Dragon State
Doragon Suteitu
Anime name Dragon State
Manga name Dragon State
Alternate names Dragon Namek

Dragon State(ドラゴン状態, Doragon State) is an exceedingly powerful form used solely by Namekians who are pure-blooded members of the Dragon Clan. When accessing this form, the user trades in their reason and senses for extreme power and strength, similar to the great ape transformation utilized by saiyans. Through extensive guru training however, a namekian may be able to subjugate the feral mind of this form.


To access the form, the Dragon Clan Namekian will ascend to their giant state where their body begins to undergo a complete metamorphosis from head to toe, causing them to become an exceedingly beast like creature. Their body now holds many beast-like protrusions including a pair of dragon horns erecting from the tops of their heads. The namekian retains their green coloration, with the muscles which form their body now become extremely thick and dense, as though they are composing their own form of unique armor.

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