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Domon Kasshu

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Name Domon Kasshu
Aliases Sorcerer Supreme
Debut Vampire Army Saga (Super Z-Fighters Wiki)
User Ultimate Domon
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth April 26th, Age 1025
Date of Death NA
Age 31 (Biologically)

475 (Chronologically)

Height 6 feet 1 inch (73 inches)
Weight 165 pounds
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Lookout
Occupation God of Magic, Sorcerer Supreme
Education Basic Education
Address The Kasshu House
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives Raizo Kasshu (Father)

Mikino Kasshu (Mother)

Ultima Kasshu (Wife)

Kiyomizu Akane (Wife)

Xeraph Kasshu (Son)

Mikino Kasshu (Daughter)

Theme Dragon Rider -
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Domon Kasshu is the Sorcerer Supreme, the most powerful magical entity in the dimension and the primary protector of the universe against mystical threats. He is Ultimate Domon's Role-Playing character. 


Domon Kasshu is an incredibly powerful mage who has fought alongside the Lookout Crew for a long time, being one of the final members of the team's original roster. While Domon was a very tense and stressed person in the past, he has become much more relaxed as time went on, as well becoming a much friendlier person, always trying to help others whether it benefits him or not. Because Domon has so much power as both the God of Magic and the Sorcerer Supreme, he feels that he should always be trying to help others with their problems, with his work days consisting of him going from place to place in the universe solving magic-related problems.

Domon lives in his house, a few miles outside of Supreme City, with his wife, . His two children, Xeraph and Mikino, are both adults, and moved out some time ago. Domon's other wife, Kiyomizu Akane, is occasionally able to stay at his home, but is away most of the time for work.


In Lookout I, Domon was a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, black eyes, spiky pink-colored hair, and had abnormal sharp canines. He often wore a large, tattered, dark cloak with a white scarf that covered a scar he received in a fight with DJ. His pants were torn and patched and his arms and legs were wrapped in bandages. In Lookout II, Domon has red shoulder length hair and blue eyes, as he used magic to change his appearance. Domon used to not care about how he dressed, but after becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, he felt that he should look respectable and fancy to show the importance of his position. Because of this, he now wears a basic black suit blazer, black dress slacks, an olive green button down shirt which remains tucked in, and a black leather belt with a silver buckle and dress shoes. Domon can also sometimes be seen wearing glasses, despite not needing them, as he simply enjoys the way he looks in them.


Domon is a happy, excitable, and snarky individual who loves fighting unique opponents with new and interesting techniques and abilities. In the past, Domon was much more socially awkward, and was quick to anger in many situations. However, after spending centuries traveling through the universe and interacting with various people, Domon now finds it much easier to communicate with others, and even enjoys having conversations with people. When it comes to battle, Domon relies on his vast knowledge of the universe and his magical arsenal to learn as much as he can about his opponent and find a way to defeat them. This is only when he is serious, however, as, more often than not, Domon wants to enjoy fighting, and will sometimes purposefully stall his opponent to make the fight last longer.

When it comes to intelligence, Domon was previously considered to be below average when it came to book smarts. However, after gaining access to the Ancient One's magical library, Domon found that he enjoyed reading very much, and began to read in his spare time. He read all kinds of books, from fictional stories to educational textbooks, eventually becoming quite the scholar, something that he never thought he could achieve, due to never thinking highly of his own intelligence himself. Despite being able to be quite well-spoken when he wishes, Domon usually talks to others in a casual way, as to not scare them off or make them feel uncomfortable, since Domon deals with normal people on a daily basis, some of which have never seen anyone do the kind of work that Domon does.



Domon Kasshu was born on April 26th, Age 1025, and lived in the Sacred Land of Korin. While the village had previously resembled a Native American village, it had become more modern over the years, although it still remained somewhat old-fashioned. As a child, Domon heard many stories and read many books about legendary heroes from the past, but the one hero that he heard about the most was a man named Goku. Many people in the village told Domon about how Goku had even saved the Sacred Land of Korin, including this very village, from the wrath of Mercenary Tao. Inspired by this man, Domon left the village as a teenager and went to many different martial arts schools, so he could learn the abilities that he could use to protect people and save the world, just like Goku did.

Continuing To Learn

After he learned how to fight, Domon searched for others that shared his goal. Domon officially started fighting after he met DJ and Tre, who fought and trained with him. After fighting with DJ and Tre many times Domon left Earth on a spaceship he borrowed from Tre. He went to different planets and learned many different techniques, and was introduced to the sword style Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū when he met another human named Hiko Seijūrō wandering through space. He studied under him for a few months before returning to Earth.

Joining The Super Z-Fighters

Shortly after his arrival, he met Wallace, the leader of the Super Z-Fighters. He joined with them in a war against a group of vampires. Near the end of the war, the King of Vampires killed Leo, who met Domon before the fight. Wallace went on a rampage, not focusing his attacks, and losing control. Domon knew better, and was able to hold the Vampire King off long enough for Wallace to regain his composure and kill the Vampire King. After that, Domon wished Leo back with the Dragon Balls, and joined the Super Z-Fighters.

Meeting The Lookout Crew

A few days later, Domon was caught up in a fight with Android 32 and Android 33, and fought with the other Super Z-Fighters and the fighters on the Lookout. After the Androids' defeat, Domon joined the fighters of the Lookout and came to their aid in a battle. Shortly afterwards, a group of Saiyans came to Earth, and fought the heroes of the Lookout. Domon fought the leader, Beet, but lost control and activated his Devil Transformation. Eventually, Domon activated his inner Spiral Power, and used the Giga Drill Breaker, awakening the Spiral Power inside of Kami Tenchi. After a long fight, Domon distracted Beet long enough for Tenchi to finish him with the Giga Drill Breaker.

The next day, Domon entered the , fighting Leo in the first round. Domon won the match, but revealed that he only entered because he sensed a hidden power inside Leo, and wanted to test it. Domon let Leo continue in the tournament, and left shortly after. He went to Zion afterwards, asking Zion to train him, due to Domon sensing a huge, evil power level, which turned out to be The Ancient Evil.

Protecting The Earth

The Ancient Evil came right before The Kuzon Games, therefore moving them to a different time. After The Ancient Evil killed Izekial, Domon fused with Tenchi to combat the demon. Domon let Tenchi's mind completely take over the fusion, so he would be able to concentrate better in the fight. After a long battle, Tenchi unfused with Domon, and sent him to the World of the Kais until the battle was over. After The Ancient Evil was turned into Ancient Fighter by SS, Domon had a fight with him to test his powers. Ancient Fighter was a very skilled swordsman, but Domon beat him using his new attack, the Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki.

Afterwards, Domon joined the Lookout Crew temporarily to fight the Akuix, and was training with Kuzon between the attacks on Earth from the Akuix. After the Akuix was defeated, Domon became the new leader of the Ultima Fighters. Soon afterward, he was able to extract the evil from his soul, creating a second Domon, named Hell Domon.

The Kuzon Games and The Serenum Games

A while after, Domon entered The Kuzon Games, and fought in the third round. He used his newly obtained powers that he received from eating the Gum-Gum fruit to fight Kuzon, which allowed his body to stretch very far and wide. But due to Tenchi's rampage from entering his Asura form, the Kuzon Games were rescheduled. Domon did not enter the new Kuzon Games, and left to harness his inner Spiral Power, and to master his new techniques, Gear 2nd, and Gear 3rd.

After Domon finished his training, he returned to the lookout, only to enter a new tournament, The Serenum Games. Domon fought SS in the first round. Domon showed his new extreme mastery over Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd, but a while into the fight, SS turned into a giant pyramid creature by the name of Pyramidas. Using Gear 3rd, Domon inflated his body to match SS's new huge size. Shortly after, however, SS took off with Zeo, declaring Domon the winner. Domon then left yet again, wanting to create even more Gum-Gum attacks with his new mastery of Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd.

Meeting Raeburn

Domon eventually returned, and met with SS and his son, along with Zeo. They left to enjoy the nice weather outside. Their celebration was short lived, however, due to an evil ghost being, named Phantom, attacking the Earth. Zeo tried to fight him, only to be defeated. Domon fought him next, and was an even match for him. Phantom then told Domon that he wanted to fight SS, and ended the fight. Domon knew SS was the one to defeat Phantom, so he left the fight without a word, and then wandered off, wondering what next to do with his life.

While Domon wandered the Earth, he stopped for one night in a city near a huge mountain range. The next morning, he heard many of the people in the city talking about a huge dragon that was apparently living in the mountains, and that it had to be killed before it destroyed the city. Growing curious about the potential of fighting a dragon, Domon went deep into the mountains, trying to find the beast's lair. Eventually, Domon found a huge cave, and upon walking inside, he found a humongous dragon sleeping far inside of it. Upon entering, the dragon woke up, and while Domon initially started to panic, the dragon began to speak to him, revealing that he had no intent to try to kill him or the people in the city. After talking for a bit longer, Domon learned that the dragon's name was Raeburn, and he knew an incredibly powerful kind of magic, known as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. He then offered to teach Domon this magic, as Domon told him that he was searching for a new way to fight, and Domon agreed. Over the course of the next few years, Raeburn taught Domon how to use Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and Domon lived with him in the mountains. Once Domon had learned this new type of magic, he said goodbye to Raeburn and continued on his quest.

Befriending a Deity

After continuing to search the Earth, Domon found a hidden forest in which he trained. Deep in the forest, he found a temple, in which an old deity was sealed. Domon freed the deity, and the deity was so grateful that he made a deal with Domon. The deity said that he was powerful, and he would train Domon, but he needed a body to use his power. The deity would fuse with Domon, giving him the deity's power and knowledge, and the deity would have a body to stay in while training Domon through his mind. The downside was that Domon would lose his Gum-Gum powers. Domon agreed, due to him wanting to focus further on his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and the two fused together. The result was a reborn Domon, ready to take on anyone.

Domon trained with his new master, learning many new techniques and reworking his fighting style. Eventually, the deity finished Domon's training, and went back into the temple. Domon noticed after the deity left that his body, after many years of being beaten and worn down, was restored to it's original state. Excited, Domon left the forest, finally returning to the Lookout.

Finding Weaknesses

Afterwards, Domon and DJ had an intense fight, which nearly killed both of them. After the fight was settled to a tie, Domon decided to train again so he could beat DJ. He went to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and trained for an entire year. After he came out, he went back to the Lookout, ready for another fight. But nobody else was. So Domon just decided to wait until someone was ready to challenge him.

Eventually, Domon and the other Lookout warriors fought Agony and his six paths. Domon was able to use the mighty Falcon Punch help combat Agony and his servants. Afterwards, however, he was left extremely weak. So he focused on training his fists instead of his ki. He eventually accessed a powerful transformation that increased his melee power tremendously, but left him unable to use ki while in the transformation. He named this state his "Awakened Mode."

After a long journey around the world, Domon finally returned to the Lookout. He saw all of the new fighters that arrived at the Lookout during his journey, and realized that he had not fought in a very long time, and would be behind everyone else at the Lookout. Encouraged by his old friend Leogian to start training again, Domon started learning as much as he could to make up for his lost time. He then revisited the ancient spirit that trained him in the past to learn more. After they finished, the ancient spirit restored Domon's body yet again, and Domon went back to the Lookout. With a younger body and more knowledge, Domon had finally returned.

Wandering The Earth

However, Domon's excitement to fight the new Lookout members had quickly faded. Despite all of the experiences that he had went through, he felt that he had not grown enough since he had learned his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, many years before. As Domon tended to do when he didn't know what to do, he wandered around the land, searching for a way to completely reinvent his fighting style. On his journeys, he encountered a mysterious fortuneteller, named Waoud. Waoud saw potential in Domon, and asked him a series of questions regarding mortality and the concept of power. After Domon gave him the answers that he seeked, Waoud then gave Domon vague instructions to fetch an item to heal his bedridden mother. After Waoud received the item, he instructed Domon to deliver it to his colleague in the Aydeewa Subterrane. Upon Domon's delivery of the item, an Immortal calling himself Yasfel revealed that the entire quest was a ruse to test Domon's merit, as he sensed Domon's already existent magic power and wanted to see if it could be expanded even further. Yasfel then offered Domon the chance to become a Blue Mage, a mage who can instantly learn the abilities and attacks of opponents and allies upon seeing them only once. This magic was not made to be used by mortals like Domon, as it could potentially turn Domon into an uncontrollable monster if he let his power get out of control, but Yasfel thought Domon might be able to control the power, due to already knowing a large array of magic. Domon accepted the offer, and became a Blue Mage. He quickly found out that his new powers were much harder to control than his previous Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. After practicing his new abilities, and learning new techniques from enemies faced along the way, Domon finally felt like he could return to the Lookout, proud of what he achieved, and ready to get back into the fight.

Before Domon returned, for the first time in his life, the ancient spirit that he had befriended before actually visited him. Domon told him about his new powers, and about how he was going to go back to the Lookout soon to rejoin the fighters. The ancient spirit told Domon that since he was unsealed, he was losing power, and was starting to fade away. He told Domon that with what power he had left, he could turn Domon's body back to his teenage years one last time before the spirit would fade away forever. Domon tried to find a way to save his friend, but the only way to keep the spirit alive was to have him possess someone else, which the spirit did not want to do, as he did not want to steal someone else's body to keep himself alive. The spirit decided to spend the remainder of his energy on his friend, and let Domon absorb him completely, restoring Domon's youth for the final time. Since Domon had absorbed the deity completely this time, he gained all of his knowledge, which consisted of the locations of warriors and new powers all over the universe. However, Domon was tired of traveling for the time being, and while he knew that this new information could come in handy later, all he wanted to do at that moment was finally return to the Lookout. The ancient spirit removed Domon's Awakened Mode, but Domon was willing to give it up to give his friend's last moments a new meaning, providing Domon with one final new start, ready to begin a new story.

Return To The Lookout

Upon returning to the Lookout, Domon had found that everyone was much stronger than before. He obviously figured that all of his old allies would be stronger, but former allies like Leo, who used to be under Domon in terms of power, was now a god who was able to use divine techniques and manipulate the space around him. This power creep made Domon once again feel inadequate, but now he knew what direction to go in in terms of increasing his power. To make up for the loss of his Awakened Mode, Domon studied both black magic, which consists of mainly offensive spells, and white magic, which consists mainly of healing and support spells, leading him to become both a Black Mage and a White Mage in addition to already being a Blue Mage. With the offensive abilities of a Black Mage, the healing abilities of a White Mage, and the ability to learn others' magical techniques through being a Blue Mage, Domon felt that his magical ability was diverse enough to fight alongside the other members of the Lookout Crew.

Domon Vs. Avallac'h

While working on mastering his new abilities, Domon somehow ended up teleporting onto a planet where Avallac'h, Zanlerith, Obuzohr, and Zaleara were training due to boredom. Domon explained his situation to the group, and after some teasing from Zaleara, Domon and Avallac'h decided to fight to pass the time. Domon used his powerful spells, but due to Avallac'h's familiarity with magic, he was able to find ways to stop many of Domon's attacks. After they fought for a while, Domon realized that it wasn't his attacks that weren't able to damage Avallac'h, but it was his lack of training with this new form of magic that he had learned. Avallac'h came to a similar conclusion, and the fight ended. Although the victor was undecided, it was clear to Domon that if Avallac'h had fought more seriously, he could've defeated Domon with ease. After this resolution, Leogian had revealed that he had been watching the fight this entire time. After Domon and Leo caught up a little, Avallac'h removed his helmet, showing Domon that he was actually Vegitax, who had fought with Domon multiple times in the past, despite them not being very close friends. They all soon departed the planet, and Domon returned to Earth, but not before using his Blue Magic to learn Leo's Divine Sight technique.

Defeating The Revived Shadow Dragons

Sometime after this fight, Domon joined the Lookout Crew in their fight against the new and improved Shadow Dragons, which were summoned by Nucleus to assist in reviving his master, Jashin. Jashin had already been fought before, but this occurred during Domon's absence. While Domon observed the fights with the Shadow Dragons, the only one he actually fought was the enhanced Nova Shenron, but the fight was eventually finished by Nikad. After all of the Shadow Dragons were defeated, Domon, along with the other Lookout Warriors found Nucleus. Leogian fought Nucleus for a while before Nucleus sacrificed himself to revive his master, Jashin. Jashin destroyed the bonds that held all of the universes together, allowing him to gain power from the evil from the entire multiverse. However, this also meant that the members of the Lookout Crew were able to team up with themselves from the other 11 universes, combining their forces together. This massive army of warriors all combined their strongest attacks to annihilate Jashin once and for all. Once Jashin was defeated, Aku Cipher, Ian Cipher grandfather who he had unchained during the battle for assistance in beating Jashin, took the Staff of Zen'no Pawa, which Jashin had control of during the fight. Once he had grabbed the staff, Aku proclaimed that he would revive Eclipse Cipher by once again bringing about the Day of Black Sun. He then activated a seal that he placed on Ian during the battle, brainwashing him. After telling the Lookout Crew of how it would take many years before the Day of Black Sun would arrive, he left with both a brainwashed Ian and the Staff of Zen'no Pawa.

Seven Years Later...

Seven years had passed since Jashin was finally defeated. While many new political powers were shifting, and alliances were being made, Domon was never really one to care about politics. He had spent the past seven years both honing his abilities and learning new ones. He had mastered all types of magic known to man, but he still needed to learn things other than magic. Also, his occupation switched primarily to a Red Mage, due to their ability to balance many types of magic and swordplay and incorporate both into their fighting style.

Fighting Androids 11 and 12

One day, while Domon was walking around Supreme City, he saw that there were many policeman frantically shouting for people to hide from something. Upon investigation, he found Strider, whom he had met before while he was fighting Bokusaa Brief. They both went to where the explosions were coming from, only to find an oddly-dressed man shooting blasts at cars and buildings, and a bull. The man revealed that both he and the bull were actually androids, known as Androids 11 & 12, and that they were going to take over Supreme City. Soon Kuzey had arrived on the scene, with plenty of reinforcements. Strider also left the battle, but was quickly replaced by Jue, who Domon had not met before. The android was able to combine with the bull in many different ways, although the power of Domon, Jue, and Kuzey was too much for the combined androids to handle. The android then attempted to self-destruct, but Kuzey transported him to another dimension, where he exploded. Kuzey found that two capsules were left from the explosion, and a voice transmission from the capsules told Kuzey to keep the capsules safe from something called the "Ultimate Android."

Great Universal Revolution

A few weeks later Domon heard that a war had began between the Grand Universal Alliance of Oppositional Forces and the . He could sense the fighting that was occurring and went to help his allies in the battle. Domon and the rest of the Lookout Crew present were fighting against billions and billions of robot soldiers called Sentinels, which were invading a Great Empire war base known as Phuur. While they were able to kill many Sentinels, they kept arriving in huge waves, allowing them to destroy the war base and all of the soldiers that were in it. Once the base was destroyed, a huge Mothership arrived, full of Elite Guards, which were much more powerful than the Sentinels. At this point, Domon knew that he couldn't take on a mothership and the elite guards by himself, so he summoned Bahamut to help destroy the Sentinel army. He rode Bahamut through the huge waves of Sentinels, destroying them all the way up to the Mothership. Bahamut was able to blast through whole groups of Sentinels, holding them off while Geyser and Avallac'h destroyed the Mothership. Soon after, however, a 2nd Mothership arrived, and was followed by a 3rd Mothership, and then a 4th Mothership. The entire crew started focusing on taking down the motherships, with Domon telling Bahamut to charge full speed into the 2nd Mothership to break the barrier long enough for others to enter and destroy it. Bahamut crashed into the barrier at full force, breaking it and allowing both him and Domon to start attacking the Mothership. Domon and Avallac'h took down the soldiers from inside, while Bahamut jumped on top of the ship to attack the cannon. Domon and Avallac'h evacuated the ship before Bahamut shot a point-blank Megaflare directly into the main cannon, tearing the entire ship in half. Immediately after this, a ship that was even bigger than any of the Motherships arrived, known as the Mastership. While Geyser finished off the other two Motherships, the rest of the Lookout Crew bombarded the Mastership with their strongest attacks. But before the ship could be destroyed, the part of the ship containing the politicians of the Supersystem broke off from the ship and escaped the battle. Kasai was able to obtain some information from the Mastership using his battlesuit before the entire Mastership exploded, leaving nothing left. Due to the complete destruction to the Empire's war base, and the death of over 50,000 nearby planets, with many of them containing life, this battle was considered a loss for the Great Empire.

With Domon's full attention now on the revolution, he assisted Zion IV and Erebus with defeating a mothership, and they were able to capture an important politician from the enemy. During the fight, Domon had noticed that both the Sentinels and the Motherships had gotten stronger, with the barrier that protects the Motherships being able to survive Bahamut's assault much longer than the ones in the previous battle.

Soon after the previous battle, another fight was taking place. The GUAOF was planning to invade the West Quadrant, and Domon, along with Leo, Erebus, Kasai Minato, Avallac'h, and an entire army of GUAOF ships behind them were ready to fight. At first, it seemed as if the Lookout Crew were able to win the battle with no more effort than usual. However, as the battle carried on, and millions upon millions of huge Masterships kept showing up to replace ones that were destroyed, the Lookout Crew started to realize that they had underestimated the Universal Supersystem's power and numbers. Once the Crew realized their situation and began to use their full power, the entire West Quadrant was covered with a large grid that teleported everybody out of the area. Once they were able to catch a break, the Crew began to think of ways to boost their power enough to take the West Quadrant. After some strategizing and reorganizing, KJ admitted that it was his fault that they lost the battle, due to him underestimating the enemy. After him and the rest of the Crew finished their discussion, the remaining ships went back to base to get refueled and restocked, and Domon began to get ready for the next attack, which was planned to commence in two weeks from then.

Domon Vs. Vokan

One late night, while Domon was once again walking around Supreme City, he passed by a building where Vokan was having sex with some random woman. While Domon was walking by the building, the girl reached her head out of the window and spit out Vokan's cum to the ground. Instead of landing on the ground however, it landed on Domon's hat. While Domon initially thought that it was bird poop, he realized what it really was when Vokan left the building and laughed at him for what had happened. Vokan then went over to a ramen stand to eat. Domon was not pleased, and attacked Vokan. But due to Vokan dodging, Domon destroyed the ramen stand, and many nearby buildings. Domon then scanned Vokan, learning more about his abilities before they started their fight. While they fought in the city at first, Vokan soon transported both himself and Domon into space, where they continued their battle. After some more fighting Domon told Vokan that since it was late at night, he was too tired to give him the fight that he wanted. He then proposed that they would fight again later, when it wasn't 11:30 at night. Vokan was clearly disappointed, but he agreed, and created a portal that sent them both back to Earth. Vokan then flew away, but not before kicking Domon in the nuts. After one last insult Domon picked up his dirty hat and flew out of the city.

The War Continues

After a few weeks of preparation, the GUAOF was finally ready to invade and retake the West Quadrant. This time, however, the GUAOF was able to destroy the Alphacore, which shut down all of the West Quadrant's forces, allowing them to win the battle. Unfortunately, due to his battle with Vokan the previous night tiring him out more than usual, Domon accidentally overslept, meaning that he did not participate in the battle at all.

However, 2 months after the invasion, Domon fought alongside the GUAOF to prevent the invasion of Nikdia, which is the home world of Nikad. In this fight he was finally able to summon Neo Bahamut, who, along with Azuth in his dragon form, completely annihilated the enemy ships. They were able to get the Universal Supersystem forces to retreat, but the entire planet was heavily damaged.

Joining Earth's Special Forces and Training With Strider

Sometime after the battle, while Domon was walking around Supreme City, he saw that Zion IV was standing at a booth. He decided to check it out and found that he was actually recruiting people to join Earth's Special Forces, a group dedicated specifically to the protection of Earth during the war that was occurring. While Domon was thinking about it, Strider showed up in the city and met with Domon. They both joined the group, and after fighting an ogre named Shidek, arrived. Zion told both Strider and Domon that he wanted their help with some training. He then teleported them to a planet that was made up of 95% water, where he began to spar with both of them. After a few minutes, Domon kept trying to summon Cyclops, but Strider kept getting in trouble, preventing him from doing so. Eventually, Zion grew tired of the fight, and teleported them both once again to a desert planet. He then set them on fire, and told them that the fire wouldn't go out until they found a bell of hope. They searched around for a while until they found a village, where they ended up fighting a small man named Haro. While Strider played dead for most of the fight, Domon fought against Haro in a more close-up match than usual. Once Domon began to gain the upper hand, he was knocked out from behind, and taken into a huge bowl. It turned out that the village was full of cannibals, and they were going to eat both Domon and Strider. Before things could get too hectic, Domon summoned up Bahamut from underneath him, who proceeded to absolutely obliterate the entire village and slaughter every person in it. After Domon and Strider were free Zion came down and gave them the Bell of Hope, along with Haro. Bahamut and Strider then both killed Haro at the same time, and Zion destroyed the planet. Once they were in space, the bell activated, giving both Domon and Strider a huge power boost, similar to a zenkai that Saiyans receive. After Domon tested his new powers by destroying multiple lifeless planets, he returned to Earth.

Becoming a Leader of The Spurs

While Domon was exploring more planets, he once again came across Avallac'h and his subordinates. Domon told them about how he was trying to find a way to mix his old, more close-up oriented fighting style with his new, more range-based fighting style. Avallac'h then took Domon to the Planet Spurn to train. Domon sparred with both Zaleara and Azuth before being offered to become a leader of , which is the army ruled by Avallac'h. Domon agreed to join and was declared to be an official leader of The Spurs. Immediately after this, Domon went to go see the army that he was now able to command, and they celebrated over their new leader. Once the celebrations were over, Domon teleported back to Earth, where he decided that the time had finally arrived to return to his roots. While he had previously felt that his new magical skills had been enough for him to return to the Lookout and remain relevant, he had noticed with the recent number of Summons that he had to use to contribute to the battle that his new range-based style was not enough. Having learned all forms of magic during the seven years after Jashin, Domon then vowed to return to his old Fire Dragon Slayer Magic style. Donning a new version of his old outfit, Domon felt that this combination of both of his fighting styles would help him get even stronger than before.

