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Dragon Ball At World's End

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In Dragon Ball: At World's End the world's greatest heroes are dead and all the villains are running lose. You, as the player must defeat these villains then face the Ultimate Evil "Him".


  • Hero Mode
  • Villian Mode
  • Multiplayer
  • Online
  • Create A Hero
  • Create A Villian
  • Universe Mode

Playable Characters (That You Start Off With)

  • Kuro
  • Topazo
  • Destiny
  • Micheal Iron
  • Broku
  • Tanks
  • Ryuji
  • Bandra
  • Hisana
  • Jeff
  • Tre
  • Gogi
  • Kali

Playable Characters (That Need To Be Unlocked)

  • Ian (Beat Boss Mission In Topazo Universe Mode)
  • Trias (Beat 3 Missions on Easy In Jeff Universe Mode)
  • Trenyo (Beat 1st Destiny Mission in Universe Mode)
  • Kuzon (Beat Hero Mode)
  • Teen Ian (Beat Villian and Hero Mode)
  • Trenyo Jr. (Beat 10 Missions In Broku Universe Mode)

Playable Characters (Villian Mode)

  • Raditz
  • Vegeta (Scouter)
  • Nappa
  • Frieza (Forms 1-5)
  • Super Cell (Unlocked By Beating Ian Universe Mode)
  • Cooler (Forms 4-5)
  • Majin Buu
  • Super Buu
  • Cell (All Forms)
  • Kid Buu
  • Echo (Beat Ian Universe Mode and Beat Hero Mode Using Ian)
  • Jinix (Beat Destiny Universe Mode On Hard)
  • Broly
  • Super Ian (Beat Ian and Teen Ian Universe Modes)
  • Turles
  • Baby
  • Abo
  • Cado
  • Jackson
  • Hirudegarn
  • "Him" (Beat Hero and Villian Mode)
  • Fridge (All Forms)
  • Chilling (All Forms)
  • Dense Metal


  • Fusion
  • Custom Move Creation
  • Weapon Creation

How To Beat The Modes And Win The Game

To win in Hero Mode you must beat Teen Ian and to win in Villian Mode, you must beat "Him". Once beating both "Him" and Teen Ian will be unlocked to be playable.

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