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This article, Dragon Dance, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Dragon Dance, is a Role-Play article.

The Dragon Dance was once an attack used by "Dragon Monks", It is a sacred attack, And Vegitax is the only one in the modern world to use it, first, Vegitax kicks the opponent to the sky and fires 5 fireballs out of his fists by
Dragon Dance

A dragon monk doing the Dragon Dance.

punching the air, His opponent falls to the ground, but before the opponent hits the ground, he does a cartwheel which hits the opponent on the back before the opponent hits the ground, and Vegitax spins on his head and fire rapidly comes out of his feet, then the Dragon Steps, he takes one step closer to the opponent with his arms facing at the opposite direction of the other arm, then he jumps closer to his opponent and punches the opponent on the stomach, then he finishes by pushing both of his hands on the opponent's stomach and burns their whole body.

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