Exploring Planet Spurn with Zaleara

A few days after Domon became a leader of The Spurs, he returned to Spurn to learn more about the planet and his responsibilities as a leader. Once he arrived at the main palace, he found Zaleara sitting around, drinking some tea. He asked her a few questions about her and Avallac'h, like how he became the ruler of the planet. Once she answered his questions she decided to follow Domon on his adventures around the city. They went to get something to eat, and then they went to relax in a park. Domon was glad to be able to relax after all of the fighting that had been happening recently, but he wasn't really used to not doing anything, so they didn't spend too much time there. After that, Domon asked some random guy in the park if there were any cool places to go in the city. The man suggested a nearby bar, so Domon and Zaleara left to get a drink. Once they arrived and drank some magical beer, Zaleara suggested that they could dance, as many people were having fun on the dance floor. Due to Domon not really knowing how to dance, however, he accidentally flailed his arms so hard that he created a tornado which destroyed part of the building. Once Zaleara fixed the building they both returned to the palace. Domon was too tired to go back to Earth, so he decided to just stay at the palace for the night.

Domon vs Kyunameii

Some time after Domon explored Planet Spurn, he revisited Nikdia to see how it fared after most of it was destroyed during the last battle. To his surprise, the city was back to normal, and it seemed as if nothing had even happened. While he was walking around, he saw a regal-looking man surrounded by paparazzi. Listening in on what the man was saying, he found out that he helped fight against the invasion forces in the last battle. This man turned out to be , who noticed Domon was watching him. After a few moments, Kyunameii recognized that Domon was there during the invasion, and helped fight against the Universal Supersystem's army to protect Nikdia. Kyuna was interested in seeing how strong Domon was, and Domon was happy to ablige. Kyuna then teleported them both to some random planet, to avoid damaging Nikdia. The fight began, and for a while it seemed that Domon had a slight advantage. Kyuna kept using his Nexus Eye to gain new abilities, but due to Domon's lack of chakra, Kyuna's genjutsu did not affect him in the slightest. Once Domon went into his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, it seemed as if he could defeat Kyuna quite easily. However, this all changed once Kyuna activated Ultimate Nexus Stage 3, which gave him infinite energy and increased his power by 1 billion. Once Kyuna gained these abilities from this stage of Nexus Eye, the battle quickly turned in his favor, with Domon barely able to dodge his strongest attack, the Kamerasenshuridori x500. After a short while of Kyuna winning the fight, he declared that he had already won. This began to anger Domon, causing him to enter Dragon Force, which allowed him to fight much more evenly with Kyuna than before, even being able to fly straight through his Kamerasenshuridori x500, which earlier in the battle he wasn't even able to push back in the slightest. He tackled Kyuna, sending them both flying through the galaxy, and through multiple planets, making them explode behind them. Kyuna and Domon then fought throughout space, knocking each other into planets and meteorites, and using their strongest attacks against each other. As the fight dragged on, Domon got angrier and angrier, making him even more reluctant to lose. Kyuna was able to finally finish the fight by using an even more powerful version of his strongest attack, the Kamerasenshuridori x2000, which sent Domon flying to the ends of the galaxy. The beam pushed Domon into a huge sun, which allowed him to eat some fire, giving him more strength to push against the blast, but the attack was still able to push Domon through the sun and fully hit him, sending him crashing down onto another planet. Even after this incredibly powerful attack, Domon was still able to, although barely, stand up and taunt Kyuna. However, Kyuna then teleported behind Domon and knocked him out, finally ending the fight. Nikad then arrived to heal Domon, and Kyuna went back to Nikdia, satisfied with Domon's strength. Once Domon was healed, he traveled back to Earth, where he got some much needed rest.

Defeating the First Prince

As the war continued, KJ learned the location of one of the Princes of the Supersytem from his spies, and he planned a full-scale attack on the castle where he was located. Everyone assembled their armies and assaulted the castle, seemingly being able to win the battle with ease. Domon, along with many other Lookout Crew members, including KJ, Leo, Nikad, Zion, and Kasai all broke into the castle and slowly worked their way to the main throne room, where the Prince, named Elsyntris Duur, was waiting. They all entered the room, and the Prince told them all about how he would teach them that they were not the strongest in the universe. He was strong enough to fight all of the members at once, and he eventually left the castle and flew over the fighting armies. He then threw a huge cube-shaped energy attack at them, wiping out nearly the entire GUAOF army. This angered the Lookout Crew, who followed him outside to continue the fight. Kasai went full power to fight against Elsyntris, and Nikad powered up to 70% power. They fought him some more, but eventually Nikad knew it was time to end the fight. He finally reached his full power, and started charging up his ultimate attack, the Kamerasenshuridori x72000, while the rest of the fighters fought Elsyntris long enough for Nikad to fire his attack. The attack connected, but only after Elsyntris created a huge black hole from the inside of him, killing him and tearing apart his body. The two attacks colliding tore a hole in the universe, which Nikad had to fix. After the battle was over, they planned to talk again in six months, while Domon vowed to contribute more in the next battle, due to him not doing much in this one.

Attending A GUAOF Congress

Later, Domon was summoned to a meeting with the purpose to further plan out the GUAOF's strategy in the upcoming battles. Although he didn't make any big decisions, he did put forth his opinions toward suggested plans of action. Eventually, it was decided that a special magical sector of the GUAOF would be developed specifically to combat against the Universal Supersystem's huge magical abilities and technology. Domon immediately volunteered to join this sector, due to him knowing an incredible amount of magic. After a few more decisions were made involving battle plans, the congress was adjourned for the evening, and Domon went back to his home.

Meeting Jurmel and Having His Potential Unlocked

Sometime after the Congress, Domon sensed a magical seal being broken on Nikdia, so he teleported over there to see what the commotion was about. Once he arrived, he found that Nikad and Leo were looking at a man who was standing in a hole in the ground. After Nikad tried to attack the man, who's name was Jurmel, Nikad was blasted into a different universe. After Jurmel told Nikad about he was from the race that previously inhabited Nikdia, he told Nikad and Domon that he could unlock their inner potential. First he unlocked Nikad, who's new power could be felt from universes away. After that he released Domon's inner power, multiplying his power by 1 decillion, making him insanely powerful compared to how he was only a few minutes ago. Realizing how powerful he was, he immediately searched for Kyuna, who was on a date in the main city. Domon crashed through the roof and attacked Kyuna, beating him incredibly badly. Kyuna then reached his full power, but Domon still easily defeated him, sending Kyuna into a nearby hospital. Domon then ate at the restaurant he destroyed, after it was instantly repaired by .

Attack on Dayn-Sol

On October 9th, 1114, Domon joined in with the rest of the GUAOF's assault on the planet known as Dayn-Sol, to battle against the Master Justicar. While Domon fought alongside the Lookout Crew in reaching the Master Justicar, he, along with the rest of the Lookout Crew, were trapped underground for the 2nd half of the battle. While they were trapped, Android X continued to fight against the Master Justicar, and eventually even Kyuna showed up to assist him in the battle. However, due to the Lookout Crew disturbing the power of the planet's core, which was already incredibly toxic and powerful, the planet was soon going to explode, killing everyone trapped underground. However, before the planet could explode, a mysterious man known as used a special type of energy to save all of the trapped members of the Lookout Crew and teleport them to a planet named Zaserv. After they were teleported, Dayn-Sol exploded, destroying the entire galaxy, due to the explosion's power and size. Once they were saved, everyone teleported back to Earth, where after talking some more with The Lost One, the Lookout Crew retreated back to their homes, having won the day.

Fighting the Ikimono with Ryuge

A while after the battle on Dayn-Sol, Domon sensed a huge force somewhere in space that was destroying whole masses of planets. He teleported up to where he sensed the power, only to find Ryuge staring at a huge, disgusting worm that was feasting on nearby planets. Both Domon and Ryuge fought the worm for a bit before being informed by KJ that the worm was known as an Ikimono, and it was a prototype created by the Supersystem. Domon and Ryuge continued to battle the Ikimono, even while it was destroying multiple planets and suns. Finally, Domon and Ryuge saw the Ikimono fly up and join a group of even more worms, along with an even huger worm, known as the Motherworm, which gave the Ikimono nutrients to restore it's strength. Domon and Ryuge then took this opportunity to destroy all of the worms by combining their Fire Dragon's Roar and Secret Technique: Dragon's Roar into one huge blast that easily annihilated all of the worms. After the battle, Ryuge restored the Earth's sun, which was destroyed during the battle, and both KJ and The Lost One suddenly appeared to talk about planning the next battle. Domon then remarked about him and Ryuge being a good team, due to their similar abilities and fighting style. After some more chatting with the both of them, Domon returned to the Earth, glad that it's sun was able to be saved fairly easily.

Avallac'h's Imprisonment

While training on Earth one day, Domon sensed a huge amount of mages surrounding Avallac'h somewhere in space. Immediately after teleporting to Ava to see what he had done, they were both arrested and sent inside the nearby base to be tortured. However, due to the Torturer being needed somewhere else, they were able to escape, disguise themselves as Master Mages, and use an elevator to travel up through the base. After talking with some Justicars, they were found out and taken once again to another part of the base. Avallac'h then summoned The Spurs to assist them in breaking free, but they were only able to free Domon before Avallac'h was taken away by the group of Justicars. After being rescued, Domon used his Divine Sight to learn that Ava had been captured, and left to tell KJ about what had happened. While talking to KJ, The Lost One appeared, and revealed a little about his origins, stating that he was from the planet Kerbadyll, and was a general of the planet's military. Suddenly, Zaleara showed up, and she and Domon then went back to Spurn together, where they planned on learning Azuth's plan to save Ava. After talking to Azuth for a bit, Zaleara was called by her sister to join a special family meeting, which turned out to just be her mother further complaining about how Zaleara needed a boyfriend. Domon then decided to just stay the night at the palace, but before he went to bed, he challenged Zaleara to a fight the next day, to test her strength, which she agreed to.

Domon Vs. Zaleara

Domon awoke the next day, excited to fight Zaleara, and quickly went around the castle trying to find her. However, since it was morning, everyone else was still sleeping, so when Domon found Zaleara's room, he found her sleeping in her underwear. Paralyzed by both fear and Zaleara's attractiveness, Domon was unable to move or think for a short while. He eventually regained his senses, but he left the room so quickly that the sound of the door slamming woke Zaleara from her sleep. Not bothering to put on more clothes, Zaleara went into the dining room to eat breakfast. After running off back to his room, Domon calmed himself down, and tried to act normal, walking into the dining hall where he assumed everyone would be eating breakfast. Upon entering, however, he discovered Zaleara, still in her underwear, eating a sandwich. Knowing that he couldn't run away this time, he tried to start up a conversation about their fight later, but it was easy to tell that he was incredibly nervous, due to his unusually load voice and him trying to look away. After once again confirming their fight later, Domon once again ran back to his room, wondering why this kept happening to him.

Once Zaleara finally got ready she went up to Domon's room to meet him and start their fight. Zaleara took him to a desert that is in a different country, so that anybody nearby wouldn't be harmed by their battle. After preparing themselves for a bit, the fight finally began, with Domon fighting close-up for the majority of the battle. Zaleara used the many spells that she had learned from Azuth to stop Domon's abilities, including being able to stop his momentum from the propulsion of his Fire Dragon's Claw and Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow, allowing her to slash at him with her sword a few times before he could recover. After Zaleara used a spell that could weaken Domon's fire magic, he entered his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode so that his power boost from the mode would counter Zaleara's spell. Domon then charged up a huge amount of both lightning and flame magic into his arm and thrusted it forward, sending out a gigantic blast of lightning charged fire that Zaleara was able to dodge. However, even after she dodged it, the blast kept flying, eventually exploding far away and destroying half of the desert. After she dodged the blast, she then flew down and gave Domon a hug. This surprised Domon, and as he asked her what she was doing, she seemed to realize her actions as well, hurriedly teleporting to Earth to escape, ending the fight in a rather anticlimactic and awkward way.

Meeting Ulysses

After the fight with Zaleara, Domon was still questioning exactly what had happened at the end of their fight. Not knowing what to do next he teleported to Earth, as he sensed Azuth's power there. Once there he saw that not only was Zaleara there, but Ulysses, an LCrew member that Domon had first seen in the battle on Dayn-Sol, was there as well. Although it was a bit awkward at first due to what had occurred only a few minutes ago between Domon and Zaleara, Domon was able to focus on Ulysses, who was telling Azuth about his origins. Ulysses then asked Domon about The Lost One, and Domon told him of The Lost One's plans to help the GUAOF with an invasion, and how he came from the planet Kerbadyll. After this Ulysses invited them all inside of his house, known as . While inside, Ulysses asked Zaleara if her and Azuth were lovers, resulting in the situation becoming even more awkward, which Ulysses was also able to notice. While further talking to Zaleara, Ulysses suddenly became aware of Zaleara's incredible beauty, and started acting stranger than before, which Domon was able to notice, making him wary. As soon as this happened, however, everyone suddenly sensed Vokan fighting Strider near the house. Once they noticed that the group had noticed them, they temporarily halted their fight to have a quick chat with the others. While Domon was talking with Vokan and Strider, Ulysses suddenly asked Zaleara if she wanted to go get some dinner. Domon heard this and tried to interject, but Zaleara accepted, and Ulysses teleported with her to a special castle, where they would eat. Domon became both jealous and even more wary, due to Ulysses not even knowing Zaleara for that long, and he used his Divine Sight to watch them while they ate. After he saw that nothing was really happening, and they actually were just eating, he left Oak Manor and went back to his house, after he watched Strider get beaten fairly easily by Vokan.

The Grand Supreme Tournament

Sometime in-between battles, Domon participated in the Grand Supreme Tournament, which was a tourney held by Zion. Domon participated in the first battle of this tournament, which was him against Melusines. Domon was very offensive, constantly chasing after Melusines and throwing him all around the arena, but Melusines tried to stay back most of the time, relying on manipulating time and the space around Domon to fight him. This annoyed Domon very quickly, and he continued to go on the offensive, eventually culminating in him using his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame to envelope the entire arena in fire. After this attack, Melusines admitted defeat, despite it being very clear to Domon that he could've kept going for much longer. Domon was declared the winner, and he went into the stands to watch the next battle.

After some more battles, it was Domon's turn to fight again, with his opponent this time being Leo. Domon knew that even though he had defeated Leo multiple times in the past, Leo had become infinitely stronger since then, and it was very unlikely that he could defeat him. Despite this, Domon tried his best in the fight, and was able to hurt Leo on multiple occasions throughout the match, despite Leo's ability to absorb some of Domon's magic from his attacks. Eventually, however, Leo pulled out his Harbinger armor, which was able to extinguish Domon's flames. Domon knew that the fight was near it's end and entered Dragon Force in one last attempt to attack Leo. He charged up all of his power into his fist, and used his Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist technique, which broke a hole in the space around Domon, due to it's sheer power. Leo then tapped into the power of his Titan armor, which is physically the strongest force in all of existence, being able to overpower anything with it's immeasurable strength, and threw a full-power punch at Domon. Due to Domon's amazing physical strength, combined with his full power being put into his attack, he was actually able to push back against the Titan's punch for a few seconds, a feat which very few have accomplished, before being overpowered and sent flying back into the earth. After slowly rising from the ground, bloodied and battered, Domon was able to take one final chop from Leo before passing out, losing the battle and being eliminated from the tournament.

After being eliminated from the tournament, Domon stayed to watch the rest of the fights. The main reason he stayed was to observe Kuzynthia, as he had heard from a quite a few people that she was very powerful, and due to never seeing her fight before, he wanted to see if she lived up to the hype. In her first fight, which was against Azuth, she didn't get to do much before Azuth quit, which made Domon quite angry. In her second fight, which was against Vechz, she was clearly more powerful than him, as after only 30 seconds of fighting, Vechz became scared and left, making Kuzynthia the winner. This also made Domon angry, as Kuzynthia had yet to actually finish any of her fights, due to her opponents leaving the fights for one reason or another. In her next match, she fought against Leo, which made Domon happy, as he knew that Leo would not run away from this fight. Once the fight started, Domon began to see how Kuzynthia had gained her reputation of being quite a powerful foe, due to her skill and strategies that she used while attacking. However, due to Leo's incredible powers and abilities, she was not able to land a single attack on Leo, and the fight as a whole was rather one-sided, with Leo knocking out Kuzynthia after even her strongest attack failed to hit him. After seeing her lose, Domon felt disappointed, and thought that maybe she wasn't as strong as he had previously thought. He then stayed to watch the final battle between Leo and Ryuge, which Leo won, making him the tournament's victor.

Helping Kyuna Find The Legendary Stones

Sometime after the tourney, Domon was informed by Kyuna that he needed help finding some special stones that were scattered throughout the universes. Since Domon had nothing better to do, he joined in the search, along with Leo. Domon followed Kyuna to Universe 4, where they infiltrated a castle filled with guards and citizens. Once they sneaked inside, they killed the guards who were defending the first stone, which was the Stone of Wisdom. Domon broke through the barrier surrounding the stone, and gave it to Kyuna, ending the hunt for the first stone.

Next, the voice told them that they had to visit the Universe 6, to find the next stone, which was the Stone of Strength. Once they arrived at the specific location in Universe 6, they found Androids 17 and 18, along with Cell, waiting for them. They fought for a bit, with Cell eventually absorbing Kyuna, and then 17 and 18 once he realized that Domon and Leo were too strong for him. Leo then easily killed Cell and punched Kyuna out of him, and once 17 and 18 were out as well, Domon killed them both, and they found the second stone.

After they had found the second stone, they went to Universe 5 to find the final stone, the Stone of Speed. While they were informed that this final stone would be the most difficult to collect, Leo summoned up his entire Legion to easily defeat all of the soldiers in the castle and disarm a bomb that threatened to destroy the entire universe. And with that, they collected the final stone, and went back to Universe 4 to finish their quest.

Once they arrived back in Universe 4, they found a huge palace, and a door with 3 holes. Once they put each of the stones into the holes, the door opened, and they saw a hooded man sitting on a throne. The man then revealed himself to be the voice who guided them throughout their journey, named Jomm. To reward them for bringing him the stones, he gave each of them a reward. Domon's reward was information about a potential transformation that he could obtain by training on Leogian's planet, which pleased Domon, as he actually had to work for this new power, instead of having it simply given to him. Leogian received the powers of some new races, and Kyuna fused with his inner alternate personality to become a new being, known as Kyumo. After receiving this new information, Domon returned to Earth, and planned to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get used to the enhanced gravity, as it is also present on Leo's planet, and he had not trained in increased gravity for quite a long time.

Entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Fighting Kawhi

The next day, Domon flew to the Lookout, where he found Zion meditating. Domon informed him of his intentions to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and he entered the room. A while after he entered, however, when Zion entered the HBTC as well to see who was training, a man known as Rathalos went into the HBTC as well. After he fired some ki barrages at the other people training, he flew off of the Lookout, and Kawhi arrived, flying into the HBTC as well. But once he started fighting the other warriors, he fired a blast that killed an entire group of people, angering Domon and alerting Zion. They both flew at him, and began to fight him as Sora arrived, joining in on the attack. After being thrown through the HBTC's door, Kawhi was knocked out by Rathalos, who suddenly returned to the Lookout. After he was knocked unconscious, Domon went over to his body, and was going to kill him before Zion convinced him otherwise. Once Kawhi was given a senzu bean and was allowed to leave, Domon reentered the HBTC, and returned to his training.

The Destruction of Humanity

While Domon was finishing his two years of training in the HBTC, Sora suddenly arrived, and began to tell Domon of how Zion fought a being similar to Cell, known as Hesos. At the same time, Vokan was fighting Strider again, and finished the fight by throwing Strider down onto the Lookout. Once Strider got up, he was also informed of the situation, and him and Domon went to search for Zion. Domon used his Divine Sight to find Zion floating in space, and both him and Strider left the planet to get him. After locating him, Domon gave him a senzu bean and teleported him back to his house on Earth, where he found both Azuth and Zaleara waiting on his couch. While all this was happening, Sora destroyed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and killed all of the other fighters inside, leaving only 5 people remaining. Sora then brainwashed them and sent them to destroy North City, South City, East City, West City, and Supreme City. Once they arrived and started blasting the cities to pieces, Domon sensed the huge loss of life that was occurring nearby, and flew off to see what was happening, leaving Strider, Azuth, and Zaleara at his house to guard Zion, who was still badly hurt, even after being given a senzu bean.

Domon first flew to West City, where he found one of the corrupted fighters killing people and destroying buildings. As Domon flew closer to the fighter, he saw that they were one of the fighters that was training with him in the HBTC, and began to wonder why they would do something like this. Domon punched him once, heavily damaging him. Once Domon was about to question his actions, the fighter exploded, creating a huge explosive wave that completely leveled the entire city, killing it's entire population in the process. While Domon was unharmed by the explosion, he was still confused, wondering why this was all happening as he sensed the rest of the cities being wiped out as well.

Back at Domon's house, Zion was resting while Azuth and Zaleara watched over him, as Strider had left some time ago. After seeing Zion's injuries, Zaleara used some water from the White Falls to restore Zion to full health, giving him a zenkai in the process. Once Zion had healed, both him and Azuth rejoined with Strider and flew over to meet Domon, as they too sensed the massive amount of destruction that was taking place. As they all flew over the planet, seeing all of the damage that had been caused by even more corrupted fighters, they all noticed that in all of the destroyed areas, the name "Hesos" was written in the blood of the murdered inhabitants. After this, they all met up back on the Lookout, where Asura Shinhan was waiting for them, having also seen what had occurred. As soon as they began to question why Hesos had done this, Domon quickly flew off of the Lookout, as he had to check to see if the Sacred Land of Korin, his birthplace and where his family currently resided, had somehow evaded the destruction that had befallen many other areas of the world.

As Domon landed outside of the Sacred Land, he could already sense that something was wrong. He ran into his former homeland, only to discover that the entire place was set ablaze, with no signs of life remaining. Domon fell to his knees and began to cry as he felt the pain of a loved one's death for the first time in his life. As he thought over what had happened, he remembered the messages he found all over the world, the "Hesos" written in the blood of billions of slaughtered innocents, and began to feel a level of rage that he had never felt before. As he got off of the ground and the realization of the absolute extinction of Earth's population kept bouncing back and forth in his mind, his Flames of Emotion suddenly flared up to levels that had previously never been seen before, filling him with an endless amount of Fire Magic and a rage that completely shattered his sense of control, sending him into a blood-raged frenzy, with him screaming uncontrollably and destroying anything that was nearby. He flew back up to the Lookout, where everyone had gathered, and started trying to attack everyone. While Zaleara attempted to calm him down, he knocked her away and attacked Strider, slamming him down through the Lookout and into the ground below, slashing at him with his ignited claws and showing no restraint whatsoever. Asura quickly saw what Domon was doing, and flew down after him to try to stop Domon's path of destruction. As Domon was about to kill Strider, he sensed Asura, and flew over to him so that he could try to kill him as well. As he ran towards him, Asura began to use a spell on Domon that slowly started to quell his immense rage, turning him back to normal. Before Domon reached Asura, the spell worked, knocking Domon out of his berserk state and sending him tumbling to the ground, where he slowly started to remember everything that had happened, and began to cry once more, not only for his lost family and race, but for this huge amount of rage built up inside of him that he did not understand. Frightened by this new found power, he hurried back to his home, which was somehow not destroyed by the corrupted fighters, and stayed there for quite some time, afraid of hurting anyone else with his uncontrollable rage.

Domon vs. Kuzynthia and Kuzey

Although it had originally seemed that Earth's entire population was corrupted and slain by the brainwashed fighters, KJ was able to evacuate a huge amount of people into space, meaning that only about 10% of the total population of the planet was killed. Despite this, Domon remained in his home, trying to find out what had happened to him after the Hesos incident. Eventually, he was able to figure out that his Flames of Emotion, which increase his power the angrier he gets, must have some sort of limit, which Domon broke due to the huge amount of rage he felt after he saw his entire home village destroyed. Now that he had some sort of understanding of what had happened, he felt that it was safe for him to go out again, as he could possibly have a chance of being able to control this new power, should he ever reach that level of rage again. He then left his house and found Asura once again, who was talking with Ian, who had returned to Earth for a short period of time. Domon wanted to make up for his absence, as he had been unable to assist the others in another battle with Hesos, where we finally achieved his Perfect form, leading him to instantly get ready for the next battle when asked by KJ if he wanted to join in.

Teleporting to the designated military base, Domon watched as everyone prepared for the huge battle, and followed the fleet of ships as the flew forward on their invasion path. For this battle, The Universal Saiyan Protectorate had also joined in, with their ships beginning to fill in the battlefield as well. Once the ships began to be fired upon, and the huge waves of Sentinels flew at the army in their ball forms, Domon began to fight them, punching through Sentinels and stopping them from destroying ships. After Domon and the rest of the Lookout Crew fought for a while, Hesos appeared created huge amounts of clones of himself, with a big group of them fighting against each Lookout Crew member. After this, Sora began to boost his soldiers' powers, including Hesos, which Domon noticed. Suddenly, Nikad appeared, and informed Asura that Sora was the one who had really caused the destruction on Earth, and that he was the mastermind behind all of the chaos that had happened recently involving the HBTC being destroyed, along with each of the Earth's major cities. Once Domon found out that Sora was the one who caused all of this death, he could not control himself, and once again entered his rage-filled frenzy from before, and dashed straight at Sora.

Before he could reach Sora, however, a group of Hesos clones all began to attack Domon at once, stopping him from traveling any further. By the time Domon had fought off all of the Hesos clones, Kuzynthia had reached Sora, and they began to fight. Once Domon finally reached them, he relentlessly began to attack Sora, constantly swiping and blasting at him with his magic attacks. This, however, was part of Sora's plan, as he was able to dodge all of Domon's attacks, due to Domon's lack of precision while in this anger-filled state. Sora took advantage of Domon's emotions getting the better of him, and filled him with corruption, giving him a boost in power and making him even more evil and full of anger. Once Domon became corrupted, he began to attack Kuzynthia, who also tried to fight Sora at the same time. Domon went all-out offensive on Kuzynthia, who was able to defend against Domon's attacks quite well. However, due to taking many powerful attacks from both Domon and Sora, Kuzthynia retreated to a ship for some healing from medic mages, while Kuzey replaced her in the fight with Domon. While Leo fought against the original Hesos, and KJ fought against the ever-replicating Android X, Domon and Kuzey's fight took them all over the galaxy, with Domon knocking him very far across space with a huge punch, sending them far away from the battlefield.

