base.

"What you men have created is excellent! His power has increased by nearly 3 fold, and it shall be a clear help in enforcing our rule, after wishing for it with the Dragonballs of course. In fact, since this would most likely not work as well on Android 10, I believe Radec would be a good replacement.", he states.

"Hm, a replacement for 10? I thought he was always your second in command. Besides that, we are close to our goal, at 6 Dragonballs.", the scientist responds.

Android 10 returns from a mission early, hearing the conversation. Angered by the betrayal of Myak, he approaches him with an angered look on his face.

"That foolish Radec cannot surpass me. Even with your new energy that you have created, I can improve faster than him. He has gained a small boost, but my potential is far beyond his. It is rather obvious that you have limited me, however I shall find the way to break that limiter!", 10 exclaims.

"So, you decide to rebel now? You are just like what Gero's machines were, not able to accept their place. His mistake was making them too powerful, but you are weaker than I am. Though I do admit you have hidden power, drawing that out will be quite hard, especially since you'll be destroyed right here!"

Myak fires a beam at 10, who moves to the side and bounces towards him. He fires a second beam, this time hitting the Android right in the chest, forcing him into a wall. Myak walks forward and creates a ki blade. He shifts his hand forward, impaling 10. Trying to fight back, 10 swings his fist towards the ruler of the Red Ribbon to no affect. A spark flies from his chest as Myak walks away.

Meanwhile, Radec is still fighting the fighters at Kame House. They have proven to give him difficulty, but he has proven to adapt quickly to their fighting style, catching up to all of them at once. Attacks wildly fly everywhere, yet he seems unharmed. His body slowly becomes more durable throughout the battle. Seeing that the students are struggling, Roshi joins in. He palm strikes Radec and makes him stumble, then kicking his head downward and jumping off of it. The master proves to be too much for the beginner, even with his superior strength. Now, Roshi goes maximum power, proving to further outclass him. Beating Radec badly in a combo, he finishes with a Kamehameha. It sends the new assassin to the shore and he lays flat on the sand.

Zikar dashes forward, trying to slash his sword. To the surprise of all, Radec is able to stand up again and grab the sword, crushing it. Knowing he must retreat before he is too outmatched, he flies off quickly. Returning to the lab, Myak awaits. The look on his face tells that he has a backup plan, considering the powerful group must be too much of a challenge still, even to the regeneration and strength of Radec. The plan is for a great attack, raiding all of the major cities and resuming power there. A few Super Robots are no longer a challenge to Roshi's fighters, but an army will be more than enough to take them down. This time they are sure that victory is unavoidable, for the Red Ribbon has held back their true power until this point.

Radec and Myak continue to chat, while the wounded Android 10 is carried out many hundred feet away from the lab and thrown into the snow. He stays there for many hours, as it is hard for him to move with the damage done to him, even if he is mechanical. It turns night, and 10 is finally able to get some strength to find the lab. He knows a secret entrance and hops down a passageway to find himself in the base once again.

10 sneaks past the workers walking through the hallway, using his speed to fly by unnoticed. He goes to a room in the lower main area, where many of Myak's files and reports are stored. They are all backed up onto a very advanced computer. He searches through many, then finds one titled "Android 10: Power Restrictor". It seems Myak was not lying about 10's power being limited. He reads the file, and it tells of a complex pathway of wires which makes a certain amount dissipate before it can unleash. It happens to be simpler than he first thought it would be, but it will be hard for him to remove these wires.

Android 10 bursts into a room where a scientist is at his desk. He demands that the scientist, who is shocked to see 10 make a return, remove his wiring system. Hurriedly agreeing to do it, he puts him in a chamber. It scans him and shows an X-Ray of his robot-like system. The wires are seen rather easily, and devices inside the chamber take them out and close Android 10 up in a quick adjustment which only takes seconds. He emerges, now having no more barriers stopping him from being weaker than his true power. He rushes out of the lab and runs away from the base, ready to take the Red Ribbon for himself once they begin their raid.

