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"Soon, brat, you will join your precious Kotaz!"
— Dr. Pryde when he fought Merohan


"It doesn't matter if I die...Kaliz will kill all of you! HAAHAAHAH!!"
— Dr. Pryde before self destructing

Dr. Amadeus Obadiah Pryde is an evil scientist who uses his intelligence for evil.  He is also a powerful  
superhuman and skilled martial artist. 


Amadeus Pryde was born in West City and was a very smart kid.  He became a biology professor at West City College when he was in his 20's but they kicked him out and arrested him for experimenting on humans.  He had done cruel experiments and spliced animal DNA with humans, making animal humanoids.  While in jail, he gave up hope and decided not to be a scientist.  He was found by the death god Kaliz who gave him powers and promised him that he could rule the universe.  Dr. Pryde destroyed his jail with a single flick of his wrist, destroying the place and everyone in it (prisoners and cops).  The only ones left standing were Kaliz and Pryde who walked away and have since then, worked alongside.  

Dragon Orbs Saga

After Kaliz created the dragon orbs, Dr. Pryde threatened the lookout crew and said that if they did not find all four dragon orbs and take them to their hideout in Diablo Desert, then he would destroy Earth.  When they found all dragon orbs, , Hikari Minato, Merohan, and Nikad, tricked Dr. Pryde and ambushed him.  Pryde pressed a detonator and the entire Earth exploded, the only survivors were himself and the lookout crew.  The cowardly doctor escaped from them and teleported to the planet Javagon.  

After Dr. Pryde had captured and tortured Kotaz, he killed him when the lookout crew tried to help him escape.  After this, Dr. Pryde was killed after a long battle against Merohan who had unlocked Super Saiyan and become stronger with the souls of The T-Fighters.  The evil scientist self destructed in an attempt to kill Merohan along with him, but luckily Merohan escaped the explosion. 


  • Martial arts
  • Forcefield
  • Teleportation
  • Invisibility
  • Electro Telekinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind Control
  • Possession
  • Supersonic waves

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