Once Domon and Kuzey were both incredibly worn out, Kuzey used his seals to block off Domon's power, causing his rage to slowly leave him, returning him to normal. Sora was able to sense Domon's fading corruption, however, and teleported to the planet that he was on to help his corruption return. He suddenly created a dark energy ball, and he told Domon that if he would eat it, it would turn him into a Dark Fire Dragon Slayer. Kuzey tried to keep the ball away from Domon, and Sora tried to get Domon to eat it, while Domon was slowly losing his energy to fight. Despite Kuzey fighting against him, Sora was able to get Domon to eat the energy ball right before he passed out, finally knocking him out of his rage, at least for the time being. After the fight, Kuzey took Domon back to Earth, where he was looked after by many mages and scientists to alleviate any remaining corruption in Domon's body.

Invasion of the South Quadrant

Two months later, Domon has not used his fire powers since the last battle, as if he overuses his Dragon Slayer Magic too much, he will turn into a dragon himself. On the 75th anniversary of the Lookout Crew, however, KJ planned to begin the invasion of the South Quadrant, which Domon participated in, planning to make his return to the combat. Once the invasion began, Domon fought off countless numbers of Sentinels and battleships, before attempting to take down a Mothership. As he was breaking his way through the ship's defenses, Kuzynthia appeared, and finished the ship off by blowing up it's powercore. Afterwards, she told Domon that there were 5 Masterships that needed to be taken down, so together they broke into each Mastership, and after beating the guards and mages that were on the ship, they destroyed the alphacore on that ship, blowing the entire thing to pieces. The final ship, however, was much bigger than the previous ones, and Domon and Kuzynthia couldn't take the whole thing themselves, so Kuzynthia contacted both Kuzey and Erebus to assist them in taking it down.

Becoming a Dark Fire Dragon Slayer

Once Kuzey and Erebus arrived, they joined Kuzynthia and Domon in fighting the huge amounts of guards and soldiers flying at them. This ship also had plenty of Justicars, who eventually joined in the battle. At one point in the battle, Kuzynthia sneaked away to find the alphacore, and while Domon was searching for her, he was pushed through a portal by a Justicar, and transported into a room full of torturers. They all forced Domon down and planned to kill him by shoving a heat ball into his head. While Domon began to charge up an attack powerful to kill all of them at once, Erebus held them off, distracting them from Domon for the time being. As he began to use the attack, however, he became very dizzy. The ball that he had eaten two months ago, which had been given to him by Sora, was finally activating, and Domon's power suddenly received a huge boost, along with his fire turning black, resulting in him turning into a Dark Fire Dragon Slayer. After this transformation, Domon turned intangible, a power he had gained from becoming a Dark Fire Dragon Slayer, and appeared in front of the alphacore. Kuzynthia was already there, and attacked the alphacore along with Erebus, destroying it and the entire ship. While Domon took the explosion head on, he was not hurt in the slightest, and simply dusted himself off and flew back to Earth, with the GUAOF taking the day and invading 3/4s of the South Quadrant.

Searching for Sora

As the invasion of the South Quadrant was reaching its end, Domon joined in the final battle to test out his Dark Fire Dragon Slayer magic, as he hadn't had a chance to test it out in the last battle. After arriving on the base, Domon flew out past the GUAOF fleet, trying to reach Sora, who was believed to be on a ship somewhere nearby. Eventually Leo, Kyuna, and Kuzynthia joined him, with Kuzynthia claiming that she would be the one to kill Sora, enraging Domon even further and causing him to lash out at the group, telling them that he would kill Sora himself. Once they fought through the armies of System ships, they reached a Mastership, with Sora's voice suddenly blaring from it, taunting Domon and the rest of the group. Leo had separated from the group beforehand and broke through the ship, allowing the group to enter fairly easily. The ship seemed to be completely abandoned, and the group wandered through the ship, searching for any place where Sora could be.

After exploring for a bit the group found a room that contained a Sentinel in a glass case, which read "Ultima Sentinel." However, upon Sora calling for the Ultima Sentinel to attack the group, it simply fell to the floor. While continuing through the ship, they found a huge city, completely void of any life and made entirely of plastic. As Kuzynthia walked through the city she was unexpectedly attacked by Justicar dolls that grouped up to absorb her. Getting impatient, Domon tried to destroy all of the dolls at once, but the entire city suddenly exploded, and the part of the ship they were all on detached from the rest of the ship, which crashed into a nearby planet. After escaping from the broken-off piece of the ship, Sora finally arrived, and began to manipulate Domon's dark powers, making him even angrier than before. Sora then ordered Domon to attack Kuzynthia, who was trying to fight Sora herself. After avoiding Domon's attacks she teleported both her and Sora away to a different dimension so that they could have their battle in peace.

While they were fighting, Leo confronted Domon about his extreme rage, asking him why he wanted to kill Sora so badly. After Domon informed him of how Sora manipulated him and destroyed his entire birthplace, and the people in it, including Domon's family, Leo simply told Domon that he was being childish, as many enemies had done things similar to this before. He told Domon of how many innocent people were killed in the Herulean War, which Domon did not participate in, and how Domon had to think of more than just his own petty revenge. Domon was having none of this, however, and flew off, using his Divine Sight to watch the battle between Kuzynthia and Sora.

After watching the fight for quite some time, he saw Sora reveal to Kuzynthia that he was actually an Android X with Sora's DNA, allowing him to copy Sora near perfectly, and that the real Sora was in the System Capital, coming up with new plans and strategies for the GUAOF's destruction. With this, Kuzynthia teleported both her and the fake Sora back to where they were before, where Domon, Leo, Kyuna, and Erebus, who had only shown up a few minutes prior, were now waiting for him. Once the fake Sora arrived, he suddenly created a huge holonet around the entire group, stopping them from teleporting away or using energy, and began to self-destruct, which created an explosion powerful enough to destroy an entire quadrant. Not being able to use his magic to defend him, Domon had to block the explosion, lasting long enough for the explosion to turn into a black hole, which began to suck everyone in. With the holonet now destroyed, however, Domon and the rest of the group teleported away from the black hole, and began to think about where the System capital was. Kuzynthia left by herself, as did Leo and Erebus, leaving Domon with Kyuna. While Kyuna initially worried about where Kuzynthia went, Domon told him that whatever happened to her, it would be her fault, due to leaving by herself, and Kyuna somewhat hesitatingly agreed. Domon then went back to Earth, where KJ met with him to ask him what had happened in the battle. Domon told him about the fake Sora, and how Kuzynthia suddenly left after the fake Sora exploded, leaving KJ to think about where she could be. After telling him this, Domon went back to his house, wanting to continue to explore his new found power.

An Eventful Day

A few weeks later, after learning to control his new powers a little better, Domon was walking through Supreme City one day when suddenly he saw something crash down onto Earth. After getting through the crowd of people that had gathered to see what had crashed, he found , who he had never met before, standing up from a giant crater in the ground. While Domon tried to ask him a few questions, Nekron immediately began to attack him, with Domon taking him into the sky to avoid damaging the city any further. Once flying a significant distance away, Nikad appeared, and explained that he had been fighting Nekron before he was knocked down to Earth. Nikad then told Domon to leave, as he didn't want him to interfere in their fight. Domon then left, and returned to his house to have lunch.

After returning to his home, Domon began to have lunch, only to be visited by a version of from Universe 5, who asked Domon to train with him. Due to Domon not knowing what this version of Vegeta was like, he questioned him a bit before agreeing to train with him, as he was growing bored. Before they started to train, however, Vegeta suddenly left, saying that he sensed somebody nearby that he had to fight. After Domon was left alone once again he decided to use his Divine Sight to see if anything interesting was going on in the universe. While searching around, he saw that Leo was fighting Nikad, and he decided to watch, so he teleported to the planet they were fighting on, which was some nondescript planet in some random place in the universe. While watching the fight, he saw Nazafarin suddenly appear from a portal, looking tired and hurt. After talking with her a bit, she told him that she entered her own pocket dimension where she had to fight a monster before being able to escape, which is why she looked so damaged. Domon then healed her and continued to watch the fight, which ended with Leo coming out victorious.

Once the fight had ended, Domon challenged Leo to a fight, as he wanted to test how strong he had grown since fighting Leo in the Grand Supreme Tournament, which Leo accepted. For the fight, Nazafarin let them enter her pocket dimension, so as not to damage anything nearby. After fighting for a while, Domon asked Leo to fight him with his Titan armor, since he preferred to fight close-up, which the Titan armor was made for. But Leo informed him that the Titan armor would always be stronger than it's opponent, meaning that it can never be beaten in a straight-up brawl. Once this was explained to Domon, he didn't want to fight anymore, as he knew that the fight would once again go in Leo's favor. Nazafarin then gave Domon a pendant that let him escape her dimension, which let him leave and go back to Earth.

Once returning to Earth, Domon realized that he hadn't seen Zaleara in a while, and immediately teleported to Spurn. Once arriving, he found Zaleara's father, Zeralt, talking to her. After noticing Domon, Zeralt accused Domon of flirting with Zaleara, claiming that she belonged to Ulysses. While they argued for a while, Zeralt eventually left, leaving Domon to talk with Zaleara. While Zaleara tried to talk to Domon, he was having a hard time talking to her, growing nervous and not being able to think of anything to say. Eventually, the awkwardness of the conversation on Domon's part caused him to suddenly fly through the roof in an attempt to escape, and he flew over to some random part of the planet. Once landing, he met Alaster, one of the few remaining Aen Var who was able to turn into a dragon, like Azuth and Zeralt. Alaster asked Domon why he had arrived on his territory, and Domon informed him that he had no intention of attacking him or his land in any way, and was simply trying to run from his problems, telling him about Zaleara. Alaster quickly made the assumption that Domon had feelings for Zaleara, which Domon was finally able to confirm. Once they finished talking Domon returned to the palace, now determined to tell Zaleara about how he felt about her. He then landed back in the palace, and after gathering his courage, he finally told Zaleara about his feelings for her, and awaited a response. After a minute or so, Zaleara told Domon that she did not feel the same way, leaving Domon feeling dejected and causing him to leave the palace, returning to Earth for the final time that day.

Domon vs. Zion

After being turned down by Zaleara, Domon went back to training on Earth for a while, continuing to learn how to better control his emotions. While Domon was quite sad that Zaleara did not return his feelings, he knew that he couldn't get too beat up about it, and he tried his best to get over her so that they could remain as friends. While training one day, Domon suddenly received a telepathic message from Zion, telling him to go to a specific set of coordinates in space. Once Domon arrived, he found Zion on a nondescript planet, where he transported both of them into a pocket dimension so that they could fight.

As they began their fight, Zion quickly noticed that Domon was much stronger than he was previously, with him easily being able to keep up with Zion's attacks at first. Once they had traded blows for a while, Zion used his Body of Centillion Arms technique to create a giant statue to attack Domon, which was even able to replicate itself to attack from all angles. When all of the statues began to throw huge energy balls at Domon, he entered Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and used his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade attack to push all of the incoming attacks away, giving Domon enough time to dodge them and go back to attacking the statues. Once Domon had finally destroyed all of the statues, Zion began to fight him once again, as he was hiding in the statue. Despite Zion being unharmed so far due to being protected by the statues, the fight was far from over, as Domon was able to heal himself with Curaja, bringing them back to a more even level in terms of damage taken.

They continued to fight, with Zion already having entered his Perfect Evolution form. To keep up with this, Domon entered Dragon Force, which now increased the power of his fire so much that it completely melted the space around him, reaching temperatures that had previously never been reached before. As Zion and Domon's attacks kept clashing and deflecting each other, Domon grew tired of the battle, and told Zion to go full power so that the fight could end already. Zion then used his Body of Centillion Arms once again, this time at full power, and created hundreds of clones that completely surrounded Domon. To combat this, Domon tapped into his Flames of Emotion, which he could now control, allowing him to reach his true full power as well. Domon was able to use his Hidden Fire Form - Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade to completely destroy one of the statues, but was severely beaten by all of the other ones, which then grabbed him to restrict him from moving. While Domon expected Zion to finish the fight, he instead made all of the statues disappear, and teleported Domon back to Earth, leaving him with a message that informed him that it was only a spar. While Domon knew that he would've lost the fight if Zion decided to finish it, he was glad that he had gotten so much stronger since the last time that the two had met, and found a new determination to continue training.

War in Everspace and Domon vs. Akane

On 3 December 1115, KJ was giving a speech on Planet Yovar and the Lookout Crew listened in. Afterwards, he returned to Earth and contacted Domon, along with Leogian, Ryuge, Zion IV, Erebus, Mellusines, Gozed, Kyunameii, and told them to arrive at the ePalace. He informed them of reports of strange radiating emitting from somewhere in the Toyva Galaxy and for them to investigate. They went there to find a large System base opened up. Leo broke in and allowed the others in, and it appeared to be abandon. Kuzynthia, who decided to pop in and join following her reboost after her fight with Sora, found several Justicars and Guards and Mages in a room hidden under the base under a glass dome. However, they were around something; a giant blue portal that ships/guards went in, being held up by the Mages. Everyone sneaked up and broke through, taking on the mages.

Everyone successfully defeated the Master Mages and entered the portal. After entering, there was no way to escape at all. Inside was a storming dark blue wormhole. They noticed that physical manipulation and sound waves didn't function properly here, so everyone had to talk through telepathy. The end of the tunnel was chasing behind them. They noticed System ships far ahead, in mass numbers, flying through the wormhole at high speeds. They engaged in battle with the ships, who shot rapid fire back at them forcing them back. The ships tried to push the Lookout Crew into the walls.

GUAOF forces suddenly unexpectedly began entering the wormhole through a hole that formed. KJ, who was holding the portal open from the outside base, was allowing GUAOF ships to enter to help everyone. He stuck his head in and telepathically told everyone that outside the walls is a black void, which means instant permanent death. Kuzynthia interrogated a Justicar, who revealed that the Energy Matrix is at the end, and they'd have to solve it to go past, as well as break the Nanocore. He also said all energy attacks in Everspace were reduced in damage by 75%.

GUAOF Ships and System ships continued to fight inside of the quick-moving extremely loud wormhole that appeared to never end. This proved challenging to the LCrew, whom found it hard to communicate and think. Motherships and a Mastership were waiting towards the end. Everyone took them down after a long and strenuous battle. The Lost One joined during this by sneaking in with GUAOF ships. However, while Domon was taking a break from fighting the ships, he was suddenly approached by a mysterious cloaked figure, who told him to yield. Domon asked the figure why they were doing this, but they didn't answer as they began to attack Domon.

While the cloaked figure used many techniques to try to incapacitate Domon, he was able to avoid most of the attacks, all the while still trying to ask the figure why they were attacking him like this. Due to not knowing this person or their motives, Domon held back significantly, not wanting to hurt the person too much before figuring out what their plan was. After knocking the figure to the ground, their cloak fell away, revealing the figure to be a beautiful young woman, known as Kiyomizu Akane, who Domon had never seen before. Although Domon was initially shocked by her beauty, he continued to fight against her, letting her know that he wouldn't go easy on her just because of her good looks. After fighting some more, Domon asked Akane one last time why she was attacking him, and she suddenly put her weapon away, appearing to end the fight. Because of this, Domon let his guard down, and was captured in a Light Cage by Akane, which prevented him from escaping in any way. However, she soon let him out of the cage, telling him that although he had been charged with many different crimes, she believed that he had not been the one to actually commit them, as she figured in the fight that he wouldn't do anything like the crimes he was accused of. After continuing to talk for a bit, Akane, for seemingly no reason, meowed, revealing her random tendency to make such a noise to Domon. When he pointed this out to her, she quickly grew embarrassed, and then angry as she soon left afterwards. Domon hoped that he would see her again, not only because he wished to fight her once more, but also because he found her to be incredibly adorable, especially when she was embarrassed. After thinking about this for a bit, Domon rejoined the rest of the Lookout Crew, who were finishing up their fight with the army of ships.

After all the chaos, the System ships were finally destroyed and the Lookout Crew saw the end of the wormhole. There was a very large base floating there. They went deep inside it to find a Master Justicar inside a giant room gaining energy. He began speaking to them, and he revealed that the Lookout Crew were actually travelling in a nanodimensional realm, and were microscopic. He revealed the Nanocore would have to be destroyed to escape, or they'd all die permanently in a void (followed by the light at the end of the tunnel that was chasing them, to catch up and nearly get to them). But most importantly, he revealed that the System was planning to use Everspace to control fundamental elements of the multiverse, and lay the stepping stone to breaking universal barriers -- the "Master Plan".

Following the talking, they all engaged in a lengthy long battle with the MJ. The circumstances were harder due to them being in such a thin and difficult environment, and could get knocked through the wormhole walls and permanently killed. The MJ created a massive black void and nearly klled everyone, however, Domon and Erebus saved them and destroyed the void, and were sent to a black dimension with a floating cube and sphere in it. They solved the Energy Matrix by blasting each side until it turned green and stayed green.

They then destroyed the Nanocore once and for all. Upon being released back into space, the group encountered David Vafer, who swiftly revealed himself to be the first named Master Justicar. Shortly afterwards, he left and Trias stumbled upon the group. Trias asked what had happened to them, as they looked worn out. They informed him only that they had an encounter with David Vafer, and nothing more. The Lost One revealed himself to be Emperor Haul. They then proceeded to head back to Earth.

After the Lookout Crew were forcefully returned to Earth, the entire planet was in chaos. It turns out they were in Everspace for 2 months of real time. KJ was extremely worried about everyone, and had very bad news; while everyone was gone, and without him or the rest of GUAOF even noticing, the System had implemented a Universal Superlockdown, which was a colossal massive universal lockdown grid. This grid was basically a giant array of forcefields, 500 times more powerful than holonets, combined that also negated nearly anything, making it impossible to teleport, communicate long-distance, etc. It was powered by a massive complex system of Supercores. Dimensions were also transversed and made travelling by dimension nearly impossible. The Universe was divided into 1,000 districts by the System using this method. Due to the war becoming increasingly complicated, KJ was forced to put the entire Great Empire into martial law and have every planet put on emergency holonet lockdown, which meant that no one could enter or leave. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of GUAOF alliances dropped and the war turned in the Supersystem's favor.

Now that every fighter in the universe had been weakened, Domon wanted to find a way to remain strong, even after not being able to teleport or use his summons. With this new resolve he began to further develop his Lightning abilities, as up to this point he was only able to use them to strengthen his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and started to learn how to use his Lightning magic to it's fullest potential.

Trouble on New Haggar

A few months later, while Domon was still training, KJ sent a probe to him, Ryuge, Shizen, Gozed, Zan IV, Trias, and, surprisingly, Ian, which told them all to attend ExpoUniverse '16, a massive science, technology, and politics service fair event that was being held on Planet Haggar. Domon figured that he could use a break, as he had been training his Lightning magic for quite a while, and hadn't been able to do much else. He then met up with KJ and the rest of the group, and entered a giant state-of-the-art complex building, along with millions of other people, where they met up with Kuzey as well.

Inside, they explored the exhibits that showed off top technology. However, there was some strange activity going on and Trias investigated. Eventually everyone was called to a large room where a new spaceship model was revealed. Several men left the room suspiciously and Zan IV used his Sharingan to see where they went. He followed them along with Trias, but the guards blocking the doors didn't let them past. Meanwhile, unknown to the Lookout Crew, David Vafer, the first Master Justicar, attended the Expo. He messed with KJ and Domon, but other than that, he showed no hostilities, and it was quite apparent he was just there to mess with the Lookout Crew. KJ then noticed what was going on shortly after David's appearance, so the Lookout Crew gathered together outside and waited to see the System's next move.

Everyone in the Expo had to sit outside, but the parking lot was massive. Suddenly, a man in a thick coat with a beard walked up to everyone and greeted them. He revealed himself as Kuro. KJ noticed white figures climbing up the Expo to the roof nearby with elf people on top. He immediately got everyone on guard and rushed up. Suddenly, 4 massive System ships landed in the parking lot on all sides of the expo. The doors opened and tons of large white robotic figures stormed out in formation. Then all of a sudden, a figure dropped from the sky and landed on the ground, creating a huge crater around them.

The figure than began to speak, revealing themselves as Priestess Khan, a System special-ops mercenary and Master Justicar, sent to end the Lookout Crew. Kyunameii was the first to engage in combat with her, and she showed great versatility and persistence. Shortly after, Ian joined the fight. Unexpectedly, Mars landed on the planet on a golden motorcycle with wings, and greeted the Lookout Crew, after many years of not being involved in anything. Domon, along with Shizen, Trias, and Gozed later closed in on her, however, she was not effected and showed no signs of backing down. After a short bit of fighting, she revealed she that she was out of free time and looked into space, with the planet then suddenly exploding with great force. The Grid around the planet went into lockdown and prevented escape, so Asura covered the entire Expo with his Avatar to protect it, and after the explosion, Mars broke a Grid cube, allowing everyone to escape back to Earth.

Meeting Thorlex

A few weeks after the convention, Domon was sitting around his house one day, eating lunch, when suddenly Akane showed up again. After vaporizing his sandwich, she blew up his house, making him incredibly angry. Before they began to fight, a tall, muscular man arrived, claiming that he was from The Spurs, and asked Domon if he was Domon Kasshu, as he knew that Domon was allies with Avallac'h. While they began to talk, Ian unexpectedly arrived, and began to insult Akane, who left shortly after. Once Ian had fixed Domon's house, the man introduced himself as Thorlex, the captain of the Red Riders for the Spurn Army. At first, Domon was confused, as he thought that he was the captain of the Red Riders, but he realized that he was probably replaced, as he never actually led the Red Riders at all. Not bothered by this, he continued to discuss with Thorlex, who was full of energy and charisma. Once Thorlex revealed that he also used Fire Magic, he told Domon that he had things to do, so he left, and Domon went back into his house.

Siege of the Empire

The Empire was in relative peace for most of the war thus far, though it began gaining tension, as did all planets. Most of this was successfully calmed by King KJ, who kept Earth among the most peaceful planets that are still in existence. He had also recently helped develop new hypersatellites, which could bypass the Lockdown's effects shortly. On May 1st, 1116, KJ left Callum to his duties as he went to inspect TGE bases. Meanwhile, System armada forces began appearing from thin air where the Lockdown grid ended, near TGE Base 05-992, which is the farthest out base. This was due to the ships being invisible while inside the grid, but not in the path of the TGE radars. All bases were alerted, but the ships instantly began attack and nuke bases. Ground troops were deployed to fight back as the entire empire went under siege.

The System ships quickly tore through blockades, with their goal being Earth. Chancellor Callum immediately deployed to a base, where he controlled TGE operations. His plans worked at first but became futile as they made heavy use of the grid. Because of this, Domon, who was training with Thorlex at the time, went with him, along with Ryuge, Zan IV, and KJ to help fight the ships, with KJ taking care of Earth from the ground. David Vafer however, was present as well, and got in fights with everyone as he watched everything go down. System ships made it to Earth but the GUAOF pushed them back constantly. This was, until, they put the grid into Lockdown, increasing their power, and shot beams into Earth, creating holes in the eNet, and allowing other ships to enter while everyone was distracted fighting.

Several ships began pouring into Earth's atmosphere, releasing thousands of small lizard men in tight suits, later revealed as Xoclovians, into the holes in the eNet. The Xoclovians overtook the entire surface of the planet, sending every city into a lockdown. As the Xoclovians continued to attack, Azuth appeared on Earth, and helped KJ hold up a barrier protecting Supreme City. The Xoclovians continued to attack it, but eventually Trias and Shizen appeared and eliminated them all. System ships nuked and bombarded Earth, and Kuzey and Kuzynthia tried to help. However, ships broke through to West City and completely scorched it. Azuth used a barrier spell to help with Supreme City, but it proved to be futile as the System used a technique to somehow open a portal inside the barrier and allow ships in, which continued to destroy the city.

David Vafer suddenly called all System forces off and told them to return back to their bases. Everyone landed on Earth, in the ruins of Supreme City, and asked him why he had done this. David then revealed to them that he was actually the son of Elyus (alpha god), and proceeded to attack the Lookout Crew, with them not being able to do much to hurt him. Eventually, he got bored and left, leaving the Lookout Crew to clean up after the battle, saving people from the wreckage and fixing the destroyed ecosystems nearby.

Domon and Mars vs. Sora

On 10 July 1116, Earth was still in the process of rebuilding, which was going extremely slowly. KJ received news that an important System Justiciar, Abur-Dal, was captured in the West Quadrant. He later called Domon, along with Ryuge, Thorlex, Mars, Dominus, Ian, Ulysses, and to the ePalace and said they would later be going to a Universal Master Court trial on Planet Noder to testify. They all went to Noder, in a massive political building, where 10,000 people watched as several Eldreyn testified to the court. Once they had all arrived, Domon was called up to testify. While Domon was at the stand, however, he noticed Sora in the crowd, sitting next to David. Once he saw Sora he immediately jumped off of the stand and confronted Sora, telling him that he still wanted revenge. While they were talking, The Judge concluded that Abur-Dal was to be imprisoned for 80,000 years and interrogated. Immediately after the court was adjourned, David shot and killed Abur-Dal, sending the entire court into chaos.

After Abur-Dal was killed, the planet was suddenly came under siege by a massive System air raid, which released a toxic gas that covered the planet, sending all of the citizens into a panic. While everyone else was fighting David, Domon chased after Sora, who went back to the System army to frame the GUAOF for Abur-Dal's death. Suddenly, a gargantuan black creature came from the sky and shot the planet with a beam, completely destroying it. Everyone escaped back to Earth, where they continued to fight David, who was trying to destroy the planet, while Domon was fighting Sora in the remains of a destroyed city.

As more allies appeared to fight David, he took a quick break to reunite with Sora, who was trying to corrupt Domon once again. In an attempt to awaken Domon's rage, he flew to the Sacred Land of Korin, and completely wiped it off of the map, along with the Lookout. After Domon followed him Sora began to manipulate his inner darkness, trying to turn him back into the monster he was before, but Domon was now able to fight back against his control, making Sora incredibly angry. Suddenly, Mars arrived, acting much more somber than usual, telling Sora to stop all of this death and corruption. Sora told Mars about how his grandfather, Hikari Minato, left Sora by himself after dying in the Herulean War, causing Sora to despise his grandfather. As they continued to mention Hikari, Sora got angrier and angrier, eventually revealing his transformation, the Super Saiyan Devil. As Sora attacked Mars, Mars mentioned how he was sorry that he didn't fulfill his promise to Hikari, which was to keep Sora safe. At this point, Domon realized that this was something much bigger than his lust for revenge, and he decided to sit the fight out, as it wasn't his fight any longer.