Chapter 4 - The Unstoppable Android?

The Red Ribbon's soldiers line up in long rows, covering the view of the snow. Super Robots are on the sides as two massive hordes. Myak comes out to lead the army, while Radec approaches him. In his hand is the 7th Dragon Ball, at last.

Preparing to summon Shenron, the Dragon Balls are put together in front of the army. A yellow streak of lightning comes out as Myak yells for the wish granting dragon to arise. It soon forms, and Myak has an evil grin. He prepares to wish for the great power to rule Earth, but a ki blast interrupts the process.

Android 10 has arrived, and he approaches Myak. The Red Ribbon's leader is in fear, having Radec step up to fight him. The two face each other and charge. 10 is punched in the stomach, but comes back with a kick. Radec grabs his leg and throws him onto the ground. He prepares another attack, but 10 counters quickly. 10 then pushes Radec into the air and throws a disc straight at him, cutting his arm. He regenerates and beam clashes with Android 10.

The clash does not last long, as Radec is shocked to see Android 10's beam engulf him, which soon leaves him disintegrated. The fighters on Kame Island see the clouds that Shenron has caused and know since the Red Ribbon have been collecting Dragonballs, it couldn't be anybody else. Becoming much strong after training, they land to see the confrontation.

Myak stutters, "Two problems at once!?"

Android 10 interrupts, "I'll be dealing with them, not you! I am the new leader of this army, and I shall soon be leader of this world!"

"You think you can claim my position like that? You will be eliminated."

10 grins at Myak's attitude, as if he is still the stronger one. He begins dashing at the Android, who chops him on the neck and makes him stumble across the ground. He stands back up and creates a ki sword around his hand, while 10 copies him. Their blades connect, but Android 10 fizzes away. He reappears behind Myak and slashes at him, pushing him away with a shockwave. A finger points straight at his chest, as a thin shot of ki pierces him. Myak falls to his knees, and 10 gives a light push to his head, while his dead body slowly becomes surrounded by ice on the ground.

He turns his head to take a look at the improved fighters. They stand with Roshi, ignoring what just happened. They are ready to put an end to all of this battling. The Red Ribbon army and their tech join Android 10, submitting to his new rule, as it is notable that he is far beyond their power. Soon enough, heavy firepower flies through the air. It rains down on the resisting fighters who knock away one missile at a time, making it bounce right back. Super Robots storm towards them, proving to overwhelm them for a moment. The huge amounts of powerful metal fists slam down on them. Goshen raises his arm upward, with an open palm. He starts blocking all of the robots' punches at amazing speed.

Mechanical parts are thrown around in the air, as he is able to take each of them down one by one. Normally, a group of that size would pose a challenge, but Goshen and the others have prepared themselves. In fact, they've had enough preparation to force Android 10 to start being involved. The weak army stands back, and 10 charges an energy ball that flings towards the fighters. It completely encases Goshen, and once he comes out of the attack, his gi is severely torn. His body hits the flat surface, too injured to stand. The rest do not know if they will be able to fight such a being, but they will have to try.

Zikar swings his sword at Android 10 but gets punched in the gut. Tenza comes to back him up by kicking the Android across the face. They jump into the air at the same time, landing with their fists connected to him yet again. When they turn their heads, they see Roshi running and head butting 10. He is surprised by the teamwork that the fighters display, happening to be enough to give him a beating.

Meanwhile, Goshen has stood up after resisting the damage he took from the earlier blast. He is not about to miss out on the action, so he comes in with a strong Kamehameha. It heads towards Android 10 but to his dismay gets swatted away. Not giving up yet, he waits for Tenza to fire a Dodon Ray at 10's chest, then he swivels around and punches 10. They have pushed him to his limit. An aura appears around Android 10 and bursts outward. His shirt vaporizes off of him, and he gains metallic hair as well as muscles.

"This is my true power that none of you can beat. I admit that you have given me a good battle throughout this time of struggle, but I believe it is the right moment for me to stop messing around.", Android 10 states.

