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This article, Dragon Ball...Lookout?, is a Fan-Fiction article.

....I'll just start with the story. Alright, let me explain.

This fan-fic revolves around the users here writing a fanfic! Each heading, new story! So if there is colored comments (except in prolouges and in separate areas), it means the users are talking.

  • Blue=Kuzey
  • Firebrick=Mike


Man: Action! Alright!


Voice 1: Yeah, so I was like, I'm gonna kick your ass or are you gonna kick your own ass?

Voice 2: No way... haha!

Voice 1: How am I supposed to help these lads if they just go around and godmod? It's 'ididculous!

Voice 3: Ridiculous like your grammar, I suppose.

Voice 1: Screw you, Hoodz. I really mean it. Screw you.

Hood: *Chuckles* Yeah, yeah. That ain't new. Alright, so here we are. Wait, the heck are we doing?

Voice 2: Writing this book!

Hood: So how do we do this?

Voice 1: Well, you're the guy who wanted to do this. What's it about, anyways?

Hood: ...I'll just do the pics. You guys your magic. *Walks away*

Voice 1: Kuzey. You are so doing this. I'm gonna take credits for your work. Troll face

Kuzey: Mike. I'm just gonna use your words. F*ck you.

Mike: *Laughs*

Heading 1....wait, the heck's this chapter supposed to be 'bout? We'll improvise.

In a distant place, where men ruled the kingdom and....the others did whatever they were supposed to do, a mysterious spaceship landed and a strange race came out. The trolls.... --Wait. The trolls come out from a spaceship now? Kuz. What the hell?

So you can do it better? A'ight, show me what you got!

Hmmpf! I'll take over! Get..erggh....get out of the writers chair....graah! *Punching sound is heard*


In your face..

So, the story resumes....

.*Troll gets out of the ship* "Trollars 'N Trollers! Ge' ou' hir!"

Troll 1: Yesh sir!

Troll 2: STFU douche!

Troll 1: U stoopid, dumbwass!

Troll Commander: *Smacks both of them* STFU befoh I ge' all wackho!

Trolls *Cowering in fear*

Mike, you're never gonna get anywhere like this.

Watch me.

Since for some reason a time-skip appeared, Trolls took over the planet, everything is a mess, nothing is told because I'm too lazy, anyways, 3 years passed...

Kuzey: *Walking as a badass, battleworn and scarred*

Mike: *Walks as a badass as well*

Kuzey: This world is a mess. I stood there, ready to leave. Next thing I know, the place was destroyed. Trolls everywhere and Zion dead...And the worst thing is, you hate yourself. You coulda changed it--*Shoots random troll in the head*--but you didn't.

Mike: Kuzey. Does it look like I give a f*ck? I mean, really. You did what you did, get over it.

Kuzey: You've gotten more cocky with that gun of yours. What is it anyways?

Mike: This beauty? This consists of a mini-gun and a rocket launcher with indefinite ammo. Though it needs a cooldown time.

Are you kidding me, Mike? Seriously.

Don't come to me because you lack imagination! Troll face

Screw you.


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