Battle with Everin

While Earth was in complete chaos and nearly wiped out, everyone, except for Domon and Mars, who were fighting Sora, was preventing David from destroying the planet. Suddenly, the Egnifium came down from the sky over the planet, making a great shadow, which released a gas that engulfed everyone, and warped them to another dimension, green, with an infinite ocean. Everyone tried to figure out where they were, when a giant dragon flew to the podium they were on in the ocean, which expanded to accommodate it's size. Once it landed, a man jumped off of it's back, who revealed himself as Everin, the eldest Eldreyn Prince.

While Everin was casual at first, once he started fighting everyone, he used many tricks to throw them off and cause them to use other attacks, so he could get a better measure on their power, and also be able to better copy their technique later. After certain attacks failed to affect him, everyone realized that he had no physical body. After several tricks and hours of waiting within Everin's realm, the weight slowly increased and poisonous gas was much more powerful. While many people tried to create dimensional holes to escape, none of them were successful except for Ryuge, who was able to rip open a portal to Hell, allowing everyone to escape. Once leaving, the noticed that the System had also taken over Other World, and Ryuge destroyed all of their forces shortly before Everin left his dimension to continue the fight.

Hikari and Nikad, both dead, suddenly appeared and began to fight Everin. After fighting for a bit longer, Everin used his ultimate ability, Freeze, to completely freeze everyone, no matter their defense. He then escaped back to the universe and strengthened the Lockdown grid. Once he went into Everspace, the Freeze spell wore off, and everyone followed him. Leogian, Hikari, and Nikad all ripped into Everspace and had a 2-hour long duel with him. He showed extremely skilled feats, and nearly destroyed them permanently several times, making use of nanohyperdimensional voids and black holes. Everyone began searching for Everin's soul to destroy it, as it was outside his body, and destroying it would kill him.

Meanwhile, David was busy fighting everyone else on Earth, while KJ tried hard to protect it from destruction. Surprisingly, Tocal appeared, helping for the first time in many years. Suddenly a massive tear opened in space, with Hikari, Nikad, Leogian, and Everin all flying out of it. Everin had created a massive spherical storming wind aura, filled with magic, and he assisted David in fighting the Lookout Crew. As this was happening, Leo used his advanced senses to tear through all of Everspace, searching for Everin's soul, which he found encased in a glowing magic star. Leo engulfed it in dark magic, completely ripping it, along with Everspace, apart, destroying it. Everin appeared as this was going on, in an attempt to defend his soul, but was torn in half along with the star, finally being blown into oblivion, ending the battle.

Relaxing with Thorlex

After the battle with Everin, Domon was both physically and mentally exhausted, as he had never been in a battle for that long before. Due to fighting for 72 hours straight, Domon was taking a small break, as he rested in his house for a few days, not really doing anything. About halfway into this break, Thorlex suddenly requested Domon to fly to the moon, as he was helping people who were hurt from the battle on Earth up there, and he knew that Domon had a healing spell to help speed up the process. Domon flew to the moon and entered a tent with a huge crowd of hurt and diseased people, and healed them all to full health with a single Curaja. Once they were healed, him and Thorlex went back to his house on Earth, where Thorlex ate every last bit of food in Domon's fridge. After he ate, Thorlex suddenly grew panicked as he noticed a stain on his cloak, and wiped it off. While Domon was puzzled at first, Thorlex quickly explained that his cloak was made from the fur of four lions that Thorlex lived with, until they all died of old age. After making the cloak, he burned their bodies, and ate the ashes, which he believes gave him his Dying Will Flames. Thorlex then asked Domon how he had learned his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, so Domon told him how he learned from Raeburn after going to find him in a mountain range. However, the story was so long that Thorlex fell asleep, so Domon woke him up by slipping off his cloak, causing Thorlex to instantly awaken and uppercut Domon. Right before Thorlex left, Domon told him that he wanted to change his outfit, and he used a spell to change his clothes into a purple variant of an old outfit he once wore in the past. Thorlex then left, as Domon was feeling tired again, so he went back to sleep on his couch.

Espionage of District 19

Many months later, the Earth was recovering from the huge battle, and KJ called up many members of the Lookout Crew for a special mission, including Domon. They were to infiltrate Base Alka'ii, a System base in District 19. After being briefed by KJ, they hopped from base to base, to avoid being sensed, and began to sneak through the base. While everyone else used their abilities to travel without being noticed, Domon hid in a more traditional way, using a cardboard box to move around without being seen. While there were a few times where he was almost found, he managed to find ways to escape all of them and continue to infiltrate the base. However, due to being in the cardboard box, Domon could not see what was going on, and ended up waiting inside of the box for hours, missing King S's escape from the prison and the rest of the Lookout Crew fighting David.

Confronting Akane

As he was waiting in the box, Domon was suddenly slammed against the wall by Akane, who was angry with him as usual, for a reason still unknown to him. While Domon began to fight back at first, he quickly noticed that Akane was much weaker than she normally was, and she passed out while attempting to teleport away from him. Not wanting to leave her like this, he abandoned the mission, taking Akane back to his house on Earth. After setting her down on the couch, Domon began to ask her why she was like this, but she refused to tell him. Eventually, as he kept asking her, she eventually revealed that she was out of mana, which only happens every few thousand years, and she needed to have it recharged. Domon, wanting to help Akane, asked her how she recharged her mana. While at first she didn't want to tell him, claiming that it was too embarrassing, he persisted, as he wanted to help her recover. She then told him that the only way to recharge her mana was through sex, which caused Domon to panic slightly, making Akane try to leave once again. But she was still weak, so she fell over again, causing Domon to simply return her to the couch. While Domon had never actually had sex before, as it was never his top priority throughout his life, he wanted to help Akane to the best of his ability, and she agreed after he begged her to let him help her. Akane soon figured out that Domon was a virgin, so she remained in control throughout the majority of the act, but Domon was able to learn quickly and began to try to pleasure her towards the end, as she was mostly helping him during the beginning. Once they were finished, Domon tried to tell her that he was drawn to her due to how angry she always was, and he wanted to learn why so that he could understand her, and help her to be happy. However, she told him that he shouldn't get too attached to her, as they would have to fight again later. Domon tried to protest, saying that he wouldn't be able to fight her if she attacked him again, as he liked her too much at this point to hurt her, but she soon left, leaving Domon alone with his thoughts, asking himself why she had to be an enemy.

Taking a Break

After Akane left Domon so suddenly, he began to feel many things that he had never felt before, as he had never been in a relationship with someone else that was this close before. To take time to sort out his feelings, Domon stayed in his house for the next few months, trying to think about why Akane said that she had to fight against him and the others. Also, due to Domon feeling sad at Akane's absence, he began to grow weaker, as his powers are linked to his emotions, leaving him in a state of laziness for quite a while. As he was on this break, Thorlex appeared to visit him, and saw that Domon had something important on his mind. After some pestering on Thorlex's part, Domon told him what had happened, and how he felt sad due to not understanding why Akane left him with those words, and that he wanted to see her again. While Thorlex had never felt like this towards someone before, he was able to help Domon sort out his emotions a bit, giving Domon some motivation to get back into world and try to find Akane himself. Domon thanked Thorlex for helping him feel a little better, but due to still being weak, he fell asleep immediately afterwards, even after Thorlex flipped over the couch he was sleeping on.

Later on into Domon's break, he awoke one afternoon to sense the Planet of the Gods exploding. Despite still being tired and weaker than normal, he quickly flew to where he sensed the explosion, only to see Nami killing herself, causing another explosion that destroyed much of the System's forces. Once the second explosion had passed, Domon went up to David, who was present as well, now in his 8th form, which Domon had never seen before. He questioned David, asking him what had happened, but David simply told him that the System blew up the Planet of the Gods, and then he left. Domon then teleported to the ePalace on Earth, and found a council being held, which he decided to stay out of, as he still had no idea what was going on. After finally piecing together what had happened, Domon felt that he had to rejoin the war, as even if he was still feeling sad over what happened with Akane, him seeing Nami's suicide made him want something like that to never happen again, motivating him even further to jump back into the fray.

Ultima Moves In

Now that he was motivated to start fighting again, Domon finally decided to train again. Upon exiting his house, however, a white-haired girl suddenly appeared, and revealed herself to be , the daughter of David. While Domon was suspicious of her at first, due to her being the daughter of one of his enemies, he eventually began to trust her once she made him a Sub-God of Magic, as she was the Goddess of Magic, giving him incredible magical powers, second only to Ultima herself. After this, Mars unexpectedly appeared, crashing his motorcycle into the side of Domon's house. While Domon was distracted with Mars, and yelling at him for breaking his house, Ultima created an extra room for herself in the house, and told Domon that she was going to live with him from then on. As they all went inside the house, which Ultima also fixed after the motorcycle crash, a man suddenly jumped up from Domon's couch and tried to assault Ultima. However, Domon punched the man incredibly far away, causing him to be run over by a car. Apparently, this man was a member of a gang, and his death caused the gang to immediately chase after Domon. Once they arrived at his house, however, Domon was able to use his new powers gained from becoming the Sub-God of Magic to instantly teleport them all to the other side of the planet. This did not stop them, however, and they kept coming, along with police, who were trying to arrest Domon due to the murder of the first member. But once Domon revealed that he killed the man in self-defense, the police left, along with the gang members, leaving Domon at the others at peace, but only for a short while.

Immediately after the police had left, Kuzey suddenly appeared with a ton of food, telling Domon that he made it all after hearing what happened to his house. Once he brought the food into his house, a ton of college students randomly appeared, all going into Domon's house to start a huge party, wrecking it even further. To distract him from the party, Ultima took Domon into the woods, telling him that she wanted to have a picnic. Once she made a ton of food instantly appear, she told Domon that she liked him, but the picnic was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Akane, which made Domon very happy at first, considering that he hadn't seen her for many months. After all this time, Domon finally asked Akane if she felt the same way about him that he felt about her, but she told him no, leaving Domon somewhat relieved that he finally got an answer, but obviously very sad once again as his feelings weren't reciprocated. As Akane left, Domon rested on his couch, thinking about how right after he became motivated to train again, he was right back into the same emotional state as before.

Nightmares and Daydreams

While for a short while Domon slipped back into his state of hiding, he was able to recover much easier this time, reminding himself that he shouldn't be slacking off while the Revolution was going on. As a few weeks passed, Domon continued training, as well as learning more about his new magical powers that he received for becoming the Sub-God of Magic. After talking with Ultima some more, he found that he could use this magic to boost his powers quite substantially, or even use them to transform into a dragon at will.

One day, while returning from buying some groceries, Domon sensed Akane nearby, and ran into the house, trying to find her. He quickly found her in his room, resting on his bed, and she appeared to be heavily wounded. While Domon tried to ask her what had happened, he suddenly heard noises from further in the house, and he went to investigate. Once he left the room he saw three people, all wielding weapons. They told him to leave, as they wanted to kill Akane. Domon started to fight against them, but Akane suddenly appeared, still visibly hurt yet wanting to help fight. The three figures, revealed to be corrupt Guardians, all attacked Akane, sending her flying back into the wall. Domon began to ran over to help her, but Akane used her Awakening to near instantly slice all of the Guardians into nothingness, leaving her even weaker than before. While Domon tried to help her off of the ground, he suddenly woke up, revealing the entire encounter to be a dream. As he looked around, he soon discovered that Akane was in bed with him, sleeping on top of his chest. After sharing only a few words with her, he woke up again, with it turning out to be yet another dream.

Almost immediately after waking up, Domon heard a knock at the door. Once he opened it, he saw Akane, and began to question if this was another dream. After Akane confirmed that this wasn't a dream, she entered the house, and told Domon that she came to congratulate him on becoming the Sub-God of Magic. She then quickly tried to exit, but Domon suddenly lost control of himself, chasing after Akane and pinning her against the wall, trying to kiss her. He quickly realized what he did, and let her go, apologizing profusely. While she was shocked at first, she told him that she actually wanted to keep going, and revealed that she actually lied to him when he asked her if she liked him. After this revelation, Domon granted Akane's wish, which led to them having sex again. Afterwards, Domon begged Akane to stay with him this time, but while she told him that she still had work to do, she could stay with him for a week or two.

A Day at the Beach

Now that Akane was able to stay with Domon for a short while, they decided to go to the beach, with Ultima, Mars, and Zion initially tagging along. Once they arrived, Akane began to read, while Domon was talking to Mars, as he hadn't seen him since the fight with Sora. As they talked, Zion began to insult Akane, causing her to get angry and attack him. While they fought for a bit, they were eventually able to break it up, with Zion claiming that Akane started it. After that, Mars, who, like many people, assumed Ultima and Domon were in a relationship, asked Domon if he had gone on any dates with her yet. Domon denied that they had ever been on any dates, and Mars' continuous teasing eventually brought them to the topic of kissing, which Ultima knew nothing of. When she asked Akane what kissing was, Akane told her to ask Domon, which led her to trying to get Domon to teach her about kissing. While Domon refused at first, Mars suggested to Ultima to read his mind, letting her gain knowledge of kissing instantly. Once she did this, she quickly used her new-found knowledge to kiss Domon multiple times, much to his embarrassment, and to Akane's disliking, as she quickly fled the area after seeing them kissing. It was at this point that Leo appeared, who joined Mars in watching the chaos from the safety of a lawn chair.

After continuing to assault Domon with kisses, Ultima dragged Domon into the water, only to discover that she couldn't swim, causing Domon to safely bring her back to the shore. While Domon was asking her if she was okay, she suddenly jumped on top of his back, and, using her magic to keep Domon moving, unable to stop himself, charged towards Leo, who was riding on top of Mars in a similar fashion, and wielding a pike. While Akane jumped in between them all, using her Masamune to create a shockwave that pushed them all back, Ultima was still impaled by Leo's pike, and Domon immediately ran over to see if she was alright. While Ultima wasn't harmed in the slightest, and pulled the pike out of her with ease, Ultima being Domon's first priority after recovering from the shockwave angered Akane even further, causing her to approach Domon, first slapping him incredibly hard, but then giving him a very deep kiss, to the shock of everyone present. As Akane walked away from the dazed and confused Domon, Ultima suddenly grew extremely angry from the sight of Akane kissing Domon, causing her to throw the pike she still had at Akane, nearly missing her, but still grazing her cheek, drawing a little bit of blood. Akane's rage returned, and she drew her blade at Ultima, challenging her for the right to Domon's love.

The two began to fight, soon increasing their power and entering their various states of transformation to keep up with each other. As they fought, Ian appeared as well, and him, along with Mars, Leo, Zion, and Domon watched them, with the others not letting up on teasing Domon even further than before. Eventually, Domon tried to intervene, telling them that they didn't have to fight anymore, but he was too late, as Akane had already released her 6th seal, granting her nigh-omnipotence and an incredible amount of power, causing her to completely switch personalities as well, with her trying to attack Domon. However, her body couldn't handle this amount of power for long, and her body was suddenly at risk of imploding in on itself, forcing her master, who was somewhere else in the universe, to reseal Akane's power.

Upon trying to talk to Akane, who was now back to normal, Domon found that she had amnesia, as she did not know where she was, or who Domon was. Her master then revealed that he took away her memories, as her love for Domon was what caused her to lose control of her own power, and he didn't want another similar incident to occur in the future. While Domon was shocked by this at first, nobody else really seemed to care, as Ryuge arrived at the same time, so everyone went over to greet him. Ultima then began to ask Akane many questions, such as if she still liked Domon, which Akane answered with a no. She then asked Akane if she knew how to kiss correctly, and demonstrated on Domon, prompting Akane to claim that she wouldn't kiss someone in the same way. To show off her way of kissing, she planted a very deep kiss, not on Domon, but on Ultima herself, to the excited bewilderment of all the onlookers. Because of all the kissing, Ultima began to feel strange emotions that were completely new to her, and she was suddenly reminded of sex, as she knew of it due to reading Domon's mind a few weeks before. As this was going on, Domon was unexpectedly approached by a man in a suit of armor, who claimed to be his father. While Domon didn't believe him for a second, their conversation went on long enough for a large army of System soldiers to arrive on Earth. The rest of the group began to fight the soldiers, giving Ultima and Akane enough time to drag Domon over to a nearby beach house, where they proceeded to convince him to partake in a threesome with them. While the group back on the beach easily defeated the soldiers, Domon, Ultima, and Akane all had sex in the beach house, with Ultima losing her virginity in the process, due to her never having sex before.

A Three-Way Marriage

After spending quite a long time in the beach house, Ultima, Akane, and Domon all returned to the beach, where everyone else had settled down after the fight. Ultima was incredibly happy after what had just occurred, and began to ask Akane about weddings, as Akane had mentioned them before as something that people do when they love each other. After obtaining some more knowledge about the subject, Ultima suddenly declared that she wanted to have a wedding, and she wanted to marry both Domon and Akane. While Akane joined Ultima in the idea, Domon was a little less easy to persuade, as he figured that it was kind of sudden to have a wedding, and it required more time and planning before it could happen. Despite his protests, everyone else seemed to be on board with the idea, and Jokam, who had arrived in the aftermath of the fight, created a giant church, with a giant crowd of people and relatives, even including Akane's master, who was shrouded in a cloak, making himself unable to be seen. At this point, Domon figured that he didn't really have a choice, and went up to the altar with Ultima and Akane, where Jokam was also serving as the priest. After some confusion over how the ceremony should progress, all three of them were eventually wed to each other, and were led to a special room by Jokam, where they were able to stay for a bit. Ultima and Akane immediately proceeded to have sex once again, with Domon joining in after letting them have some fun by themselves. Once they all had a turn with each other, Ultima decided to rejoin everyone else, and unashamedly ran out naked to go play near the water. While Akane was still resting, Domon exited the room to join the party, where everyone else was eating and talking to each other. After a while of chatting with the others, including one of Akane's allies, a Guardian named Remilia, Ian suddenly disappeared, and everyone could sense that he was going to do something bad.

Eclipse Awakens

As everyone waited to see Ian's next move, Ultima returned, now fully dressed, and began to observe Ian's actions as well. Once she sensed what was going on, she suddenly became frightened, and clung to Domon, scared from the power that was being unleashed. Both Mars and Leo sensed that this was a threat to take seriously, and Leo left to initiate a secret plan of his, while Mars began to tap into his inner power, becoming the embodiment of Death itself. Leo's plan was to fuse with his Legion, and once he did so, he destroyed his own planet, and returned to everyone else, somehow even more powerful than he was before.

Suddenly, everyone sensed the extraordinary power arrive on Earth, and they went out to investigate, discovering that Ian had awoken Eclipse Cipher, his incredibly powerful ancestor that had been sealed in Edenia's sun. While Domon arrived with everyone else, he had to fly back to his house, as Kyunameii, who was there as well, suddenly became incredibly angry at his lack of power compared to everyone else, and after being calmed down, was taken back to Domon's house to rest. Once Domon showed up back on the scene, he saw Eclipse go into space, with the rest of the group following him. As he began to follow them to space as well, Ultima suddenly told him to stay, and left without another word. While Domon wanted to fight Eclipse with everyone else, he figured that he should check up on everyone else, and went to the ePalace to see what KJ was doing.

After arriving at the ePalace, Domon saw KJ filling out paperwork, and began to talk to him about what was going on. As they talked, Melusines appeared, as he decided not to join everyone else in their fight. While KJ congratulated Domon on getting married, and was about to recommend him a place to go for his honeymoon, he was interrupted by a phone call, which turned out to be informing him of a universe-wide economic collapse, leaving many planets and alliances in complete disarray. KJ hurried to start working on the problem, but as he did this Domon grew bored, and he decided to take a nap in a nearby chair. A few hours later, Domon awoke, and returned to his house, as he saw that the rest of the crew returned from space, having not killed Eclipse.

Another Sneaking Mission

Sometime after Eclipse's arrival, Domon was called onto a stealth mission by KJ, on which he and the rest of the Lookout Crew would retrieve a special scroll that was hidden in a System base, as it contained special information. While everyone worked to sneak through the base to get the scroll, Domon spent the entire mission playing around in his special sneaking box, and returned to Earth with everyone else once the scroll was retrieved. The scroll was given to KJ, and while it was eventually translated, Domon didn't stay around for that part, as he was bored from the stealth mission, and went back to his house.

Ultima's Pregnancy

One day, after training with Akane, Domon entered his house to find Ultima vomiting in the bathroom. He helped her back up and asked her if anything was wrong, and she told him that she had been feeling sick for the past week or so. After hearing about her symptoms, Domon was able to conclude that Ultima was pregnant, much to her happiness. However, while Domon thought that this would make him happy, he instead felt anxious, as he felt that this relationship was going way too fast for him, with his wedding taking place after only knowing Ultima for around a month, and her already being pregnant 4 months into the marriage. He knew that these thoughts would worry Ultima, so he decided to keep his mouth shut and act happier than he actually felt. Shortly after this deduction, Akane walked in, asking what was going on. Once Ultima told Akane that she was pregnant, Akane suddenly grew sad, and revealed that she was unable to have children. Before either of them could respond to this, Akane asked to be left alone as she exited from the house. Suddenly, Mars appeared, once again riding his motorcycle into the side of Domon's house, and was told about Ultima's pregnancy after the hole was fixed. Out of nowhere, both Ryuge and Eggorilla showed up as well, with Eggorilla training and Ryuge being informed of the situation as well.

Ultima then went outside as well, to talk to everyone else. However, when Ryuge casually mentioned fighting David in one of the previous battles, Ultima became confused, as she had no idea what her father was truly like, believing him to be a good man. Domon had held off on telling her about David, as he knew she wouldn't take it well, but finally told her about everything he had done, due to pressure from Ryuge and Mars. As expected, Ultima didn't take this new information well at all, with her passing out in Domon's arms. It didn't take her long to wake up, but when she woke up, she seemed much more different than usual, with her face and voice both lacking emotions. Domon began to panic, this had never happened before, and he had no idea what to do to help her. Ryuge suggested taking her to Asura, as he could most likely find a way to heal her. Domon agreed, and took her to Asura's temple, where Asura was helping people. However, Domon interrupted Asura, telling him to see what happened to Ultima. After Asura looked inside of Ultima, he told Domon that she had a very dark intent inside of her, and that she was a danger to everyone around her, including her own baby, and offered to take the baby out manually to avoid it being killed by Ultima.

At first, Domon didn't realize what Asura was talking about, but quickly noticed when Ultima's arms suddenly turned into two swords, and she attempted to impale the baby, with Domon stopping her before she could follow through. Strangely, after talking to Ultima for only a minute or so, she returned to normal, with her completely oblivious to what just occurred. She then took off to go shopping for baby clothes, completely ignoring Domon's protests, making him frustrated, as she often decided to not listen to what he was saying. However, Domon chased after her regardless, trying to make sure she didn't hurt anything. But somehow, Ultima got lost in a clothing store, and after being knocked into by another woman, she killed not only her, but also multiple people nearby, with their bodies being eviscerated and pieces of them flying everywhere. Once Domon had found Ultima, he was appalled by the sight of the bodies, and grew horrified that Ultima had just murdered many innocent people. Ultima then turned back to normal, and, upon realizing what she had done, fled further into the store, accidentally killing even more innocent people, due to not being able to control herself. Finally, the massacre ended when Asura arrived and "reset" Ultima's mind, making her pass out once again temporarily, and holding off the killing intent inside of her. Once Ultima awoke, she was much calmer than before, and went back home with Domon, with both of them immediately going to bed after what had happened on that day. While Ultima fell asleep, Domon was kept awake all night, thinking about if he had made a mistake in not only marrying, but impregnating a woman he knew so little about. Despite these thoughts continuing to show up in Domon's mind, he tried to hold them back as much as he could, as he knew that if he were to mention any of them to Ultima, she might reset again and kill more people. Because of this, he just bottled up these feelings once again, and tried to put the events of the previous day far out of his mind.

The Killing Continues

A few weeks had passed since the incident at the mall, yet Domon was still troubled by what had happened on that day. While watching the news one night, Ultima discussed with Domon about "The Cross Killer," a serial killer who had murdered many people throughout the city in the past few days. Domon knew that there was a chance that Ultima could be the killer, but once again he feared that telling her would only cause her to kill even more people, so he didn't say anything. After watching the news, they both went to bed, only for Domon to wake up in the middle of the night, finding Ultima to be gone and sensing that something bad was about to happen.

Domon ran outside, where he found Ultima standing a short distance away from the house, mumbling in a language that he knew to be Latin. She then suddenly teleported away, and Domon saw that the sky was now a bloody crimson. He used Divine Sight to find Ultima in Supreme City, and he searched for her, only to find mangled corpses in dark alleys. After being unable to find her, he used Divine Sight again, and he sensed that she was back at the house. Once he returned, he found Ultima back in bed, seemingly having no memory of what she did. Domon attempted to question her, but she went back to sleep, further angering Domon. He then went back to bed, thinking that he'd try again in the morning, but he didn't actually fall asleep, due to being distracted by Ultima's killings.

Later the next morning, Ultima wanted to do some more shopping, and told Domon that she was leaving. However, Domon was quick to join her, not wanting her to kill anymore people. While they walked through the city, Ultima saw a TV through a shop window that was on the news, which was talking about the killings that occurred the previous night. Ultima wanted to try to find the killer, and, against Domon's wishes yet again, she teleported into the news studio, where she confronted a witness to one of the killings. Upon seeing Ultima, the man grew terrified, yelling that she was the killer. Domon quickly teleported both him and Ultima back to the house, but it was too late, and Ultima realized that she had been the killer this entire time. Her arms then suddenly turned into swords once again, and she stabbed herself in the neck and chest multiple times, believing that she didn't deserve to live after the atrocities she had committed. As Domon quickly tried to heal her, panicking at her actions, Ultima suddenly heard a voice in her mind, which turned out to be her alternate personality, which took control of her when she killed others. The voice told her that they had to become one, and Ultima agreed, somehow healing her in the process. She told Domon that now that the other personality was gone, she wouldn't kill any more innocent people, which made Domon feel better, but still worried, as he knew that he had no idea what his wife truly was.