He raises his finger, creating a fiery ball of ki. It slowly approaches the ground of the fighters. Android 10's true power is noticeable right away, as this ball could wipe out even Roshi. They attempt to combine their own blasts to push it back. The ball simply nullifies the attacks and slams into the ice. They are flung into the air like the many pieces of debris around them. Once everybody gets up again, the scene is a wide hole in place of the land which they had just stood on.

The possibility of beating Android 10 are now incredibly small. Shenron, who is using all of his patience, also covers the sky with clouds whenever he is summoned. Somehow, Roshi is able to see through these. It must be perfect timing, for there is a full moon that is beginning to come out. He opens his palm and sends a kiai. It turns the head of all around him, as Goshen stares at the shining rock. 10 knows what is going on, due to it being implemented into his data system. This is the Great Ape transformation. Goshen continues to growl while growing teeth and brown fur. He stands with the height of a tall building.

Goshen knocks 10 back and stomps on him multiple time. 10 knows that he must cut off the tail, but it will be a challenge. He sends a blast into each eye of Goshen yet unexpectedly gets kicked in the back by Tenza. Zikar follows up by going for a stab at his chest, which is barely dodged but leaves a scratch across his side. Is it possible that he is being beaten? The thought of this makes Android 10 extremely angry. He reveals his weakness again, dropping his guard when taking damage from "inferior" beings. This helps the fighters for a little, until Android 10 is able to dodge one of Zikar's sword attacks, making Goshen's tail cut off by accident.

Goshen reverts to normal and his tail grows back, however Roshi will not have the time to reveal the moon again. 10 laughs, knowing his victory is ensured, and fires a finger beam at the fighters. He ignores the fact that he is extremely weakened and gets shocked when they all begin charging strong blasts of their own.

"Kame.. Hame... HA!", each one yells.

"No, you won't defeat me with a measly attack such as that!", the worried Android 10 roars.

He fails to stop the combined strength of the students' Kamehamehas, noticing that his once amazing power is now nothing. Just like the others he destroyed, Android 10's body is reduced to nothing but dust. This long battle that stretched out for so long is now over.

"Erm, excuse me, is anybody going to grant a wish?", Shenron asks, annoyed to a certain degree.

"Oh yeah, let's do it guys!", Goshen says.

They nod back, and he tells of his awaited wish. The dragon tells Goshen that it will be a long story, but he will leave without question of his origin. He agrees right away, so the new set of Z-Fighters sit down for the tale.

Chapter 5 - History of Goshen

-Planet Vegeta, Age 734-

Yasa leads his squadron of Saiyan elites back to Frieza's spaceship. He kneels in front of the Universal Emperor, who sees they have just come back from conquering another planet. Frieza allows for them to stand.

"That happened to be one of my hardest missions, Yasa. I am impressed with your recent progress.", he chuckles.

"Yes sir, I am ready for another, if you so desire."

Frieza's smirk turns to a grimace, "Do not get ahead of yourself. You and your men need a break. Now go, I dismiss you."

Yasa heads out of the room, and a soldier escorts him to his pod. He takes off for Planet Vegeta, which is right below. Meanwhile, Zarbon and Dodoria enter the spaceship's throne room. They are also concerned with the Saiyans and their growing power.

"My lord, a certain few monkeys have been getting stronger each minute. If we let them live for too long, they could overthrow you.", Zarbon speaks.

"Nonsense, those slaves come nowhere near being able to defeat me. I do admit though that they could possibly cause damage to my empire in other ways."

Dodoria interrupts, proposing an offer, "I say we give 'em a little test."

"Very well, you two shall be assigned to fighting Yasa and his men on their next mission.", Frieza announces.

Zarbon and Dodoria gain a smile, then they go out of the throne room. On the surface below the ship, Yasa trains in one of Planet Vegeta's gravity chambers. Set at a level of 150x, the room appears with a noticeable tint of red. A few Saiyan warriors walk by to observe through a glass panel, impressed that Yasa moves like he is in their normal atmosphere. He comes out with a towel over his shoulder, doused in sweat.

