This article, Doom Rasetsu, is a Role-Play article.

"Fear The Wrath of God!"
— Doom Rasetsu

Doom Rasetsu
Doom Rasetsu
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Doom Rasetsu (運命男殺害悪魔, Ume Rakushasa) is one of the strongest and most terrifying incarnations/transformations used by Rasetsu. It is the state in which his devilish powers and genes awaken to the outermost extent, transforming him into a beastly creature the likes of which even the devil himself reels back in trepidation before. Upon entering this stage, Doom Rasetsu also obtains the title of Lord of Nightmares (悪夢領主) due to the fact that his malevolent power becomes so great he can infect and subjugate the minds of others by transforming them into his Doom Minions, as first shown by having being infected by Rasetsu in this state. Doom Rasetsu is leagues above his already massively strong base counterpart.

Appearance & Personality

Powers & Abilities

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