The Second Scroll

A few months later, the System attempted a large-scale invasion of the Earth, sending in a huge armada to defeat anyone that stood in their way. Bisani Toribra, however, transformed into a giant, raging Arackhan, and easily able to fend off the entire armada, despite it's size. As he held off the ships, Kuzey, Zion IV, and Ryuge all went to find the next scroll, which was located on a distant planet. Unbeknownst to them, Domon had used magic to hide in Kuzey's pocket, where he stayed as the group traversed through a cave. After they had traveled for a while, they were eventually encountered by Priestess Khan, and Domon revealed himself, suddenly remembering how the priestess had destroyed his chicken wings two years prior. Despite his anger, he decided to let everyone else fight, as he could easily counter Khan's magic attacks with his own, even being able to manipulate her own attacks against her by changing the magical makeup of her spells. This was something he had been learning recently, and he had been progressing quite well in his training, although he knew that he could get better with this ability in time.

After Khan had fought the others for a while, Domon finally stepped in, seeing that his help would be needed for their victory. Him and Khan fought for a short while, and after giving the others some time to heal, they all attacked her at once, causing a huge explosion that left her body nowhere to be found. At first, they assumed that she was dead, but they were then suddenly sealed to the ground, unable to move, as Khan descended from the sky, now glowing incredibly bright and seemingly having godlike powers. While Domon was about to use his new manipulation ability to undo the seals, Zion IV suddenly used Final Explosion, killing both him and Khan and destroying the entire planet, with Kuzey barely being able to grab the scroll before escaping the explosion. They then went back to Earth, where they informed both KJ and Zion III of what had happened. After they gave KJ the scroll, Domon went back to his house, feeling angry that while he could've ended the fight much earlier, he let it go on for too long, causing Zion IV to sacrifice himself. Due to blaming himself for his death, Domon began to train much harder, trying to strengthen his ability to manipulate magic so that no one would have to sacrifice themselves ever again.

Sphere of Elusk'nava

On 11 May 1118, Earth and the Great Empire was celebrating Emperor KJ's birthday, which was actually a day later. KJ was in Supreme City watching the parade and clapping. Everyone else was there as well, and he talked to them about meeting at the ePalace. The 2 scrolls retrieved were finally translated after 4 months. He read them, revealing information about the previous System leader, Axaloi, who died as a mortal and ascended to becoming the King God of the Pantheon, as all System leaders do, centuries ago, and had died as a God. It revealed that Ninthalor, son of Axaloi and father of the 4 Princes, was the heir to the throne and had a master plan to absorb all the Gods including Elyus, and become the existential Super God.

The scrolls also revealed information of a massive metaphysical super condensed magic ball of supesu named "Elusk'nava" being held in an ancient Eldrayic sanctuary named Da'Nith, in the East Quadrant. That was also the burial place of Axaloi. They revealed the System had plans to tear apart all 12 universal boundaries and make them all 1 superuniverse, so they could easier conquer it. It also revealed that Axaloi was going to rise from the dead and merge with the Elusk'nava to make it more powerful. They decided to head to Planet Da'Nith and find out what was going on.

Kuzey, Leogian, Domon, Zion III, Ryuge, Pierce, and Decaun all left for Da'Nith. It was in the East Quadrant, which was full System territory, so they'd have to lay low. They crossed the border and found the planet, which was gray. They landed. It was barren and abandon. They searched it and found a temple area with a magical door. Decaun helped take it down and they entered. KJ showed up just then because he wanted to see the ancient knowledge.

Everyone got into the temple. They searched around the huge place. Kuzey got sucked into a vent and washed up on the other side of the temple, and went to look for the sanctuary on his own. The others split up to do so. Zion III came across a skeleton stuck in a moose's corpse. He revived them and the man said he was a treasure hunter who died in the moose and had a map to find the sanctuary. He let him out but the man ran off and was killed by a trap. Zion III got the map, and now him, KJ, Ryuge, Pierce, Leo, and Domon headed where it said the sanctuary was. They found a casket titled "Axaloi" but it was empty. There was a door behind it they headed into.

Meanwhile Kuzey and Decaun are on the other side of the temple following a robed floating skeleton who went through a door they can't get past. Decaun used a spell to get past the door. Upon entering, they noticed a massive blue glowing bright ball of energy and magic. However, there was a thick barrier ward blocking them from getting to it. They saw the robed skeleton float around it, and absorbed himself into it. The ball roared and exerted tons of energy. KJ and the others came across a stone door with a magic rune on it. He used magic to explode the rune and enter the room. They saw Decaun and the others on the opposite end of the room, with the giant shining ball of magic separating them, which KJ recognized as the Elusk'nava.

Suddenly that barriers went down, and everyone was attacked by rapidly spawning black shadow Sanctuary Guardians. Domon, Ryuge, Zion, Pierce, Melusines and Kuzey fought them off. Leogian and KJ noticed System Guards watching from behind the exits, which were blocked by insurpassable barriers, so they tried to take the barriers down. Meanwhile, the Elusk'nava roared and hissed, growing larger. It became extremely bright, hindering everyone's vision, and it's radiation sapped power from everyone and bypassed all defenses. Meanwhile, David was helping it and fighting everyone.

Pierce became engulfed in strands that tried to pull everyone in like a magnet. The Guardians beat him mercilessly along with Kuzey. He kept fighting them off, and his youth was drained quickly until he was an old man. Everyone kept trying to save him, until Ulysses showed up. He fought off the Guardians and David. However, Pierce's lifeforce was drained, and he was absorbed into the Elusk'nava and killed. Everyone continued to fight it, and Kuzey was held down and beaten mercilessly by Guardians. Everyone was tired and drained of energy. Suddenly, the Elusk'nava exploded and destroyed the entire temple, leaving a 5 mile-deep crater in the planet.

Luckily, everyone survived and were next to the crater, worn out. KJ had Kuzey on his back, healing him, and David was still ready to fight. Everyone rushed in, despite being weakened, and fought him, while KJ returned to Earth with Kuzey. After fighting David for a while, everyone eventually left, as David had faked his death at the hands of the Sombre Star Squadron, who were assisting in the battle. Once returning to Earth, Domon went back to his house, where Ultima said that she knew she was going to give birth soon. Because of this, Domon took her to the hospital, and stayed with her the entire time.

Before Ultima gave birth, however, Domon was given a cure to a virus he had received while fighting the Elusk'nava by Zion III, who had gotten the cure for himself as well. Once being cured, Domon continued to wait for Ultima to finally give birth to their child, playing his newly acquired Game Boy to pass the time.

Xeraph and Mikino are Born

After waiting a few days in the hospital, Ultima finally went into labor, and Domon called some nurses into his room to assist her. However, the nurses he called turned out to not be actual nurses, but people who worked at the fast food restaurant down the street, who were pretending to be nurses. Despite them not being actual nurses, they somehow successfully assisted Ultima in giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Suddenly, another baby began to crown, revealing that Ultima was actually having twins. The fake nurses were able to do their job yet again, and the second baby was successfully delivered.

After the two babies were born, the fake nurses were found out, and were chased out of the hospital by the police, who came to arrest them. While the chaos was going on, a real doctor appeared, asking Domon and Ultima what they were going to name their children. Ultima named the boy Xeraph, and Domon named the girl Mikino, after his mother. Once a week or so had passed, Domon and Ultima returned home, with both of their children, who were already very powerful for their age, making Domon proud.

Visiting Kuz Manor

Many months later, while Ultima was napping with Xeraph and Mikino, Domon decided to see what everyone else was doing, as he finally had some time to himself. He sensed everyone in Kuz Manor, and flew there to meet up with them. Since Domon had been busy raising his children, he didn't have much time to see everyone else, so this was the first time he had seen the rest of the Lookout Crew in a while. Kuzey was still recovering from his injuries, and Otori, Kuzynthia's son, was training under Kyunameii. After talking with everyone else for a bit, Ultima arrived with Xeraph and Mikino in hand, angry at Domon for leaving her back at the house. Her anger quickly faded, however, and soon after Zan IV arrived, dropping off Zion V for Domon to babysit, as he had a date to go on.

Zion V began to play with Mikino and Xeraph. Xeraph was a very calm baby, usually relaxed and easygoing. Mikino, however, was much more angry, crying and screaming a majority of the time, and she acted very aggressive towards anyone who were not her parents. She pushed Zion V onto the ground, establishing her dominance before going back to watching the nearby TV, as she was enjoying the violent movie that was currently on display. A short time after this, Mars showed up as well, and after some trouble involving altering the ages of the babies, Domon brought them and Ultima home, having been fed up with Mars' and Zion III's shenanigans.

Fusing with Trinex and Ultima's Capture

A few weeks after the visit to Kuz Manor, while Domon was taking yet another rare moment of alone time to sleep on his couch, Trinex suddenly appeared in his house, breaking down his door and forcing Domon to go on a mission with him. Trinex teleported Domon into a System base, as he planned to destroy a core to weaken the System's lockdown grid. Trinex wanted Domon to go with him because his Divine Sight could help them locate the core fairly easily. After infiltrating the base, Domon destroyed the core, slightly weakening the lockdown grid.

Suddenly, Trinex requested Domon to grab his hand. Domon was reluctant at first, but Trinex insisted, forcefully taking his hand. For some reason, Trinex began to fuse with Domon, and Domon felt his mind being flooded with his knowledge and emotions, not expecting Trinex to do such a thing so unexpectedly. After the fusion was over, Domon felt incredibly different, and he began to experience many thoughts and emotions that he had never had before, as they were previously Trinex's. As Domon tried to realize what had changed within him, David arrived, saying that he couldn't let Domon leave the base, as Trinex had valuable information about how the System worked, and that information was now in Domon's hands. Despite saying that he couldn't let Domon leave, he suddenly changed his mind, teleporting down to Domon's house on Earth to attack his family.

Before David could reach Domon's house, Domon swooped in, taking Xeraph and Mikino to KJ's office. After telling KJ about the current situation, KJ agreed to watch over them, and Domon went back to confront David. They began to fight, with both of them being much stronger than before, due to David finally reaching his true power and Domon gaining Trinex's strength from the fusion. As they fought, Zion III watched them, wondering what was going on. Once Domon was finally going to start fighting seriously, David went to Ultima and turned her off, leaving her in a coma-like state, before teleporting her to the center of the Hypercore, using her energy to power the entire lockdown grid. After taunting Domon by destroying the switch to turn Ultima back on, he left, leaving Domon and Zion III to wonder what purpose he had for Ultima's power.

Planning An Invasion

As time passed, the war raged on, with the GUAOF eventually being able to push back the System somewhat, giving them the advantage for the time being. After meeting Ninthalor, the leader of the System, KJ called a meeting to decide on the GUAOF's plan of action, which Domon attended. At the meeting, he announced that he was retiring from the position of King of Earth so that he could focus more on the war, and that a vote would be held to determine his replacement. Suddenly, Sora appeared, with Domon questioning why he was allowed to be here. Sora claimed that he was going to help the GUAOF, as he wanted to destroy the System for killing his mother and annihilating his home planet. Once he joined the meeting, he began to tell the others of how he felt that Edenia was planning something big, as they hadn't done much in the war so far. Because of this, he suggested to attack them now, while they had a chance. Everyone else agreed to this plan, and they sorted out the details of the invasion before the meeting ended, with KJ announcing his resignation to the world.

Realm Of The Aetherium - Dawnfang

As it turns out, Domon did not need to participate in the invasion, as did anyone else, since the SSS were able to destroy the entire Edenian solar system by themselves, leaving Eclipse to take the actual planet of Edenia and escape.

More time passed, and on December 16th, Age 1122, Kuzek showed KJ the ancient stone tablets that he had received from a System planet, which he had now transcribed, and KJ contacted the Lookout Crew to inform them of the discoveries made. They had learned of an ancient magical blade known as Dawnfang, which was eaten by Axaloi Duur 10 million years ago to gain ultimate power. The Crew was to be transported to a realm known as the Aetherium, which was actually an Eldreyn planet in 10,000,000 Before Age, 10 minutes before Axaloi got it. Their goal was to retrieve Dawnfang before Axaloi can eat it, so they instead could gain ultimate power.

Domon, Kuzek, KJ, and Ryuge were warped to the Aetherium, a bright forested planet, and they immediately begin searching for the blade, and separated. They soon found traces of magic in a cave and entered, where they found a portal. However, Kuzek said that both him and Domon could not enter the portal, as their magic could interfere with the past, so Ryuge went instead, as he was not magical in the slightest, and aimed to retrieve Dawnfang and put it into the Cipher of Justice, which would prevent Axaloi from getting his hands on it.

Ryuge ran into the portal and appeared in an ancient Eldreyn Chapel temple that was being raided by dark elves riding on giant hogs. His sight was blurred heavily with everything looking green, but he didn't exist to the priests and raiders, and began his search for the blade. He found the room with Dawnfang in it, which turned out to actually be an axe, floating in a red dome. He then broke the dome and retrieved it. As he wass heading back towards the portal, with only 10 seconds left, a young Axaloi, who could see him, chased after him and attacked, but Ryuge escaped through the portal before getting captured. Once Ryuge returned, however, Kuzek realized Ryuge forgot to put it in the Cipher of Justice. He created a new portal and sent Ryuge back in with only 10 seconds to do it. He quickly found a hole in a wall and a giant portal, and threw Dawnfang into it, with everything becoming white.

Suddenly, everyone appeared back on a System planet in the main timeline, no longer in the Aetherium. Ryuge had successfully prevented the System from gaining that power 10 million years ago. Kuzek turned out to have a modern version of the Dawnfang, from the main timeline, which everyone agreed to give to Domon, as it fit best with his abilities, and they returned to Earth soon after.

Battle of Moiverre

System forces invaded the GUAOF colony of Moiverre, Sector 8, on 10 August 1123. Moiverre was very unoccupied territory and would make good use as a fueling ground. However, they planned badly, as elite GUAOF forces were stationed there temporarily at the time. Relying on quick strategy, the System planned around it, sending their power into floating cells that fired beams at GUAOF ships. The elite mage forces rushed in and worked together in the hundreds to deflect the beams back at the ships. Suddenly, the System ships merged together a massive magic beam that would decimate and ensure their victory. Just then, Domon rushed in with Dawnfang, deflecting the beam back at them, backfiring on them, with the remaining ships fleeing.

Most of 1123 and early 1124 were spent dominating and conquering System sectors, making use of Dawnfang. Domon trained hard with Dawnfang to master it and its potential abilities, and by February 1124, GUAOF had turned the tides of the war in their favor.

Final Battle With David

Once Domon had mastered Dawnfang, Kuzek showed him, Kuzey, KJ, and Sora a map of Network Entryway Cubes, bringing all of them to one during the East Quadrant Invasion. He then plugged his PC into the quantum network to try to hack it. As he attempted to hack the network, Varvi, the last System Prince and the administrator of the Grid, arrived, summoning Numbered Sentinels to fight the Lookout Crew. Eventually, David revealed both himself and Ultima, who was trapped in the giant hypercore and was being used to fuel the System. Once the Numbered Sentinels were defeated, Leo, Mars, and Avallac'h arrived, ready to assist the others in fighting David. However, before the fight began, David unveiled his new weapon, the , and used it to pierce Ultima, killing her and destroying the hypercore.

This final fight with David was long and grueling, as his many forms continued to warp time and space around them, causing strange and random effects to occur. Once David had reached his true final form, he suddenly forced everyone except Domon out of the area, and began fighting him exclusively, leaving Domon immobile while David made his limbs vanish and reappear. David then threw his Lance down onto the ground, and told Domon to kill him, stating that he had become bored with living. Domon picked up the Lance and stabbed David through the chest, finally killing him, and causing the space they were in to collapse. As Domon tried to find a way out, he saw Ultima in the distance, both alive and no longer an android. He grabbed onto her as they fell through space, eventually reaching Earth, landing in the ocean. The rest of the Lookout Crew returned as well, either glad or indifferent to the fact that David had finally met his end.

Once everyone had thought that things were going to be alright, Varvi suddenly appeared, beating up the weakened Domon and taking both him and Ultima into a strange building, where Varvi performed a ritual to take control of Domon's soul, and taking Ultima as a prisoner. However, once the ritual was over, Domon awoke in his bed, not remembering anything that had just occurred. As he woke up, Xeraph entered his room, asking where Mikino was, who turned out to be hiding under the bed, and popped out to scare Xeraph. At the same time, Mars dropped down through the roof, making Domon slightly annoyed that his house had been damaged once again. While Domon saw that Mikino disliked Mars at first, calling him a weirdo, that all changed when Mikino found that Mars was the God of Death, instantly taking back all that she said and claiming that he was way cooler than her father. With this betrayal, Domon went back to sleep, feeling sad that not even his own daughter thought that he was cool.

The End Of The War

Over a year later, as the Hokai passed over the universe and the final GUOAF conference was held, everyone was finally prepared for the end of the war. However, once everyone was prepared for battle, the God Realm was suddenly torn open, killing gods from all over the universe, which was combined together after the System sent a giant missile through the multiverse, tearing across the universal borders and establishing a grid throughout all of space. While some of the Gods, like Leo, Mars, Ian, Nikad, Hikari, and Domon were not killed, a portion of their power was taken. All of these powers were then sent into Ninthalor, who gained the power of every god, becoming the essence of all of creation, rendering him impossible to defeat normally. As the Lookout Crew gathered together, including Ian, who had recently absorbed Eclipse and became good again, Elyus arrived, telling them that if they all killed themselves and destroyed the universe, there was a chance that there could be a backup universe, restoring everything and weakening all but the Lookout Crew, giving them a chance to defeat Ninthalor. They figured that it was their best shot, and the entire Lookout Crew destroyed the universe, killing all of them and reducing it all to nothingness.

As it turns out, the universe was able to have a backup, and everything was restored, bringing everyone back to life and weakening Ninthalor. Taking advantage of this, the entire Lookout Crew went to fight Ninthalor, who was weakened, but still incredibly powerful, requiring everyone to go full strength to keep up with him. Despite the danger, Mars, Ian, and Leo were all having fun, as this was the first time in a long while that they faced a true challenge, with Leo handing Domon a sword to use for old time's sake. Domon used the sword for a while, stating that he was a bit rusty, but soon summoned his old sword, Battōsai, to aid him in fighting Ninthalor, using many techniques that had not been seen for decades. However, the fun came to an end when Ninthalor killed Ian, using his energy to block out all healing from the others. As the SSS held off Ninthalor, the Lookout Crew gathered around Ian, saying their goodbyes before he passed on.

With everyone now enraged due to Ian's death, Leo summoned David, who had somehow came back to existence as one of his familiars, and reclaimed the Lance of Longinus from Domon, using it to fight. As this occurred, Domon transformed Battōsai into the Goldion Hammer, as he had done many years ago when fighting alongside Tenchi. However, he figured that he no longer needed Tenchi's help to use this attack, and unleashed the Goldion Crusher, slamming down Ninthalor with a universe-sized hammer as the rest of the Crew assaulted him mercilessly. Despite their attacks, Ninthalor was not to be beaten so easily, and went to his full power, able to fight back against the Lookout Crew despite how much they threw at him. Suddenly, Kuzey appeared behind Ninthalor and self-destructed, believing it to be the fastest way to kill him. While everyone thought it succeeded at first, due to Ninthalor's body being gone, he then simply reformed himself, revealing that Kuzey's sacrifice had no effect on him. At this point, everyone figured that their only option was to use Multiple Fusion, becoming one single entity known as the Savior of the Omniverse.

SOTO then cloned himself, allowing each clone to attack Ninthalor with the combined forces of everyone's abilities, quickly turning the tide of the battle. As all of the clones surrounded him, they all hit him at once with Kamehamehas, combining their might into a single blast that wiped Ninthalor from existence. He tried to escape into Everspace, but it was no use, and he was blasted into nothingness, finally ending both the battle and the war. The Great Universal Revolution had reached it's end.


Now that the war had ended, peace was finally restored to the universe. Shortly after Ninthalor was defeated, Varvi commit suicide, releasing the control he had placed over Domon's soul, and Domon located his base, finding Ultima and bringing her back to Earth. Once she returned, she met Mikino and Xeraph for the first time in 6 years. While Xeraph was happy to see her, Mikino was not, running away from Ultima and trying not to talk to her.

Quite some time later, Ian's funeral was held on Edenia, and Mars was watching it from the Lookout. As he sat there, the rest of the Lookout Crew arrived as well to celebrate the 85th anniversary of it's founding, with even the spirits of Kuzon and Ian showing up as well. Domon had not seen Kuzon in decades, and was happy to reunite with him once more. As everyone talked about what was going to happen now that the war was over, Mars mentioned that he was going to move to the God Realm full time, as did Leo. Mars then told Domon to apologize to Mikino, as he wouldn't be able to teach her anything like she asked him to, but Domon went back to his house, grabbed Mikino and brought her to the Lookout, as he wanted her not only to see the Lookout for the first time but also say goodbye to Mars.

Right after he brought her, however, Xeraph suddenly arrived, saying that Ultima was acting very strangely. Domon rushed back to the house, where he found Ultima mumbling to herself while in the fetal position, with no emotion in her eyes. Domon didn't know what to do, and went to Asura, who was at the ceremony, telling him to try to see what was happening with Ultima. They both went back to the house, where they found Ultima choking Xeraph. Domon quickly separated her from him, and Asura looked into her mind, seeing all of the terrible things that happened to her when Adrian Dysley was using her to create . Domon asked Asura what he saw, and Asura informed him, telling Domon about how she was abused and raped by both Adrian and Ninthalor. Enraged, Domon used Divine Sight to locate Adrian, and teleported to his lab, where he was working.

As Adrian greeted Domon, acting as if nothing was wrong, Domon choke-slammed Adrian to the ground, telling him that he was going to die. Adrian said that if Domon killed him, then the restoration movement would go slower, as he was a key member in the movement, but Domon didn't care in the slightest, and continue to mercilessly beat Adrian, destroying the entire building and all of the equipment inside, eventually knocking Adrian through a window into the ground. Even this didn't end Domon's assault, and he jumped down onto Adrian, landing on him and smashing his face in with his fists. Finally, Domon stopped attacking, and realized that he had killed Adrian quite some time ago, and had been beating a corpse for the past few minutes. He then left the scene, going back to Ultima and telling her that he killed Adrian, and Asura left after Ultima was calm once again.

As this was happening, Mars decided that he was going to go to the God Realm, and Mikino said goodbye to him as he left. Once he had left, Mikino told Domon that she had to start training, so that the next time Mars comes back he can see how strong she is. Domon became happy that he could finally train someone again, as the last person he trained was Leo, and that was a very long time ago. Domon became determined to make Mikino as strong as possible, and began to train her, teaching her the basics first, like how to fly and control ki blasts, before moving on to the harder stuff. Due to her Divine blood, she was an incredibly fast learner, and was noticeably very powerful even at her young age. As Domon learned more about her power, he realized that she had the potential to be one of the strongest fighters he'd ever see.

Lookout: The Last

Twenty years had passed since the Great Revolution had ended. To celebrate, every Lookout Crew member was invited to a reunion on the Lookout. Domon arrived on the Lookout, with Kuzynthia, Kuzon VII, her grandson, and KJ already being there. Immediately after Domon's entrance, Mars arrived, along with his "son", Karasu Kasei. Mikino, now a beautiful young woman, arrived as well, tackling Mars in a hug, as she had not seen him in quite a long time. As she talked with Karasu, Domon began to catch up with the group of arriving Lookout members, which consisted of Zion III, Kyunameii, Sora, Leogian, and Melusines.

After talking for a short while, everyone soon began to notice that strange wires were climbing up the Lookout, trying to attack everyone present. Domon, along with the rest of the old Lookout Crew members, decided to step out of this affair, as they all wanted to test their children to see if they could handle this crisis by themselves. While somewhat risky, this decision turned out to be for the better, as they were indeed able to stop Chanther, the last Eldreyn prince who turned out to be behind the entire thing. Once they had succeeded, Domon, along with the other Lookout Crew members, returned, congratulating the group on saving the Earth. Suddenly, Kuzynthia called them all into the Lookout, saying that KJ wanted to see them.

After going into the Lookout, the group found that KJ was very ill, and was quite clearly about to die. KJ told them all about the meaning of life, and how he was lucky to have spent such a long life with people like them. Once he had spoken these last few words, KJ passed away, with the Lookout Crew saddened by his loss. Soon afterwards, they all said their goodbyes to each other once again, and left, with a reunion never being held again after that day.

The Sorcerer Supreme

A year after the reunion, both of Domon's children were finally adults, and left his house to set out on their own. With Mikino's training complete for now, Domon was finally ready to spend his days as the God of Magic, continuing to learn and develop his spells and help solve any magical crises throughout the universe.

While studying on some new-found magical texts he had located one day, Domon was suddenly transported into a strange palace, belonging to an old man. Domon quickly began to question the man before the elder revealed that he was the Ancient One, and the current Sorcerer Supreme. Domon knew that whoever held the title of the Sorcerer Supreme was recognized as the most powerful practitioner of the mystic arts in the dimension, and immediately straightened up his attitude, showing respect to the man and asking why had had received the honor of being summoned to his palace.

The Ancient One told Domon that he was looking for a replacement to take up the position of Sorcerer Supreme. Since Domon was the God of Magic, he was the most qualified to be granted the rank, but it would take years of training and learning to gain the role, as there were many spells and abilities that were unknown even to Domon. Domon accepted the offer, as he knew that this was the best way to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Domon remained with the Ancient One for many years, becoming a much stronger mage and gaining incredible amounts of knowledge on how the universe works and how to access the powers of Principalities, who were powerful beings that resided in their own mystic realms. After these years of training, Domon had to face one last test from the Ancient One: Death itself. Domon clashed with the manifestation of Death, and after it seemed as if he could not outlast Death's onslaught, Domon came to terms with Death, allowing him to fuse with Eternity and overcome Death. Passing this trial freed Domon from the passage of age, granting him near-immortality, and the Ancient One officially granted Domon the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Now that the Ancient One had passed on his position, he calmly requested Domon to destroy that portion of his mind which constituted his ego or sense of self, thus ending his corporeal existence, allowing his spirit to become one with the Universe, i.e. one with Eternity. While Domon was reluctant to do so, he knew that his master would live on as part of Eternity, and so he did as the man said, and the ancient mage willed his consciousness to become one with the universe.