"If you keep training like this, you'll become stronger than even Frieza!", a warrior remarks, as the rest share a laugh.

Yasa grins, "That's kinda my goal."

The dazzled warriors ask, "What?! His power is unreachable!"

He walks off, giving a "whatever" gesture with his hand. He knows that Frieza is scared of him, especially with the recent Zenkais he has been obtaining. Unlike most people of his race, he doesn't rely on this ability alone. Yasa realizes the potential inside him, leading him to train much more than the average Saiyans. He still must suppress most of his power as to not attract too much attention.

Yasa goes to his house, located on the outskirts of one of many cities on Planet Vegeta. He finally has a chance to rest from his day of intense training. Frustratingly enough, right when he sits down, his scouter beeps. It is a message from the hospital, saying that his wife had two sons recently. Yasa flies over to the hospital, where he sees two strong Saiyan kids.

"What are their names?", Yasa asks.

"This one to the left has been named Toma, and the one to the right has been named Spar. Toma's power reading was at a 75, placing him above average. Spar's, however, was 530.", the doctor replies.

"530? That's incredible!"

Yasa is still worried for Spar. Warriors of high strength are sometimes taken in by Frieza to be put through hard tests. He doesn't want to take any chances. When he is done seeing his sons for the first time, Yasa returns home at last. Resting for about 3 days, he is called up to do another mission at last. His squadron is assigned Planet Aros, a planet of barren desert and rock where the winds blow at extreme speeds. The inhabitants are even worse, with spiked, scaly green skin and claws that have been able to stop all Saiyans who have attempted the mission so far.

Five pods land on Aros, where Yasa and his men climb out. This place is definite evidence of Frieza's cruelness. It would serve no real use to his empire, having barely any resources or items of value. The only real treasure you could possibly find would be the actual creatures, but they would most likely still be too wild to control. No matter what, you cannot deny that this is merely a place for soldiers to be killed off. The tough factors won't stop Yasa that easily though. They trek through the rough terrain with ease, since they will not be taken as any normal warriors.

The Saiyans come across a civilization living in a cluster of stone houses and huts. They approach the city, ready for a fight. A few creatures come out of their houses in a hostile stance with spears in their hand. Yasa swiftly holds his hand out to fire a blast when he sees one stomping towards him. The blast connects, but the creature keeps running through like it was completely unharmed. It continues to throw a spear at Yasa, who barely dodges and gets grazed along the shoulder. He moves downward and swings his leg into the chest of the creature, finally defeating it.

Now there is plenty of confirmation to determine that these beings are hostile. A whole swarm of them is next, overwhelming the squadron with great might and undeniably tough durability. Yasa notices one creature making a forward step until its claws stab into one of his men, making them tremble and soon lie down dead. A similar process is repeated to the rest, with Yasa being the only one strong enough to handle these terrible things. Enraged to see his own teammates defeated, he absolutely destroys the whole village, who were beyond untamable in the first place.

When Yasa calms down, he heads back to his pod. On a cliff, two very familiar people block his path. Of course, none other than the two over-inflated egos known as Zarbon and Dodoria block his path. Nobody at all can really stand their constant blabbering of being some of Frieza's top men. Yasa finishes facepalming over the fact that they are here and is a bit confused as to why they are here anyways.

"Get out of my way so I can report back to Frieza, unless you want me to tell of this incident.", he demands.

Zarbon stands straight, "No need to tell, considering he ordered us here. You are a danger, so we all agreed it would be best for your elimination."

"That's right, you scum! I can't wait to beat you up!", Dodoria clenches his fist.

"You'll regret trying to stop somebody who is stronger than you, don't ya think?", Yasa questions.

"Grr...", both grumble.

Zarbon creates a shockwave, and it blows Yasa back a few feet. Dodoria takes the chance to go behind him and slam him down, following up with a beam. The smoke clears to show nothing but a large hole in the ground. They begin to go away, complaining about how little of a challenge the battle was. Then, they notice Yasa has appeared in front of the pair, wiping some blood from his mouth. He causes their scouters to beep by fiercely charging up.

