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Dragon Ball Z: Hoops is a Dragon Ball Z sports video game that will be released in August 2012.

Dragon Ball Z: Hoops is known as the first Dragon Ball series Video game that will revolve around a sport, in this case, Basketball. The player can play as 18 different characters, in many different stages of playing Basketball, while each player has different stats and moves that make each character different. Each character is equipped with a Skill set.


It starts with many villians once defeated by the Z-Fighters escaping from Hell and confronting them. They decide that since fighting is a bore anymore, they would host a Worldly Basketball game, and the final winner, gets to keep Earth. So they hold a very large Universal Basketball game with stage and everything. From there, is your job. Control up to 18 characters, 9 good guys, and 9 enemies. Battle, or "Dunk" through 20 amazing games of Super powered Basketball, and hope at the end, you win!


The Z- Dunkers (Good Team)

  • Goku. Goku is pretty good and mid-leveled in mostly everything.
    • Stats: Dunking: 50%. Running: 50%. Throwing: 50%.
  • Vegeta. Vegeta is good at the running. He is also good as back-up.
    • Stats: Dunking: 35%. Running: 75%. Throwing: 50%.
  • Gohan. Gohan (Adult) is good overall. He can provide a pretty good throw too. His running is lacking though.
    • Stats: Dunking: 50%. Running: 35%. Throwing: 75%.
  • Trunks. Trunks can do some good specialing. His run is pretty good but his throwing isnt very good.
    • Stats: Dunking: 50%. Running: 65%. Throwing: 35%.
  • Goten. Goten is pretty well out there, but his throwing and running could use some work.
    • Stats: Dunking: 65%. Running: 40%. Throwing: 35%.
  • Future Trunks. Future Trunks is pretty well at most except running isn't his specialty.
    • Stats: Dunking: 50%. Running: 35%. Throwing: 60%.
  • Yamcha. Yamcha is pretty well, but dunking is his loose end.
    • Stats: Dunking: 35%. Running: 50%. Throwing: 55%.
  • Tien Shinhan. Tein is very good at dunking and running, but his throwing is another matter.
    • Stats: Dunking: 60%. Running: 55%. Throwing: 35%.
  • Chiaotzu. Chiaotzu can do some good running, but lacks in other skills.
    • Stats: Dunking: 35%. Running: 75%. Throwing: 30%.

The Bad Ballers (Bad Team)

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