Back To Work

Once Domon had finished his training and became the new Sorcerer Supreme, he gained possession of all of the Ancient One's magical artifacts and knowledge that he had collected over the many centuries he spent with the position. While Domon liked the palace that the Ancient One lived in, he no longer wished to be away from his home, and decided to simply move everything he had inherited back to his house on Earth. However, Domon's house was much too small to hold all of the items. Instead of making his house bigger, Domon created the Sanctum Sanctorum, a personal additional residence that was hidden behind a magic door by the stairwell in his home. Once Domon had finished building the Sanctum Sanctorum, it contained a study, a meditation chamber, a mystical library and storage room for all of the occult artifacts, a storage room for non-occult artifacts, a magical bathhouse, a medical recovery chamber, and several doors acting as gateways to other dimensions.

Now that Domon was finally back on Earth, he once again went back to work as the God of Magic and started his new duties as the Sorcerer Supreme, protecting the entire universe from any magical threat, whether big or small, and trying to enjoy an otherwise normal life despite holding the most powerful rank in the universe.

The Lookout Tournament

Hundreds of years had passed since the end of the Lookout Crew, and the universe had become much more peaceful since Ninthalor's death. Domon had been working as the God of Magic and Sorcerer Supreme that entire time, and had gone on many adventures and learned much as time went on. One day, while in his study, Domon suddenly sensed a large amount of magical energy near the Lookout. He decided to investigate, and, upon his arrival, he found Xeraph, or as he liked to call himself, Auron, beaten and lying on the Lookout. There were many other people on the Lookout as well, and Domon began to question Auron about what was going on. After some questioning, Domon learned that the group was holding a tournament, and Auron had lost to a boy named Riku. Domon congratulated Riku on defeating his son, and he made a note in his head to keep track of this boy's power, as he sensed that he had great magical potential. Domon soon left after that, going back to his study. Upon returning however, he realized that he forgot to ask the group why they were fighting on the Lookout, as it had become abandoned since the Lookout Crew disbanded many centuries ago. Sighing at his forgetfulness, he flew back to the Lookout, wanting to ask a few more questions to the group of fighters.


  • Enhanced Smell: Domon has a very keen sense of smell, being able to smell things from an incredibly large distance away.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Domon possesses exceptionally good hearing, allowing him to hear conversations for up to many miles away.
  • Immense Strength: Domon has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of strength, enough for him to perform a number of physical feats, among which are being able to punch through the fabric of space itself, and clashing fists with Leo's Titan Armor, which is the strongest physical force in existence.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Domon possesses fast reflexes, having been capable of dodging attacks from Avallac'h, Jashin, and, most recently, attacks from Hyper Zion. After acquiring Leo's Divine Sight through the use of his Blue Magic, Domon now has an instantaneous reaction time, allowing him to always know what attacks are going on around him, no matter how fast they may be.
  • Enhanced Speed: Domon's speed and reflexes are impressive, enough for him to close great distances in a less than a blink of an eye and dodge incredibly fast attacks. After learning how to use Lightning Magic, Domon gained the ability to channel lightning through his body, allowing him to move at incredible speeds. In his Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer Form, he was able to move at less than an attosecond, which is less than the shortest measurable period of time, making even light seem frozen to him while moving this fast.
  • Immense Durability: Domon has proven himself to be incredibly durable. He has managed to take continual, deadly assaults from foes and continue fighting. He once even took a full-power punch from Leo's Titan armor, which is physically the strongest force in existence, and was still able to get up afterwards, as well as tanking an explosion which was strong enough to destroy an entire quadrant of the universe, which was boosted in power as the explosion was further concentrated on him due to being squeezed down by a holonet.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Domon is an extremely proficient unarmed fighter, often using his Slayer Magic in combination with punches, kicks, and even headbutts, to combat his opponents to great effect.  Such skill is paired with amazing physical prowess: aside from his strength, Domon has displayed high degrees of speed, agility and reflexes in battle.
  • Immense Magic Power: Domon is the Sorcerer Supreme; he possesses vast mastery of the mystic arts, which he uses to defend his reality from otherworldly threats; his primary magical patrons are a group of entities known as "the Vishanti." The Vishanti are a trinity of godly beings comprised of Agamotto, Hoggoth, and Oshtur.
  • Telepathy: Domon can psychically communicate and read minds. This ability can be amplified with the Eye of Agamotto to give Domon unparalleled psychic abilities.
  • Telekinesis: Domon can use his mind to bind others, deflect attacks, move objects from afar, give his own attacks a homing effect, manipulate the vectors of matter and energy, and manipulate matter and energy at an atomic level. When amplified by using the Eye of Agamotto, Domon can manipulate matter and energy on a particle level, regenerate his own cells, manipulate reality by bending quantum strings, and manipulate universal forces, such as matter, antimatter, dark matter, nothingness, electromagnetism, gravity, radioactivity, spatial energy, and the essence of life itself.
  • Pyrokinesis: In addition to his fire abilities gained by learning Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Domon can generate heat and manipulate magical fire.
  • Cryokinesis: Domon can generate cold and manipulate magical ice crystals, in addition to being able to freeze any air moisture into super-hard ice.
  • Electrokinesis: In addition to his electric abilities gained through learning Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, Domon can generate electricity and manipulate magical lightning.
  • Hydrokinesis: Domon can generate and manipulate magical water, as well as use surrounding moisture to augment himself and teleport by breaking himself down to his most base levels and reform at the destination of his choosing.
  • Geokinesis: Domon can generate and manipulate magical rocks, and can control any living part of the environment around him.
  • Aerokinesis: Domon can generate and manipulate both magical wind and the wind around him, allowing him to increase his speed by decreasing the air pressure around him and use the air to insulate electricity.
  • Photokinesis: Domon can generate, manipulate, and transform into magical light, letting him reflect himself and light-based attacks off of other surfaces.
  • Umbrakinesis: Domon can generate and manipulate magic shadows, as well as being able to merge with both his own shadow and the shadow of others.
  • Chronokinesis: Domon can freeze, slow, and travel through time, but these abilities can only be enacted through extreme concentration.
  • Necrokinesis: Domon can both communicate and revive the deceased. However, Domon does not use this ability to bring people back from the dead permanently, as he does not want to abuse this power, and only uses it to discover hidden knowledge by communicating with beings from the past.
  • Tychokinesis: Domon can manipulate the probability of an event to happen, making unlikely things occur more often and preventing liable events from happening. However, Domon cannot use this power to flat-out make things certainly occur. For example, Domon cannot use this power to cause a disaster, such as an earthquake, but he can make it much more likely for rock to suddenly break along a fault, releasing the seismic waves that cause an earthquake.
  • Astral Projection: Domon can release his astral form from his body, instantaneously and at will. In this form he does not need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep, is unrestricted by physical laws, is invisible, intangible, and incapable of being harmed by all but the most powerful and rigorous of mystic means. As physical laws are meaningless on the astral plane, Domon is able to use it to traverse at virtually any speed desirable.
  • Infinite Longevity: Domon's lifespan has been extended and his fear of dying subsided in a manner similar to that of his mentor the Ancient One, due to a successful contest against Death. Though he can still be killed and even physically wounded he cannot succumb to any medical diseases, nor does he age. However, he still requires food, water, oxygen, and sleep, same as a normal human. Domon passed a test by the Ancient One and defeated Death, or more accurately, accepted Death. As a result, from that moment forward, Domon stopped aging. Now, a glowing ankh appears on Domon's head when he is in a situation of great danger and his death is near imminent.
  • The Words: Domon has become an expert in the ability to use language to distort reality. Each "word" is a symbol which means "something." The addition of another symbol can change the meaning of that "something." This method is akin to replacement cipher. This way, he can distort the reality in different ways, depending how many symbols are said and in which order. Some of the features achieved by the use of Words include energy blasts, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, paralysis, organic disintegration, and much more.
  • Divine Sources: Domon can channel the extra-dimensional energy of mystical and non-mystical beings in multiple dimensions, known as Principalities, to empower his spells. This can take the form of standard spells or just stating what he wants to occur and channeling some being to make it happen. Domon's powers typically come from one of three divine sources: The Vishanti (a trinity formed of Hoggoth, Oshtur, and Agamotto), the Octessence (a group of eight beings, consisting of Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Raggadorr, Valtorr, and Watoomb) and other beings who owe him a debt (this includes Satannish and even Dormammu). However, certain abilities of his stem from more obscure sources, such as the Faltine, the Seraphim, Cinnibus, Sheol, Ikthalon, Denak, Cyndriarr, Munnopor, Morpheus, Dyzakk, the Olympian deities (such as Poseidon and Hades) and others.
  • Darkness of the Divine Conduit: This magic allows Domon to, by sheer force of will, "take" the power of another entity. The fact that Domon can do this is a testament to his incredible willpower and strength of mind. This is considered black magic and as such he rarely employs this.
  • Black Magic Cursing: Domon can cast curses on people that can cause them to waste away, put them into catatonic insanity, or trap them between the gaps in time. However, this is rarely used by Domon, due to it being black magic.
  • Exorcism: Domon can forcibly remove possessing entities from whatever they may be haunting, as well as being able to bind, immobilize, and seal said entities.
  • Spirit Ward Creation: Domon can place magical sigils on himself and others that protect him from being tracked and touched by both the forces of Heaven and Hell, including angels and demons.
  • Universal Awareness: Domon can detect anomalies in time and space through performing meditation.
  • Intangibility: Domon can turn invisible and phase through solid material.
  • Banishment: Domon can banish any type of creature to other dimensions.
  • Transmutation: Domon can change one thing into another.
  • Transformation Magic: Domon can change or slightly alter his appearance to whoever or whatever he wishes. He can also acquire new physical features such as wings or gills, and can even change his size. In addition to his body, Domon can also change his clothes and voice.
  • Flame Immunity: Domon's ability to eat flames gives him immunity to most types of flames, including explosions. Even if Domon isn't fast enough to eat a fire attack, due to his high resistance to flames that he has already, he will still not be affected by any fire attack that hits him.
  • Electricity Immunity: Similar to Domon's heat immunity, Domon is not affected at all by electric-based attacks, and is able to eat them to heal himself and regain power.
  • Acid Immunity: Domon's Acid Demon Slayer Magic makes him immune to all types of acid, including acid or poison-based attacks.
  • Curse Immunity: Domon's Ice Devil Slayer Magic gave him an immunity to all types of curses.
  • Invisible Shields of Everlasting Enchantment: The Invisible Shields of Everlasting Enchantment are a passive spell that protects Domon constantly from any and all attacks. Despite not requiring Domon to power the shields, they are still incredibly durable. While the shields give Domon insurmountable protection from all types of attacks, they are especially useful against magical attacks, as, upon contact with the shields, any magic attack is instantly broken down into pure magical energy and absorbed into Domon, rendering him absolutely immune to all magic-based attacks and techniques.
  • Lightning Body: Through the use of Lightning Magic, Domon is capable of transforming his own body into electricity, turning himself into a lightning bolt, whose size can vary from mere, fast-moving sparks to large pillars of lightning. Together with the signature intangibility of Elemental Magic, which allows Domon to let physical, magical, and energy attacks pass harmlessly through his body when he's transformed, this form also grants him some traits typical of real lightning: he's shown capable of freely moving around at high speed and to travel over long distances, rapidly appearing at his destination from places away from sight as though as he was teleporting, as well as to electrocute everything crossing his path, with the voltage of his bodily electricity being high enough to wreak havoc throughout a Mothership. However Domon only seems to be able to maintain this form while in motion.
  • Darkness Body: After being turned into a Dark Fire Dragon Slayer by Sora, Domon gained the ability to transform into darkness, usually taking the form of a small cloud of dark mist to easily avoid attacks and pass through barriers.
  • Pheromone Secretion: Domon's Acid Demon Slayer Magic gives him the ability to generate certain types of pheromones that can create fear and elicit attraction or repulsion on others, depending on unknown factors which might include gender and mood.
  • Flames of Emotion: The Flames of Emotion are an effect of the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic that Domon uses. Since Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is linked directly to it's user's emotions, Domon gets more powerful the angrier he gets, and he gets angrier the more powerful he gets. However, he has now learned how to control his emotions better, allowing him to activate the Flames of Emotion at will, using it only when he needs one last boost in power.
  • Blue Magic: Domon's Blue Magic allows him to instantly learn any magical ability or technique upon seeing it only once. However, this ability only lets him copy magic-based techniques, meaning that he cannot copy ki-based abilities such as energy blasts or transformations, such as the Kaioken and all levels of Super Saiyan.
  • Dualcast: Domon gained this ability by mastering Red Magic, which focuses on balancing both Black and White Magic into one fighting style. This ability allows Domon to cast two spells at the same time. While this allows him to attack much faster than normal, this also allows him to Summon two espers at the same time. While normally, a mage is only allowed to create one Summoning Gate at a time, this ability forgoes that magical law, allowing Domon to unleash even more havoc upon his opponents.


Due to mastering every type of magic in the known universe, Domon has learned a huge amount of spells throughout his journeys. While his full list of magic would be incredibly long, here is a list of the spells that he relies on the most in battle.

Offensive Magic

  • Mind Blast: A spell that attacks the opponent's mind. Depending on the opponent's mental strength, this attack can stun them for a short period of time, or even temporarily paralyze them if they are a weaker enemy.
  • Goblin Punch: This attack is simply a punch from Domon boosted by magic, allowing it to be more powerful than a normal strike.
  • Flash: A spell that blinds the opponent for a short period of time. Similar to the Solar Flare, but less predictable due to the lack of the user's hands being placed in front of their face.
  • Earth Shake: A very powerful spell that causes an earthquake, pushing up giant pieces of the land out of place, completely destroying the ground nearby. While it is not very effective against flying targets, it can be used to shift the terrain of the battlefield, or possibly serve as a distraction while Domon retreats to a better point of attack.
  • Sinkhole: A spell that creates a rift in space-time underneath the opponent, sucking them in and damaging them.
  • Flare: A powerful spell that summons up a giant energy sphere that is mainly used to attack one enemy.
  • Death Claw: A spell that slashes at the target, both damaging them and paralyzing them for a short period of time.
  • Firaja: A powerful spell that summons up giant pillars of fire to scorch the enemy.
  • Blizzaja: A powerful spell that creates giant icebergs that can stab at and freeze the opponent.
  • Thundaja: A powerful spell that causes a huge storm of lightning to reign down from the sky onto the target.
  • Aeroja: A powerful spell that summons up a giant tornado to attack foes. Domon can also use this spell to summon up wind blades to throw at opponents.
  • Waterja: A powerful spell that creates a huge tsunami to assault many opponents.
  • Quakeja: A powerful spell that summons huge, jagged rocks from the earth to block and impale enemies.
  • Diaja: A powerful spell that sends a shining ray of light down from the heavens, searing through any undead enemy. This spell only works on undead targets, such as zombies or ghosts.
  • Darkja: A powerful spell that shoots out a large amount of dark energy beams that can attack a large group of opponents.
  • Gravija: A powerful time-based spell that creates a supermassive field, damaging the target with gravitational forces and pulling them in closer to the field.
  • 1000 Needles: A powerful spell that summons up and sprays an incredibly fast and steady stream of 1000 needles at the opponent.
  • Aqua Breath: A very powerful spell that allows Domon to spray a huge stream of water to attack the opponent. Domon can also infuse the water with electricity, shocking anybody that is touched by the lightning-conducted water spell.
  • Shadowflare: One of Domon's most powerful spells. This spell is a variant of Flare that uses dark magic instead of fire magic, meaning that Domon can create either a giant ball of dark energy to attack the opponent, or shoot out multiple dark projectiles to hit the target. While this spell is more powerful than the regular version of Flare, it is also harder to control, and it has a chance of hitting everyone nearby, including Domon himself. Because of this, Domon tries to only use this spell when necessary, or when his allies have safely moved out of the potential blast radius of the spell.
  • Limit Glove: Another one of Domon's most powerful spells, Limit Glove can only be used when Domon is already weakened. This spell creates a giant energy sphere that homes in on the opponent and traps them inside. It then explodes, sending huge waves of energy into the target. This spell can only be used when Domon is weakened because, if used when Domon is at full strength, the sphere will be too powerful to control, almost certainly missing and flying off in a random direction.
  • Holy: A very powerful spell which creates a huge sphere made up of pure holy energy, which is then thrown at the opponent. This spell is even more powerful against undead opponents.
  • Meteor: One of the strongest spells of all. This spell summons a humongous meteor storm to decimate the opponent. If used after Domon has activated Dragon Force, the spell summons a huge meteor that is capable of wiping out entire galaxies by crashing through multiple planets before exploding.
  • Ultima: The most powerful spell known to exist. This spell manifests as an explosive sphere of blue enemy consuming opponents. If used after Domon has activated Dragon Force, the energy sphere can extend to cover an entire galaxy, destroying it completely.

Defensive Magic

  • Curaja: A powerful spell that can heal a target back to full health. It can also be used on a group of targets, but the more people that it is used on, the weaker the healing is for each individual person.
  • Protectja: A spell that conjures up invisible armor made of air to protect the target from direct blows.
  • Shellja: A spell that conjures up an invisible, mystical veil to protect the target from energy and magic attacks.
  • Regen: A spell that causes the target to slowly heal over time.
  • Reflect: A spell that erects a barrier that not only stops attacks but sends them back at the person who used the attack.
  • Teleport: A spell that can instantly move Domon or a group of people to anywhere nearby. This spell's range reaches out to about 10 miles from Domon in any direction, so it is mainly used to avoid attacks rather than travel to different planets, like Instant Transmission.
  • Mighty Guard: A defensive spell that actually casts three different spells on allies, which are Protect, Shell, and Float. Protect gives the targets a good physical defensive boost, while Shell gives the targets a nice magical and energy defensive boost. Float boosts the target's ability to fly, allowing them to better dodge ground-based attacks.
  • Occultation: A spell that creates shadow images of Domon, allowing him to confuse opponents. Each shadow image can only take one hit before disappearing, and they cannot attack, making this solely a defensive spell.

Support Magic

  • Hasteja: A spell that doubles the speed of a group of targets.
  • Slowja: A spell that slows the speed of a group of targets.
  • Immobilize: A spell that creates an anomaly in space to prevent its targets from moving.
  • Fervor: A spell that fills the target with a thirst for destruction, rendering them mad for blood.
  • Induration: A spell that turns the target's body into stone.
  • Tranq: A spell that increases the accuracy of the target's attacks.
  • Scan: A spell that informs Domon of all of the target's abilities, attacks, and transformations.
  • Dragon Force: A spell that multiplies the target's power by 2. Domon can also cast this spell on himself. Not related to Domon's Dragon Slayer ability, which is also named Dragon Force.
  • Divine Seal: A spell that enhances the strength of Domon's next healing spell.
  • Sublimation: A spell that allows Domon to sacrifice his energy to gain more magic.

Spell Manifestations

Domon often conjures specific magical effects for specific purposes. Among them are:

  • The Bolts of Balthakk: An offensive beam of electric energy.
  • A Conjurer's Cone: A spell that can transport an enemy to another realm.
  • The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak: A spell that creates magical rings that can be used to bind someone.
  • The Crystals of Cyndriarr: A powerful mystical energy blast composed of yellow rectangular crystals.
  • The Demons of Denak: A spell that summons what manifest as invisible claws, used to attack or rip suitable objects apart.
  • The Daggers of Denak: A spell that summons many small energy daggers that can be thrown at targets.
  • The Flames of Faltine: An offense blast of magical green flames.
  • The Images of Ikonn: A spell that Domon can use to create multiple images of himself or others to confuse an enemy.
  • The Icy Tendrils of Ikthalon: A spell that entraps the target in a freezing coating of ice.
  • The Mists of Munnopor: A spell that creates a mist that can both blind and suffocate the enemy.
  • The Seven Rings of Raggadorr: A spell that creates seven blue energy rings that surround Domon and deflect attacks. Domon can also combine all seven rings into one to fire a giant blast of blue energy from his hand.
  • The Spell of the Vishanti: A spell that forms a giant pillar of energy that bursts out from underneath the opponent.
  • The Light of the All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto: A spell that can destroy the target's soul, but only if the soul is evil.
  • The Shackles of Sheol: A spell that creates magenta energy bands which enwrap a being's legs and cross at the chest, and can be used to trap and transport an opponent.
  • The Shield of the Seraphim: A spell that conjures up a protective barrier.
  • The Vapors of Valtorr: A spell that creates an obscuring fog.
  • The Winds of Watoomb: A spell that forms powerful magical winds to attack the target.
  • The Chains of Krakkan: A spell that constricts an enemy in strong mystical chains.
  • The Mists of Morpheus: A spell that puts the target to sleep.
  • The Seven Suns of Cinnibus: A spell that shoots a very powerful energy blast that is as hot as seven suns.
  • A Sorcerer's Sphere: A spell that creates a black-colored bubble that both protects Domon and absorbs all other mystical energy in the area.
  • The Longorian Spell for the Battle of an Astral Incursion into the Corporeal World: A spell that allows Domon to battle astral incursions.

Slayer Magic

Domon knows every type of Slayer Magic, which are special types of magic that strengthen the user's body to slay the creature that the magic is named after; in the process using powers similar to the creature in an elemental form, also enabling the user to devour lesser elemental magics.

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic was the first type of magic that Domon ever learned, and thus is the one that he uses the most and knows the most about.

  • Fire Dragon's Roar: Domon quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of flames from his mouth at his target.
  • Fire Dragon's Claw: Domon ignites his feet in flames, thereby increasing the power of his kicks. The flames can also be used for jet-propulsion purposes.
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist: Domon engulfs his fists in flames and punches the target.
  • Fire Dragon's Extended Claw: Domon creates powerful flames that extend from his fist, forming a large fire claw.
  • Fire Dragon's Wing Attack: Domon rushes towards his target and grabs them, before subsequently setting hands ablaze, sending them flying.
  • Fire Dragon's Sword Horn: Domon lights his entire body ablaze and headbutts the target at a high speed.
  • Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow: Domon creates a stream of fire from his elbow, propelling him forward and increasing the strength of his punches.
  • Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang: With his hand lit ablaze, Domon swipes at the target in a claw-like fashion, burning them.
  • Fire Dragon's Burning Slash: Domon turns his hands into fire and spins repeatedly against the enemy, cutting them several times.
  • Fire Dragon's Grip Strike: Grabbing his enemy and supporting his arm with his other, Domon blasts the foe at point blank range.
  • Fire Dragon's Scales: Domon releases flames outwards and uses his magic manipulation to solidify it upon his body, covering himself with scales of flame in order to dramatically increase both his offense and defense.
  • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame: Domon ignites both his hands in flames and then brings them together, creating a fiery explosion.
    • Fire Dragon's Intense Destruction Focus: A secondary version of Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame. Similar to how Domon creates Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, he brings his hands together, but instead of putting them together, he keeps them in a set space between each other as he begins to focus, concentrating his fire right at the middle as the ball of fire begins to emerge, shaping itself into an orb. Domon continues to add more flames to it's form, condensing them into it as the sphere grows greater in temperature and power. Once enough energy is stored in the sphere, Domon launches it, with the intensity of the heat contracting with the air, causing an incredible size transformation as it heads towards the opponent, giving them no time to react and burning them with incredible force. There is another use for this spell, as Domon can swallow the ball of fire instead of firing it, letting him enter Fire Dragon's Hummer Mode, which is described below.
  • Planetary Flames: Exploding Flame Blade: Domon ignites his fists with fire, charges up a huge flaming energy spiral, and then throws it towards his desired target, creating explosions upon colliding.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

  • Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist: Domon rapidly punches his target, with his hands lit ablaze, creating a fiery explosion after each subsequent contact.
  • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade: Domon swipes his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of flames that barrages his target.
  • Dragon God's Brilliant Flame:  An alternate version of Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, Domon engulfs one hand in the flames from his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and the other in flames from Flame God Slayer Magic, and brings the two flames together, generating a highly destructive blast that is capable of destroying multiple planets with ease.
  • Fire Dragon's Flower-Fruit Mountain: Domon creates a devastating pillar of destructive power that makes almost anything in its way vanish.
  • Exploding Dragon's Fire Dance: Domon cups his hands together and moves them to his side, taking up a stance similar to the one used to fire a Kamehameha. He then concentrates a large amount of fire into a single point between his cupped hands before thrusting them both forward, firing a streaming, powerful beam of flames that gains the form of a dragon as it flies towards it's target.

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic

While Domon had used Lightning Magic for quite a while, he had only learned enough of it to use it for enhancing his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and not much else. However, after the Battle in Everspace, the System implemented their Universal Superlockdown, which prevented everyone in the universe from teleporting, communicating long-distances, and interacting with alternate dimensions. Due to not being able to interact with other dimensions, Domon lost his ability to use any of his summons, leaving him weaker overall as a result. To make up for this, he decided to train his Lightning Magic, and learn how to use it to it's full potential. Once he finally mastered this form of magic, he gained many new attacks and abilities.

Once Domon had mastered the use of normal Lightning Magic, he began to learn Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, which gives him the power and characteristics of a Lightning Dragon, along with a Dragon Slayer's signature ability to eat external sources of his element to heal himself and regain power, thus making him immune to lightning.