"10,000.. 15,000, no! 25,000!", Dodoria roars.

"That's higher than their king! A Saiyan can't be this strong!", Zarbon gasps.

Yasa punches Zarbon's gut, while turning around to face Dodoria, flicking him away. He continues walking towards Zarbon. Zarbon gives a useless attempt to defend himself by throwing some punches, but Yasa blocks all of them. Yasa then kicks Zarbon in the side. He goes for another kick when Zarbon makes a sudden growth in size and grabs him by the throat.

"This is what you could call my monster form. While it does ruin my amazing appearance, in this case I am stronger than you!"

He spins around and slams Yasa into the ground, literally causing them to switch places. Zarbon believes he has finally won, while he is actually very wrong. Yasa charges up further, with a new power reading able to break Zarbon's scouter. It makes Zarbon wonder how much power this Saiyan still has held back. Could he actually be stronger than Frieza? He instantly refutes this idea, that's simply impossible. Though it may be hard to believe, considering the current degree at which he is now being pummeled, Frieza is in a whole different dimension. There have been rumors that he still has 3 forms that he hides, yet Yasa's hits feel as if they would actually be able to combat this. Zarbon's emotions are mixed, not knowing how to explain the situation. The nonstop fury of punches stops, leaving him beaten to a point in which he would be unable to fight any further.

"Is he... the Super Saiyan that Frieza speaks of?", Zarbon thinks, "No, it can't be."

Yasa softly says, "I'll be leaving now. Just know that I'll kill you next time."

Zarbon is reverted to his normal form and scurries off to his own pod with the knocked out Dodoria. The two return to the spaceship, and so does Yasa. Yasa walks through the hallways, getting stares from a multitude of soldiers. He goes into the throne room, where Frieza turns his levitating chair around.

"Welcome back, Zar... YASA!?", his eyes widen.

"Yes sir, I conquered Aros, as you told me. I'm just wondering why your top henchmen were trying to murder me, that's all."

"Hm? Oh... erm, it must be a mistake! They were supposed to kill another Saiyan who went rogue."

"I see."

Yasa casually goes back to Planet Vegeta, seeing Zarbon walk into the room next. The fact that they were truly after him is very relevant. Zarbon begins speaking to Frieza, having healed from the wounds he had earlier acquired. He seems to be maddened that he has lost, and Frieza is absolutely shocked that this outcome was even possible.

"Sir, Yasa had a burst of power able to break my scouter!", Zarbon huffs.

Frieza refuses to believe, "It has to be a malfunction. Your scouter model is able to read power levels of up to 150,000."

"The others are weak, but he could be an example of what they could become. I don't even know if that was his true power. We must do something about such a major problem."

"Zarbon, you may have just been sick, or something along those lines. We shouldn't get too ahead of ourselves."

While other high ranking soldiers are shaken up over this event, Yasa is called into the palace of King Vegeta himself. The ruler of the Saiyans has similar views related to the subject of Frieza's control over their race, knowing trouble is going to break out eventually. Spar and Toma must undergo special training once they reach the proper age. Their entire race does not have much time before they are wiped out.

Soon enough, three years pass. Yasa's sons have already started going on missions, dominating each and every one that is assigned to them. Frieza keeps on with a reign of terror as King Vegeta and his elites plot against him. They have heard in on everything their ruler has said about them. It has become clear that Frieza wants to kill them. They must stand up, even if they are unmatched. King Vegeta leads his men to the spaceship for the final assault, confronting Frieza.

"We are done with this slavery. Our new alliance held promise, but I know you were going to break that soon!", Vegeta shouts.

"How wonderful, I didn't expect you to figure out. I guess you can die before I destroy your planet."

In one swift move, King Vegeta is killed. The same goes for the elites soon after. Not surprisingly, Yasa is the only one able to survive the onslaught. All along, his power has intrigued the likes of Frieza.

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