This article, Dragon Ball GY, is a Fan-Fiction article.

Dragon Ball GY is a group fanon by XxGodZerxesxX and TheGreatKuzon!.


Dragon Ball GY takes place 20 years after Dragon Ball GT. Goten is 38 and Trunks is 39, and Pan is 32. (To us, Pan was 12 at the end of GT, and Goten was 18).

In this story, it focuses mainly on Redick, the grandson of Trunks, and his best friend, Gotex, The son of
Dragonball GY Theme01:59

Dragonball GY Theme

Dragon Ball GY Theme

Gohsan, and grandson of Goten. Then Mai, Redick's cousin and Gotex's girlfriend.


There will be a variety of new Z-Fighters in Dragon Ball GY. These are the ones so far listed below:

  • Redick
  • Gotex
  • Mai
  • Jordan "TOAA" Bernkastel
  • Violet
  • Blu
  • Gilbert Basett
  • Kenza
  • Gohsan (makes few appearences)


There will be many action-packed sagas. Some of which are:

Family Tree

Goku + Chi-Chi = Gohan and Goten

Gohan + Videl = Pan

Pan + ? = Goku Jr's unknown father

Goku Jrs unknown father + ? = Goku Jr.

Goku + Chi-Chi = Gohan and Goten

Goten + ? = Gotex's Unknown Mother

Gotex's Unknown Mother + Gohsan = Gotex

Gotex + Mai =


Vegeta + Bulma = Trunks and Bulla

Trunks + ? = Redick's unknown father and Redick's uncle

Redicks Unknown Father + ? = Redick - Redick's Uncle + Mai's Mother = Mai

Redick + ? = Vegeta Jr

Mai + Gotex = Jadis

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