  • Lightning Blast: Lightning Magic's most basic attack, it can be used with a single or both hands to generate electrical discharges at a distance or at close-range. The effects of the blast depends on the user's own ability; Domon, with his great mastery of Lightning spells, has proven himself capable of conjuring bolts of electricity that has either frail, hot enough to heat Katchin or devastating power to inflict damage.
  • Thunder Palace: Domon creates multiple Lacrima, which are magical orbs that can be used for many different purposes filled with large amounts of Lightning Magic and suspended in the air in a circular formation. When all of the orbs are released at once, everything below and above their circle is struck by powerful lightning bolts equivalent to the number of Lacrima orbs. This spell has been described as being powerful enough to easily destroy an entire galaxy, if all the orbs are used.
  • Raging Bolt: Domon raises his clenched fist in the air and chants "Resounding through the air, the roar of thunder, plunge from the heavens and reap destruction!". A large, highly destructive and powerful bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target.
  • Lightning Dragon's Roar: A lightning-based version of the trademark Dragon Slayer attack, where Domon generates lightning in his mouth and releases it in a concentrated, destructive blast, capable of destroying everything in a wide area in front of him. The special effect of this attack, aside from the high damage it causes, is that, even if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them to a degree, leaving them numb and preventing them from escaping Domon's following attack. By moving his head around as he casts it, he can also employ this spell in an arched trajectory, in order to hit enemies which aren't directly in front of him.
  • Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd: Domon raises both of his hands in the air at his sides and generates electricity between their open, facing palms. This is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive spear composed of lightning, which Domon proceeds to hurl at the enemy.
  • Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist: Domon gathers a large amount of lightning around one of his fists, bends the arm and then extends the fist forward in a punching motion. This prompts his Magic Seal to appear before him, from which an over-sized version of his fist, completely composed of lightning, is generated and rapidly fired towards the target. When it connects with the enemy, aside from inflicting damage upon them, the electricity stuns them, leaving them open to Domon's subsequent attacks.
  • Lightning Dragon's Iron Fist: Domon engulfs one of his fists in lightning and punches the target, causing sheer blunt damage.
  • Lightning Dragon's Jaw: Having knocked an opponent to the ground and then approached it, Domon joins his hands and imbues them with a large amount of lightning. He then proceeds to strike the target down from above with his joined hands, causing it grievous damage; the remaining electricity is discharged in the surrounding area, heavily damaging it as well, and leaving both Domon and the victim in a large crater.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

  • Roaring Thunder: Domon charges forward and punches his opponent with a lightning imbued fist which releases a large amount of lightning upon impacting with the intended target, heavily damaging and electrocuting the target, whilst also pushing them away with immense force.

Iron Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Iron Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Denneth during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Iron Dragon's Roar: After gathering Magic Power in his mouth, Domon shapes it into a powerful tornado which he subsequently emits and sends towards his foes. Such tornado possesses immense force, being capable of generating powerful explosions and inflicting heavy blunt damage, but also releases sharp shards of metal in the process, shredding the opponents' body.
  • Iron Dragon's Lance: Domon transforms both of his arms into long, lengthy iron poles which he uses to whip in a circular motion to clear out anything in his immediate vicinity.
    • Iron Dragon's Lance: Demon Logs: Domon turns his arm into a large spearhead, from which a large number of steel spears are fired towards his target in rapid succession.
  • Iron Dragon's Scale: Domon covers part of his body (or the entirety of it) in steel scales, dramatically increasing his offensive and defensive abilities. When punching and kicking while covered in these scales, Domon is capable of creating powerful gusts of wind through mere kinetic force.
  • Iron Dragon's Club: Domon transforms his arm or leg into a large steel club, increasing his punching and kicking power. He can also create multiple, smaller clubs from the end of the original, hitting many enemies at once. The clubs can be elongated at Domon's will, making them powerful ranged weapons. He is also capable of increasing their size dramatically and can detach them from his body.
  • Iron Dragon's Sword: Domon transforms his arm or leg into a large, jagged steel blade, similarly to Iron Dragon's Club, but, rather than blunt power, this spell has cutting power, thereby making it deadlier. The spikes along the blade's edge make its slashes more painful and dangerous, and the weapon's length can be increased to reach enemies who are far away from Domon. The blade is also sturdy enough to function as a shield of sorts.
  • Iron Dragon's Kunai: Domon creates small, kunai-esque knives that can be thrown with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Iron Dragon's Foot Blade: Domon sprouts a sharp, harpoon-like blade from the sole of each of his feet. By planting these blades in the ceiling, he's capable of remaining suspended and to move around as if he were walking normally.
  • Iron Dragon's Hard Fist: Domon punches the target while covered in Iron Dragon's Scales, greatly enhancing his punching power.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

  • Karma Demon: Iron Dragon's Sword: Domon claps his hands together above his head, creating a gigantic iron sword. He then proceeds to swipe the sword down, destroying a substantially large area in front of him.
  • Karma Demon: Iron Spiral: Domon transforms his legs into a giant drill, which rotates at high speed, heavily damaging and piercing through whatever it strikes.

Water Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Water Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Gawaine during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Water Dragon's Roar: Domon breathes in, puffing his chest in the process and then releases a strong stream of high pressurized water that can knock back his targets and deal tremendous damage.
    • Water Dragon's Steam Bath: A version of Water Dragon's Roar that uses much hotter water, causing great blunt damage and dealing additional scalding heat to burn his opponents.
  • Water Dragon's Claw: Gathering water around a foot, Domon propels himself into the air, and in a display of acrobatic prowess, twists his body to allow the water to swirl around him and then brings down his foot. A powerful wave of high pressurized water is released that collides against a target and sends them crashing down into the ground with a watery explosion. At close range it can deal tremendous damage, but Domon is also able to release this spell as a projectile by completing the motion and sending the water from his foot after he performs the kick.
  • Water Dragon's Drilling Fang: Domon gathers swirling water around a single fist, increasing its speed until it shapes itself into a drill and then drives the attack into a target for increased damage and a piercing ability to bypass an opponent's defenses.
  • Water Dragon's Ferocious Jaws: Domon first summons a large pillar of spinning water that explodes near the tip into a massive dragon's head. Using his arms for guidance, he can then control the jaws' movements and cause it to bite down on a target by clasping his hands similar to how an animal closes its mouth. The target is then dealt massive crushing damage from the initial attack, but also additional damage when the head detonates in a watery explosion. Domon can also direct the pillar before biting down on his targets, and can attack either grounded or airborne opponents.
  • Water Dragon's Trident Bullet: Domon summons a large amount of water to completely coat his entire body, spinning around him like a small tornado. He then thrusts himself forward at incredible speeds towards a single target. The water coating his body appears as a large drill and strikes his opponent, delivering a devastating full body attack. While already dealing tremendous damage, Domon can continue to push his enemy back, slamming through any objects in front of them before finally slamming against a harder substance to finish the attack. While inside, Domon will be completely parallel to the ground and strike with both fists extended in front of him.
  • Water Dragon's Lashing Tail: Channeling swirling water around a single leg, Domon turns his body while simultaneously raising that leg and bringing it down vertically to release a thin but incredibly fast water projectile capable of slicing the ground while rushing towards it's target. It's strength is great enough to cut through solid substances like wood and stone, and Domon can release this attack while in the air to rain down on his opponents. Domon isn't limited to merely launching this attack vertically. He can also turn his body, performing a spin kick to release the attack.
  • Water Dragon's Stomping: Raising one leg and slamming it towards the ground, Domon causes pillars of water to erupt one after another until reaching it's intended target. The pillars can reach great heights, meaning airborne targets are still within reach, and have the ability to strike multiple opponents or causing tremendous damage to the surrounding area. Domon is capable of using this spell to destroy large structures by causing the pillars to erupt all around a specific area, effectively trampling it in the process and bringing it to the ground. Before the pillars erupt, the ground will begin to shake and then explode underneath his targets, with large craters being left in the pillars' wake.
  • Water Dragon's Whirling Vortex: Domon extends his arm to his side with his hand open. At the center of his palm, swirling water will begin to gather and create an orb that grows as more water accumulates. The orb becomes a super condensed ball of raging water with explosive potential that churns as Domon holds the orb together. Once sufficient water is gathered, Domon then rushes towards his target and strikes them in the chest or midsection, releasing all the energy in one massive watery explosion, dealing tremendous damage and then sending the target rocketing backwards, spinning in the air before ultimately colliding against another object to inflict additional damage. Domon is also able to use this spell while coming down on a target to limit the possibility of escape, releasing all the energy on top of them and crushing them under it's power, leaving behind a large crater in the process.

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Sky Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Franae during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Sky Dragon's Roar: When using this attack, Domon breathes a hurricane-like blast at his target.
    • Sky Dragon's Roar + Curaja: A variation of Sky Dragon's Roar with the additional power of Domon's healing Magic. This spell is unique in its coincidental offensive and healing properties.
  • Sky Dragon's Healing Spell: A type of healing Magic which is powerful and believed to be long-lost where Domon manipulates clean air to perform various feats, such as draining poison from an infected victim, and can even revive people that are in a near-death state.
  • Sky Dragon's Wing Attack: This Magic features Domon expelling a whirlwind of air from his arms to attack his surroundings.
  • Sky Dragon's Claw: Domon jumps and lifts his feet and unleashes large winds the moment the leg is swung down at the target.
  • Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang: Domon charges and swipes the target with his fingers, leaving a wake of wind behind as he does so.
  • Sky Dragon's Wave Wind: Domon swings his hand and subsequently generates a large and very powerful tornado.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

  • Shattering Light: Sky Drill: A special spell where Domon forms a fast wind barrier with his arms spread out, and by moving them in a counter-clockwise direction, causes the barrier to contract inwards towards his opponent.

Poison Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Poison Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Porath during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Poison Dragon's Twin Fang: Domon moves his arms forward in a cross, forming a very large amount of poison in two massive waves shaped like fangs, which he uses to attack his opponents with great blunt force.
  • Poison Dragon's Roar: Domon quickly gathers and releases poison from his mouth in the form of deadly, poisonous stream that, when it makes contact with the target, injects a lethal virus into their body that slowly weakens them and restricts their movement before ultimately killing them.
  • Poison Dragon's Fang Thrust: Domon generates a wave of poison, shaped like a large-fanged snake head, and sends it towards the target, stopping their incoming attacks by having the wave "bite" them.
  • Poison Dragon's Spiral Jaw: Domon jumps in the air and, when he is upside down, gathers poison on his legs and kicks the opponent while rotating.
  • Poison Dragon's Scales: Domon swings his arm, generating a very large number of scale-shaped masses of poison, which are rapidly sent flying at the target in consecutive reprises.
  • Poison Dragon's Guard: Domon moves his arms forward in a cross, creating a large shield of poison that defends him from the enemy's attacks, and, at the same time, gives him the opportunity to counter without fear of being intercepted.
  • Poison Dragon's Crushing Fang: Domon attacks with a poisonous open-hand, striking with his finger-tips from which poison mist trails.
  • Poison Dragon's Grip Strike: Domon grabs hold of his target with one hand and releases a burst of poison from it at point-blank range.
  • Poison Dragon's Sharp Horn: Domon punches his target then releases a burst of poison at point-blank range, which causes poison damage and burns.

Sand Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Sand Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Sorventh during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Sand Dragon's Roar: Domon takes a deep breath, inhaling large amounts of sand within his mouth, only to release it in the direction of the foe, sending a hot destructive sandstorm toward them. 
  • Sand Dragon's Coarse Fist: Domon utilizes his magic to produce great amounts of sand, which surrounds his fist in a spiraling form. Utilizing this, he then strikes his unfortunate opponent using his own natural strength and speed, the impact enhanced by the magic. Upon contact with the punch, Domon can release the sand forward to create a more destructive pushing force, similar to a close range roar.
  • Sand Dragon's Stinging Fang: Domon charges the foe and then swings his hands at an arch, striking the foe with his fingertips with sand soon following, slashing them with hot gritty sand, leaving a stinging and burning pain in its wake, if not slicing them in half.
  • Sand Dragon's Sandstorm: Domon inhales large amounts of sand and builds it up within his mouth before releasing three large waves of spinning sand towards his foes.
  • Sand Dragon's Desert: Domon produces vast amounts of sand rapidly, creating a large wave of the sand to strike the entire vicinity, which in turn quickly fills the area and turns it into a makeshift desert. He can then blind his foes by creating sandstorms and travel through the sand to deliver sneak attacks.

Light Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Light Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Lyth during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Holy Ray: Domon first joins the open palms of his hands together, with all the fingers on one hand in contact with the corresponding ones on the other hand, and then separates his palms while keeping the fingers in contact through their tips. Light is generated in the hollow part between his hands, expanding from the holes between Domon's fingers. At this point, Domon completely separates his hands, extending them horizontally at his body's sides as the light he generated takes the form of a large sphere, from which a number of white rays are fired towards the target(s), leaving their starting point in a curved trajectory to strike them. Foes are thus bombarded by a barrage of beams which inflict heavy damage, striking them in rapid succession.
  • White Drive:  A technique which amplifies Domon's Magic abilities, completely cloaking his body with an aura of bright light, allowing him to better employ his Dragon Slayer Magic whilst at the same time seemingly enhancing his physical prowess to a degree, particularly his speed.
  • White Dragon's Roar: This attack can take either the form of a small laser that slices the ground it strikes, creating a linear explosion in its wake, or one consisting of a powerful, larger whirlwind with much more destructive power.
    • White Dragon's Holy Breath: A seemingly stronger, more potent version of his White Dragon's Roar, Domon jumps over his target and releases a large, extremely powerful burst of light from his mouth.
  • White Dragon's Claw: A close range spell that is peformed by Domon generating a sphere of light around one of his hands and then firing it at the target. If said blast connects with the body of the target, it tears through clothing and blackens the struck area, leaving a light, complex marking on it which takes away the body's movement.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

  • Holy Nova: A spell which Domon initiates by bending his right arm backwards, the fist clenched, and extending frontwards a mildly bent left arm with tiny streaks of light gathering before the outstretched fingers from the surrounding area. He then rushes towards the target and punches them with his right hand, which is now covered in a very massive, horizontal column of light. This spell creates a large, impressive explosion on contact, which leaves Domon unharmed, but is lethal to the target.

Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Nighith during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Shadow Drive: A type of Magic-amplification technique used by Domon that brings out the true power of his Shadow Dragon Slayer abilities, as well as enhancing his physical prowess to a degree, particularly his speed. It grants Domon an aura of shadows that completely cloaks and continuously rises from his body.
  • Shadow Dragon's Roar: Domon releases a large burst of shadows from his mouth.
  • Shadow Dragon's Slash: Domon covers his arm in shadows and punches his target.
  • Shadow Dragon's Crushing Fang: Domon generates shadows from his hand and uses them to attack the target.
  • Shadow Dragon's Waxwing Flash: Domon turns his body into shadows and then wraps himself around the target, assaulting them with a torrent of shadows generated from his hands.

Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Barroth during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Cavern Dragon's Earth Destruction: Domon slaps his hands upon the ground and destroys the earth in a relatively large, explosive radius, which not only destroys his foes' footing, but also leaves them bombarded with the extremely large boulders fractured from the ground.

Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Sirath during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Purgatory Dragon's Blazing Hell: Domon engulfs his clenched fist in a copious amount of fire, and then punches in the direction of his foes. Upon completion of the aforementioned punch, an extremely large sphere of scathing flames encases his opponents.

Sea King Dragon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Sea King Dragon Slayer Magic from the dragon Raziel during his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Sea King Dragon's Encircling Deluge: With a meager wave of his hands, Domon creates an extremely vast, high-pressure torrent of water.

Flame God Slayer Magic

Flame God Slayer Magic is an ancient variation of Slayer Magic that was used to fight against Gods. However, despite being fire-based, God Flames do not burn. Rather, they have been described to be more like halberds that destroy everything in their path.

  • Flame God's Bellow: Domon breathes a massive fireball of flame at his opponents.
  • Flame God's Explosive Flame: Domon releases a massive stream of black flames at his opponent from his arm by launching his arm forward in a punch-like motion. Once the flames reach it's target, they increase in size, creating a giant explosion.
  • Flame God's Scythe: Domon forms a scythe of black flames off of one arm, which he uses as a weapon for destructive results.
  • Flame God's Kagutsuchi: Domon spreads his arms and legs and unleashes a giant ball of black flames around himself.
  • Flame God's Supper: Domon claps his hands down to launch a mouth-shaped attack of black flames at his foe(s) to trap them in the black flames and turn them into ashes.

Sky God Slayer Magic

Domon learned Sky God Slayer Magic from a guild of master Sky God Dragon Slayers that he came across in his travels.

  • Second Sky Arrow: Domon cloaks one of his legs in a whirlwind of a Sky God's air, thrusting it at his target.
  • Sky God's Bellow: Domon gathers air in his mouth and then generates from the very same spot a powerful current of air, which is fired towards the target as a ranged assault. 
  • Sky God's Dance: Domon runs toward the target, and, when he is close enough to them, rotates his torso while extending his arms outwards. This prompts a very massive, spiraling current of black wind to be generated, which lifts the opponent several meters off the ground while inflicting damage.
  • Sky God's Healing Spell: Through the use of this spell, Domon is capable of almost immediately restoring any injury inflicted upon him, making it disappear harmlessly. This skill can also be applied to others, doing so through a halo of light generated around his open palms.
  • Sky God's Boreas: Domon generates two spiraling black currents, which gathers together in correspondence to one of his open hands. He then extends such hand towards the target, sending the currents, which now have multiplied and taken the shape of a massive whirlwind, at them.

God Slayer's Secret Art

  • Heavenly Gathering of Clouds: This spell is initiated by Domon extending his arms with his palms open and having currents of black air spiral around them. He subsequently lifts his hands in the sky, gathering more, thinner streams of air around him. Black air is then generated from his very arms, appearing in the form of stylized feathers, which rapidly grow in numbers until Domon condenses them into an elongated mass before him with his hands. Such final current grows larger and larger as one of its ending parts wraps around his body and the other is fired towards the target. Four heavenly wings composed of black air are shown protruding from the part focused around Domon's body, while the entire structure is surrounded by thin, spiraling currents of the very same wind, scattering some of the feathers around as the dark, serpentine mass approaches its target at high speed.

Lightning God Slayer Magic

Domon learned Lightning God Slayer Magic from a Lightning God Slayer Magic master named Ewan Elba that he met during his travels.

  • 120mm Black Lightning Cannon: A focused attack which is initiated by Domon horizontally placing his partially open palms away from his body; the palms are facing each other, albeit distant some inches apart. Tiny sparks of black lightning are generated between his hands, growing larger and larger in semicircles, that is, until a similarly colored electric projectile is fired from their center towards the target.
  • Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon: An exceedingly stronger version of 120mm Black Lightning Cannon, possessing almost identical preparation and use, with the only difference being that the previously gathered black electricity completely engulfs Domon's forearms, and is fired from such spot. This spell possesses vast destructive power, with the lightning's voltage being high enough to completely vaporize what it strikes, eradicating it from existence.

Ice Devil Slayer Magic

Domon learned Ice Devil Slayer Magic by studying it in the Book of Eibon. This magic was much more difficult to learn compared to the other Slayer Magics, as it can easily corrupt the user if they try to learn it too quickly. However, Domon was able to successfully learn the magic, and kept himself from getting out of control. An additional side-effect from learning this magic is that Domon is now immune to all types of curses.

  • Ice Devil's Rage: Domon, after inhaling, releases a large purple blizzard of cold air, ice and snow from his mouth, directing it towards a target area. The blizzard inflicts great blunt damage upon those it contacts, causing everyone unable to resist it to be sent flying away with great force, as well as leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake, heavily damaging the area it passes through.
  • Ice Devil's Zeroth Long Sword: Domon creates a ethereal long sword from his palms that he uses to slash at his opponent(s) with, inflicting a deep cut into his opponent's body, severely damaging them and having the added effect of freezing his target(s) solid.
  • Ice Devil's Zeroth Destruction Bow: Domon creates an intricate bow made of ice and fires an arrow from it at high speeds. When the arrow makes contact, it turns into a spiky array of ice that heavily damages the target's body.

Acid Demon Slayer Magic

Domon learned Acid Demon Slayer Magic from a demon named Idrisviel while on a visit to Hell. The main difference between Demon Slayer Magic and Devil Slayer Magic is that while Demon Slayer Magic's techniques have demonic properties, they are not inherently evil, like those of Devil Slayer Magic, making it easier to learn and control.

  • Acid Demon's Roar: Domon generates huge amount of concentrated poisonous acid enhanced with Demon Slayer Magic in his mouth and releases it in a concentrated, beam that can essentially corrode away any substance regardless of its structure and molecular arrangement. This magic can easily corrode human flesh even with the slightest contact and tends to do so, rapidly. Even if someone one manages to survive the intense acid attack, the poisonous nature of the acid is sure kill them because of the poison's ability to bind to the iron in one's blood cells and choking them off, removing their ability to transfer oxygen throughout the body; thus killing one within a couple of minutes. 
  • Acid Demon's Mist: A rather simple magic that generates tremendous amount of acidic fumes over a rapid rate to cast almost a super dense smokescreen composed of acidic mist. However, the mist is only released and dispersed over a certain range meaning that is cast in a close proximity to the user and his opponent. At best, this spell as the potential to become a hundred meter range technique. If anyone other than Domon were to come in contact with these intense fumes, their flesh and skin would start melting away at an accelerated rate additionally, the acidic fumes somehow display dehydrating properties, that is; it absorbs water from both environment around it and organisms inside the mist except Domon, of course. The water absorbing properties of can cause the victim to become skeletal and extremely weakened. The thickness of the mist makes visibility nigh impossible for the targets(s)/victim(s) while Domon retains his sight.
  • Acid Demon's Squall: Domon releases an omni-directional wave of extremely corrosive poisonous acid that causes objects and people to lose their cohesive properties instantaneously and any organic mass to rapidly melt, decay and disintegrate on contact.
  • Acid Demon's Ground Zero: By using Acid Demon Slayer Magic, Domon can concentrate huge amount of magical-energy infused with the acidic nature of Acid Demon Slayer magic to propel himself. Using the motion provided by the passing of jet of extreme amount of concentrated acid which is shot down in the opposite direction of his momentum, he is propelled in the opposite direction to the released "burst of acid". This either allows for a gigantic leap or a sudden dash/speed boost or even just a temporary form of self-propelled flight. However, the propelling affect releasing a huge amount of toxic acid that is harmful for the environment and people around Domon.
  • Acid Demon's Acrid Fist: Using his acidic sweat as the basis for the technique, Domon metabolizes it to be forged into a purplish corrosive ball of mysterious energy which he further enhances with his magic by coating it with the aura of Demon Slayer magic which further adds to its already incredible strength. This causes this purple energy to glow radiantly, as it is charged up to it's maximum, and, consuming his own fist, Domon can then use this for a very strong melee attack which not only sends his foes flying away and does tremendous impact based damage but can reduce a human being into their respective skeletal structures within seconds of hitting them.
    • Form Two: Acrid Eruption: After forming Acid Demon's Acrid Fist in both of his hands, Domon unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks before finally finishing off the enemy by projecting the energy covering his fists in the form of a giant projectile known as the Corrosion Blast. 
    • Form Three: Sticky Poison Fang: Combining the natures of Acid Demon's Acrid Fist and sticky acid, Domon punches his opponent with a fully charged Acrid Fist after which some of the corrosive purple energy sticks which his opponent(s) body which allows Domon to remotely detonate it much like a bomb.
  • Acid Demon's Rotting Touch: By coating himself with his own Acid Demon Slayer Magic, Domon can form a dense layer of invisible acid over his entire body that protects him from physical harm by simply consuming those who dare to lay their hands on him. His entire body radiates with so much corrosive energy that even the slightest touch would trigger immediate disintegration or decay. If he concentrates hard enough then the power of the acid would be such that entire beings would become vaporized immediately just by touching him. This also adds to his offensive capabilities, as normal punches and kicks will not just have greater force behind them but also coming in contact with them would be extremely lethal.
  • Acid Demon's Sunshower: Domon creates a small ball of acid in his arms which he then throws at the sky. Upon reaching the sky, the ball explodes, unleashing a massive shower of intense acid that comes pouring down and kills, mutilates or severally injures his opponent(s).

Demon Slayer's Secret Art

  • Corrosion Demon's Blank Stare: Domon fires multiple beams of corrosive Demon Slayer Magic from his eyes, which are able to slice through anything, and can also be expanded to cover a much larger radius, although losing it's high cutting power in the process.
  • Demon's War Cry: Domon first inhales, gathering huge amount of Demon Slayer Magic infused with acid in his mouth, and then releases the attack in the form of a volley of small spherical balls of Demon Slayer Magic that are sent flying in an unpredictable manner, assaulting the enemy. In addition, these spheres of magic can be controlled freely by Domon. 

Combination Attacks

Domon is able to use certain techniques that use two different types of Slayer Magic, but don't require him to enter a mode to access.

  • White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk: Domon releases thin beams of both Light Dragon Slayer Magic and Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic from his fingertips, which pierce through his target and heavily damages them.
  • Holy Shadow Dragon's Flash Fang: After releasing a large amount of shadows from his hand, Domon combines this with light from his other hand, releasing a powerful burst of light and shadows at the target.


Domon has access to many modes, which are similar to transformations. These modes all use certain types of Slayer Magic that Domon has learned, and both strengthen his power and allow him to use many new techniques.

Fire Dragon's Hummer Mode

Domon enters this mode by swallowing a Fire Dragon's Intense Destruction Focus instead of firing it, causing the huge amount of concentrated fire to be released into his body, energizing it and making him appear like his body is on fire, with his hair turning wavy like fire as well. While in this form, all of Domon's natural attributes receive a huge increase, giving him a massive boost in strength, defense, and speed.

Fire Dragon King Mode

Domon gained this mode after his fight with Decaun, as he was inspired by Decaun's Equilibrium and tried to accomplish something similar, focusing on balancing all of his Fire Magic equally to allow him to access his full power. As he attempted to achieve this mode, he ended up discovering this power as well, which occurred when Domon fully focused on his original Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, blocking out his Dark Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and Flame God Slayer Magic. This allowed all of his magical power to be used to fuel his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, giving it an absolutely massive boost in power, as his magical power was unrivaled since he had become the God of Magic, taking over for Ultima once she was captured by David.

  • Fire Dragon King's Roar: Domon produces a searing hot flame in his mouth before unleashing it in the direction he is facing. The unleashed flames engulf a large scale area that is hot enough to scorch anything, leaving a U-shaped valley of destruction in it's wake.
  • Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist: Domon first charges his fist, releasing a huge amount of fire in the process. After a brief delay, he punches his target with immense force so strong, in fact, that it shatters even the biggest of his foes to pieces.

Lightning Flame Dragon Mode

Since Domon has learned every type of magic known to man, he can combine his lightning magic with his Fire Dragon Slayer magic, improving his abilities by a huge amount, and giving him multiple enhanced versions of his regular techniques.

  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar: Domon's alternate, lightning-enhanced version of his Fire Dragon's Roar. Domon gathers and combines lightning and fire in his mouth, subsequently releasing them in a large, destructive, sparking blast. This spell is capable of traveling great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes, and generating a large explosion once it hits a target.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Fist: Domon's alternate version of his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. Domon engulfs his hand in lightning and flame, and, in addition to being burned after being struck, his opponent's are also struck by a bolt of lightning.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer: Domon engulfs his fist and forearm in fire and lightning and devastatingly strikes his opponent.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame: Domon's alternate, more powerful version of his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame. Domon engulfs his left hand in lightning and his right hand in flames, and, after bringing the two together, generates a large, destructive, sparking blast around his opponent.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision

  • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade: Domon's alternate, lighting-enhanced version of his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. Domon engulfs one hand in lightning and the other in flames. By swinging his arms around, Domon creates a highly destructive vortex of fire and lightning, which greatly damages the opponent and pushes them away with tremendous force.

