This article, Dragon Saiyan, is a Role-Play article.

== The Creator==

Son Tayu Kilo Invented the Dragon Saiyan along with his brother Ratilo and his friend Michael Iron.

Tayu has left the teaching of the dragon saiyan to Destiny. She is the Lead instructor now.


  • Tail/Hair turns orange.
  • Eyes turn green.
  • In Dragon saiyan 4+ (Except for legendary), your body turns into an Ssj4-like body, but the red parts are orange.
  • In legendary dragon saiyan, Your muscles grow bigger, you have immense power, and your hair turns Orange with red, Yellow, green, and brown Highlights.(This is the strongest form of Dragon saiyan).
  • In Dragon saiyan 2, your power level grows larger than Dragon saiyan 1 and your hair is longer.
  • In Dragon Saiyan 3, your Power level is larger than Dragon saiyan 1 and 2, and your spikey hair goes down your back, just like SSJ3.
    Yardratian Dragon Saiyan

    Tayu In his yardrat armor as a Dragon saiyan.

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