Black Flame Dragon Mode

Similar to his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, Domon can combine his Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic with his Fire Dragon Slayer magic, giving him a few new attacks.

  • Exploding Flame Blade of Darkness: Domon sets both of his fists aflame and rushes at his opponent, delivering a barrage of attacks. Domon can also use this spell to blast away their opponent by combining their own flames with dark magic.
  • Darkness Phoenix Blade: Domon gathers the flames of his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and dark magic in his hand, and then cloaks his body in the aforementioned flames before rushing at his target of desire.

Iron Shadow Dragon Mode

Similar to Domon's Black Flame Dragon Mode, Domon combines his Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic with his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic to increase his power, give him new attacks, and allow him to turn into a shadow, making him intangible.

  • Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar: Domon quickly gathers and releases a large amount of iron and shadows from his mouth, generating a very large, powerful, and destructive blast.
  • Iron Shadow Dragon's Club: Domon attacks his target with a shadow-cloaked Iron Dragon's Club. The damage dealt is increased by the addition of the swirling shadows.

Blazing Dragon Mode

Domon's custom form, which is achieved by perfectly balancing his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, his Dark Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and his Flame God Slayer Magic within him, equalizing all of his powers and allowing him to focus on all of them at once, and then entering Dragon Force, giving Domon unfathomable power and causing the combination of all of these magics to form black flames that emanate from Domon. These new flames of Domon's are incredibly destructive, being able to destroy nearly anything, due to gaining the massive destructive properties of Flame God Slayer Magic. These flames are also the hottest known flames to ever exist throughout all of creation, and would easily burn through everything in less than a second if Domon did not control his power. This destructive force combined with Domon's unrivaled Magical Power, which he gained after becoming the God of Magic, allows Domon to destroy ideas themselves, although only to a certain extent, meaning that, while in this form, words like "Absolute" and "Immunity" mean nothing to Domon, as he can simply burn through the concept of a defense being absolutely unable to be bypassed, as well as burning through the idea of a person being immune to fire or magic. However, as of now Domon can only destroy more obvious ideas such as these, and will have to work harder in the future to gain the ability to burn through more abstract or otherworldly concepts.

  • Blazing Dragon's Mad Roar: Domon's signature attack, which is a combination of Fire Dragon's Roar and Flame God's Bellow, and can only be used while in Blazing Dragon Mode. When performing it, Domon gathers and condenses black flames within his mouth, as he compresses them to their utmost limit, before releasing the flames in the form of a powerful, large, exploding fireball that generates an extremely large and destructive blast upon hitting the opponent, which possesses enough destructive force to erase the opponent in an instant, regardless of their defenses.

Dragon Force

Previously thought to be a Dragon Slayer's ultimate state of power. When a Dragon Slayer enters Dragon Force, they effectively turn into a humanoid Dragon, gaining reptilian scales and traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on their skin. Dragon Force is the final, most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain; granting them power comparable to that which a real Dragon possesses: the power to utterly destroy everything. Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done by standard Dragon Slayer spells, and grants the user access to more advanced, powerful attacks. It also drastically enhances the user's physical prowess, making them far stronger, more resistant to damage, and faster, and considerably boosts their Magic Power, which becomes visible, taking the appearance of a Dragon. When exuded at its fullest, said Magic Power takes on a violent corporeality, likely as a result of the immense amount of Magic power employed.

  • Hidden Fire Form - Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade: Domon ignites his entire body with fire, and then charges towards the target, sending them into the air with a sharp uppercut. Domon then, in a similar manner to Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, headbutts his target.
  • Crimson Lotus: Crashing Fang Blast Flame Field: Domon envelops his entire body in fire, causing a structure to form as it manifests into the form of a dragon, which is controlled by Domon, who is in the dragon's chest, concentrating to keep it's form together. Once he is in the structure, Domon can control the arms, legs, and even wings as if they are his own, allowing him to charge at the opponent as the form condenses itself around Domon's body. When it strikes the target, the dragon erupts into full effect, shrinking down and further condensing itself to become the attack, causing a very large and very destructive explosion that hits the enemy, blowing them away with the power of the attack. Domon can also send the solid form directly at the opponent, sending it directly towards them as it transforms into a humongous tsunami of fire to surround the target and burn them completely.

Draconic Sovereign

While it was previously thought to all that Dragon Force was the final state that a Dragon Slayer could obtain, Domon discovered an ancient Dragon Slayer form in the Book of Eibon, one that surpassed Dragon Force in every way, but had been forgotten and was unknown to all modern mages. This mode was known as Draconic Sovereign, and upon reading about it Domon immediately wanted to learn how to use it himself.

In order to gain access to Draconic Sovereign, the Dragon Slayer looking to learn it must have bathed in or drank the blood of the dragon that taught them their magic. As such, Domon visited Raeburn and told him about what he had found. After hearing about this, Raeburn allowed Domon to drink a cup of his blood, which was contained in a miniature magic brand that Domon forged on his own body. After this, Domon gained the ability to enter Draconic Sovereign.

Upon being activated, Draconic Sovereign causes Domon to take up a more draconic visage, gaining the legs, horns, tail, and wings of a dragon, along with turning his hair white and making his eyes become dark red in color, in addition to the scales and elongated teeth that he gained in Dragon Force. This transformation gives Domon an unimaginable boost in every attribute, making this mode even more powerful than Blazing Dragon Mode. However, Draconic Sovereign drains Domon's energy much faster than Blazing Dragon Mode, making this a mode that Domon only uses when absolutely necessary. Domon also gains access to techniques that can only be used while in this mode.

  • Flaming Demonic Dragon's Clamor: The ultimate version of Fire Dragon's Roar. Domon creates a dark sphere of fire energy in front of his mouth. He then swallows it before opening his mouth, releasing much smoke from the heat and quickly firing a humongous blast of energy, creating a large trail of debris.
  • Flaming Demonic Dragon's Extended Claw: An improved version of Fire Dragon's Extended Claw that stretches farther and hits much harder.

Demon Force

Similar to Dragon Force for users of Dragon Slayer Magic, Demon Force is an enhanced state of power for a user of Demon Slayer Magic, which was taught to Domon by Idrisviel, the same demon that taught him Acid Demon Slayer Magic. Upon activation, Domon's hair turns white and he gains purple markings all over his body, along with a tremendous amount of demonic energy that is focused around his hands, which take the form of giant purple hands. Like Dragon Force, Demon Force gives Domon a massive increase in all of his attributes, along with a powerful demonic aura that instills fear into even the most fearless of foes, becoming visible to others and eventually even taking the shape of a giant demon. While in this form, Domon can also turn his entire body into acid, making him virtually immune to physical harm and allowing him to simply pass through many types of attacks. While turned into acid, the strength of Domon's acid allows him to also "eat" his way through energy attacks, corroding them near instantly as soon as they come into contact with him.

  • Yaksha: Griping Pain: After activating Demon Force, Domon dashes towards his opponent, appearing in front of them before they can even recognize that he moved and grabs them with one hand whilst giving the attacking arm support with the other. He then fires a vast corrosive acid blast at his opponent at point-blank range. As his opponent is still recovering from the attack, he encapsulates his feet with a thick layer of acid and kicks them upwards, sending them flying as he prepares to finish them off, becoming clad in the aura granted by Acid Demon Slayer Magic and Demon Force and swiping his arms in such a manner that they form the letter "x", sending out a powerful wave of explosions at the target as they come crashing down. Finally, just before they can hit the ground, he finishes them off with a smaller and much more controlled version of Acid Demon's Roar.

Demonic Sovereign

Upon mastering Demon Force, Idrisviel revealed to Domon that there was yet another mode that Demon Slayers could attain, known as Demonic Sovereign. Similar to Draconic Sovereign for Dragon Slayers, Demonic Sovereign is the true ultimate state that a Demon Slayer can reach. Different from Draconic Sovereign, however, was how it was achieved. For Domon to gain the ability to use Demonic Sovereign, he had to kill Idrisviel and bathe in his blood. While Domon was somewhat reluctant to do so, Idrisviel assured him that he would be fine, since, when he died, he would go straight to Hell, which is where they already were. Domon then fought Idrisviel, killing the demon and letting his blood fall onto Domon. The blood was contained in yet another magical brand that was forged on Domon's body, and Domon then gained the ability to access this mode.

When in Demonic Sovereign, Domon gains an incredibly demonic and bestial appearance, gaining reptilian feet, a bat-like body structure, and four giant wings. He also gains a pair of twin red blades that protrude from his forearms, which are both sharp and strong enough to slice through even the toughest defenses with utter ease. In this form, Domon becomes nigh-invulnerable and immensely powerful, making this his most powerful mode, edging out Draconic Sovereign by a decent amount in terms of sheer power, although it is not as fast. In addition to this, Domon's incredible demonic aura becomes charged with insane amounts of Acid Demon Slayer Magic, making anything that comes even remotely near him decay into nothingness within attoseconds. Due to Domon's aura being incredibly large, this means that this form can never be used when fighting alongside others, as they would all be in incredible danger from simply being near Domon's massive and highly destructive aura. Domon's unfathomable power with Acid Demon Slayer Magic while in this mode gives him access to some of the most powerful and catastrophic attacks ever seen.

  • Bestial Death Demon's Eraser Typhoon: Domon holds his arms straight out to his sides and focuses his incredibly acidic aura onto the blades on his arms. He then spins in place at incredible speeds, forming the aura into a giant acid hurricane that forms around Domon. Once the hurricane reaches full size, it begins to shoot out thousands of smaller acidic tornadoes that fly outwards in every direction, melting anything that they come across and easily tearing through anyone that gets hit by even one of the typhoons shot out from this attack. After firing the many cyclones, Domon finally stops spinning and launches the twister forward from his arms, finishing off anything that could've possible survived the previous onslaught of acidic whirlwinds.
  • Bestial Death Demon's Universal Judgment Cut: Domon slices forward with the swords on his arms, creating a distortion in space that engulfs the target(s), slicing them millions of times with acidic blades that cut and corrode the enemies into oblivion. These slashes can hit any enemies that are trapped within in the large distortion radius.
  • Bestial Death Demon's Black Hellmageddon: Domon's most powerful attack. Domon gathers all of his magical power into a single small ball of dense demonic energy that he holds in front of him. He then crushes the ball, causing a boundless amount of omni-directional Acid Demon Slayer Magic to fly forth, devouring anything that touches it within planck time, rendering this attack absolutely inescapable to all that it would ever be used against. The energy would never stop flowing, being able to easily cover the entire universe, wiping out everything in said universe, even space itself, leaving only nothingness in it's wake. The acid used in this attack can undoubtedly corrode through any armor, leaving even the most impenetrable armors rendered useless when faced with the unstoppable storm of this technique. Because of the unmatched destructive power of this attack, Domon would never think of using it when in any of the universes, as it would wipe them completely from existence. If Domon would ever have to use this technique, he would transport the target into an empty dimension first, so that nothing of value is lost. Despite this, Domon would ever only use this spell if he absolutely, positively knew that it was the only possible way to save the universe from something that threatened to obliterate it and everything inside of it.


During the 7 year time skip after the Lookout Warriors defeated Jashin, Domon learned many new types of magic, including Summoning magic. Summoning magic gives Domon the ability to summon many incredibly powerful creatures with varying abilities to suit different situations. Here is a list of all of the Summons Domon can use so far, and their abilities.

  • Shiva: An esper that, when summoned, uses a powerful ice attack called Diamond Dust.
  • Ramuh: An esper that, when summoned, uses a powerful electric spell called Judgement Bolt.
  • Ifrit: An esper that, when summoned, uses a powerful fire attack called Hellfire.
  • Titan: An esper that, when summoned, uses a powerful earth attack called Gaia's Wrath.
  • Golem: An esper that, when summoned, absorbs all physical attacks on behalf of allies until its limit is reached.
  • Bahamut: An esper that, when summoned, uses an incredibly powerful attack called Megaflare. Despite this attack's name, it is not a fire-based spell.
  • Neo Bahamut: A more powerful version of Bahamut. When summoned, it can use an even more powerful version of Megaflare, known as Gigaflare.
  • Bahamut ZERO: The most powerful form of Bahamut, and Domon's most powerful summon. When summoned, it uses the most powerful form of Flare, known as Teraflare.
  • Odin: An esper that, when summoned, rides into battle and slices enemies with his powerful Zantetsuken attack.
  • Raiden: An esper that is an even more powerful form of Odin. It is easily Domon's most powerful summon, due to his sword, the Shin-Zantetsuken, being able to kill intangible objects, ideas, and concepts. However, due to it's massive amount of power, it can not be out for long, usually disappearing after only half a minute, which is more than enough in most cases.
  • Leviathan: An esper that, when summoned, uses an incredibly powerful water attack called Tidal Wave.
  • Salamander: An esper that, when summoned, uses an incredibly powerful fire attack called Wyrmfire.
  • Lich: An esper that, when summoned, spits out an insanely powerful blast of black lightning as it flies over its targets.
  • Cyclops: An esper that, when summoned, shoots out a huge energy beam from its single eye.
  • Zodiark: An esper that, when summoned, bathes the earth in extremely powerful rays of sunlight that can melt anything they touch instantly, and cleave through other attacks with ease.

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū

Shortly after joining the Lookout Crew, Domon ventured into space, wanting to learn more techniques to get stronger. While searching in space, Domon found another traveling human, named Hiko Seijūrō, who taught Domon the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū sword style, which was the most powerful sword style known to man. After Domon finished his training, Hiko gave him a sword known as the Battōsai, which was a very powerful and indestructible sword that could cut through space itself. Domon then returned to Earth, using his sword techniques for many years as a member of the Lookout Crew. While he later switched to mainly using Magic to fight his opponents, he finally returned to this style once again during the battle with Ninthalor, and continued to use these attacks from then on.

  • Ryūtsuisen: From a position higher than one's opponent (usually initiated by a powerful jump), one uses the momentum of the fall to strengthen a two-handed sword swing that brings the blade down on the opponent's head or shoulder.
    • Ryūtsuisen ● Zan: Beginning as Ryūtsuisen, the user positions the sword as to initiate a downward stab to the head instead of a downward swing.
  • Ryūkansen: Most effective used as a counterattack against a thrust or charge, one sidesteps a forward-moving opponent and moves past them. In doing so, one spins in a full circle, adding momentum and centrifugal force to the strength of the sword swing, which is then aimed at either the opponent's back or the back of the neck.
    • Ryūkansen ● Tsumuji: One of the variations of Ryūkansen, Ryūkansen Tsumuji, like it's other variations, is most effective as a counter attack, but can be used as an offensive attack. Unlike the original, Ryukansen-Tsumuji involves a forward-horizontal spin in a drilling motion like a torpedo.
    • Ryūkansen ● Kogarashi: Involves a single small side-step coupled with a 90 degree pivot turn inward and a back handed slash that quickly blasts the foe away; unlike the original version which is a full 180 degree full spin and slash. The Ryukansen-Kogarashi is the quickest of the four variations, however, the weakest as well. It is the ideal counter attack when dealing with a faster or unreadable attack.
    • Ryūkansen ● Arashi: A variation of the normal Ryūkansen, this technique places the swordsman in a full rolling somersault slash while attacking, making it an effective counter attack against downward slash attacks.
  • Ryūshōsen: The opposite of Ryūtsuisen, Ryūshōsen is a rising attack meant to strike the jaw from below. For additional power, one uses one's free arm to apply force to the back of the blade and utilizes a powerful upward jump during the attack. 
  • Ryūtsuishōsen: A combination of Ryūtsuisen and Ryūshōsen, Ryūtsuishōsen begins with the powerful jump and supported upswing of Ryūshōsen, giving the leap enough power to pass one's opponent in mid-air, and on the returning drop, Ryūtsuisen is performed.
  • Ryūsōsen: A massive flurry of strikes delivered to the opponent. The sheer speed of the slashes makes this technique difficult to counter or defend.
    • Ryūsōsen ● Garami: A variation of the Ryūsōsen that which targets the foe's head.
  • Doryūsen: A ranged attack, Doryūsen strikes an opponent outside of the user's range by striking the ground and sending any nearby terrain at said opponent with knockout force.
  • Kuzuryūsen:  A dashing attack that simultaneously strikes all nine vital spots on the foe's body from a normal kendō stance, as each of these nine points are the main targets for different swordstyles (only different styles target different ones). It is said to be undodgeable and nearly unblockable, and is taught as a prerequisite for the succession technique. The strength of the move's "nine heads" will differ greatly depending on the speed, force and even weight of the user. The nine heads of the targets are in counterclockwise while looking towards the target from the user's view:
    • Karatake: Aimed at above head with downward strike.
    • Sakagesagiri: Aimed at right shoulder diagonally.
    • Miginagi: Aimed at right arm's center from the side.
    • Migikiriage:  Aimed at right arm's bottom/right wrist diagonally.
    • Sakakaze: Aimed at groin area from below via upward stroke, or straight from front.
    • Hidarikiriage: Aimed at left arm's bottom/left wrist diagonally.
    • Hidarinagi: Aimed at left arm's center from the side.
    • Kesagiri: Aimed at left shoulder diagonally.
    • Tsuki/Shitotsu: Aimed at center of chest, at breastbone.
  • Hiten Mugen Zan: An ancient and nearly impossible move to dodge, Hiten Mugen Zan is an extremely powerful charge which delivers a multitude of sword slashes so fast that even opponents with the quickest of reaction times could not possibly count the number of slashes.

Battōjutsu Techniques

These are the most advanced techniques of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, that require a special stance to use, known as the Battōjutsu stance, which deals specifically with the rapid drawing and sheathing of a sword, as a katana being drawn from its sheath moves with a much greater speed and force than when it is being wielded normally.

  • Sōryūsen: Seemingly a simple Battōjutsu strike, Sōryūsen is the first of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū's two-step Battōjutsu moves. After the first strike with the quickened sword, the user wields the empty sheath along the same path as a blunt weapon. After the sword strike lands, the sheath strike delivers a pulverizing blow capable of crushing bone and shattering wood, but if the sword strike misses, the sheath strike acts as powerful insurance, preventing an opponent's attack and delivering a crushing blow when it's least expected.
    • Sōryūsen ● Ikazuchi: An alternate form of Sōryūsen wherein the sword is wielded while still inside the sheath. The first strike is made with the sheathed sword and, once it makes contact, the sword is drawn using Battōjutsu for a second strike. While the original Sōryūsen is designed to make two strikes, Sōryūsen Ikazuchi appears designed with the assumption that the first strike will be blocked.
  • Hiryūsen: After assuming a Battōjutsu stance, one rotates one's body rapidly and then stops, aiming the sheath at one's target. The force shoots the sword's grip out of the sheath like an arrow, allowing one to strike a target outside of one's zone and reach.
  • Ryūmeisen: An unusual technique in which one uses the godspeed of Battōjutsu to sheathe the sword rather than to draw it in a practice known as Shinsoku Nōtōjutsu. The speed and force creates a miniature sonic boom that can be used to temporarily stun opponents with particularly sensitive or acute hearing by affecting their auditory nerves.
  • Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki: The secret ultimate technique of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki is a powerful Battōjutsu technique whose secret lies in discovering both the significance and insignificance of one's life, the penultimate requirement needed to master the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. Though its form is that of any other Battōjutsu strike, the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki differs in that, while a normal strike is performed by drawing the katana from its sheath on one side while stepping forward with the opposite foot, using a single step, this strike adds yet another step mid-draw with the foot adjacent to the sheath which momentarily creates an instantaneous acceleration to the forward-charge as well as the sword draw. Meanwhile, the range of the attack is increased and the timing of the attack changes slightly, which can throw off the opponent. Although truly, a super-sword attack, it endangers the user by possibly putting the adjacent leg into the free sword's path and draws one even closer to an opponent's sword than usual, but on the other hand, boosts the speed of the sword draw to beyond-godspeed and even greater is the boost in force of the strike. By realizing one's insignificance and risking life and limb to protect something else while, at the same time, taking one's own, fragile human life into consideration, the user is able to step into the small margin behind one's own drawn sword and in front of the sword of one's opponent without fail, delivering a beyond-godspeed blow of monstrous power. The immense force of the enhanced draw cuts the air in front of it and creates a powerful vacuum in its wake as the deflected air rushes back into place. Any opponent to deflect or dodge the first swing will automatically be subject to this vacuum and inexorably pulled closer to the user, all while this vacuum creates intense winds powerful enough to overwhelm and catch their opponents off balance. With the great amount of force being applied to the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki, a missed swing leads naturally into an accelerated spin of such centripetal force akin to the Ryūkansen. The added momentum of the spin in addition to the pulling force of the vacuum on both side results in a second strike that greatly dwarfs the first in power.

Techniques learned from other Lookout Warriors

As previously stated, Domon's Blue Magic abilities allow him to instantly learn any magical-based ability upon seeing it only once. Here is a list of all of the techniques that Domon has learned from other fighters on the Lookout so far.

  • Divine Sight: A technique that Domon learned from Leogian after his fight with Avallac'h. This ability greatly enhances Domon's vision, giving him greater clarity of vision and widening his field of view to the point where he can nearly see at a 360 degree angle. Domon can also see invisible opponents by staring into their soul, is unaffected by blinding attacks, such as Solar Flare, and can scan the entire universe, allowing him to locate people and places that are very far away from him with ease. It also gives Domon the foresight to see a person's movement or projectiles a few seconds in advance.


Domon primarily fights with his Magic, but he does use two weapons on occasion, which is his sword, Battōsai, and his axe, the Dawnfang. While he previously gained control of the Lance of Longinus after defeating David, David reclaimed his weapon after returning as one of Leo's familiars, stating that Domon did not know how to use it properly.

After becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, Domon gained access to many magical artifacts that had been collected by the Ancient One during his time in the role, in addition to finding quite a few himself on his adventures. These artifacts are listed here:

  • The Eye of Agamotto: A powerful and valued artifact that has many functions. Using the Eye, Domon can see through any lie, deception or illusion, send the eye out at light speed to intercept and absorb massive amounts of any type of energy and free others who are trapped in their own illusions. It is often used to amplify his mind's eye, giving psychic abilities that rival the most powerful of telepaths. It is also often used to play back an area's past events, lift beings weighing thousands of pounds into the air telekinetically, and open dimensional portals, as well as placing beings in suspended animation. The Eye can track beings by their psychic or magical emissions. The light given off by the Eye also weakens a variety of evil mystical beings, such as demons, devils, undead beings, dark extradimensional entities, and even sufficiently corrupt human practitioners of dark magic. When used offensively, no being can withstand its light for long; due to its lethal effect, it is often used as a weapon of last resort. The Eye appears to be dimensionally linked to the Orb of Agamotto, and is presented to the current Sorcerer or Sorceress Supreme to aid them in their great duties. The amulet can only be used by a being with a pure heart and a clean soul.
  • The Cloak of Levitation: A cloak that heavily boosts Domon's ability to fly when worn, in addition to responding to his thoughts. Because of this, Domon can use it as a "third set of hands" to attack a foe when his own body has been incapacitated. The Cloak is nearly indestructible, often escaping damage during even the most violent confrontations. The cloak can act independent of Domon as though it has a will of its own, as well as being quasi-sentient to some degree.
  • The Orb of Agamotto: A large crystal ball which Domon uses daily to monitor the surrounding dimensions and his own world for trouble.
  • The Wand of Watoomb: A wand which amplifies Domon's power and absorbs mystical energy that can be utilized for a variety of effects, such as reopening dimensional portals and firing mystic bolts; a power-item that can be divided into two separate, though powerless, parts, and can restructure reality itself when combined with other mystical objects.
  • The Book of the Vishanti: A magical book which contains some of the multiverse's most powerful and secret spells and counter-spells for white magic, opposed to the dark arts of the Darkhold.
  • Darkhold: Similar to the Book of Vishanti, the Darkhold is a magical book that contains a number of the most powerful black magic spells known in existence. However, its corrupting influence is so strong that few can use it without losing their souls and becoming possessed by Chthon, the creator of the book. Because of this, Domon has not actually read the book yet, and only owns it for the sake of keeping it out of the hands of evil.
  • The Hands of the Dead: A highly powerful item created fifteen centuries ago, that allows Domon to enter the tides of time and space, travel the universe in the blink of an eye, and even be in several places at the same time.
  • The Book of Eibon: A book written by the wizard Eibon, containing all of his magical knowledge. It has been passed down through many sorcerers over the centuries, and Domon considers it one of his most treasured artifacts.
  • The Atlantean Dreamwave: A magical item that can be used to enter the dreams of others.
  • The Book of Demonicus: A book that contains knowledge on every demon ever known.
  • The Brazier of Bom'Galiath: A brazier that serves as a portal to Hell.
  • The Tome of Oshtur: An ancient book of long-lost spells written by Oshtur.
  • The Serum of the Seraphim: An all-purpose elixir capable of curing both mystic and non-mystic ailments, described as "the most potent medicine known to the occult"; the serum is so powerful that only a few ounces are needed. It is usually kept in tiny ornate containers holding just a few ounces. Any being drinking this serum is instantly returned to his full health and has all of his wounds healed. Any magical fungus, physical curses, such as blindness, or diseases are held in check, then slowly cured over a few days time.
  • The Scrolls of Watoomb: A precious source of magical knowledge written by Watoomb, containing information on how to give the reader quicker and safer control over the Winds of Watoomb, in addition to increasing the Winds' power.
  • The Ring of the Ancient One: A ring given to Domon by his master, which can be used to allow him to do anything he is capable of in physical form while astrally projecting, as well as to take on the form of the Ancient One himself.
  • The Crystal of Kadavus: The Crystal is a fist-sized, diamond-like gemstone that is cut to resemble a skull. When using the proper incantation and exposing it to the light of a full moon, it focuses dimensional forces. When this focused beam is aimed at a magical item it is completely restored to full power, even if the item had previously been drained of its magic powers or “destroyed”. This procedure must be repeated for at least two nights of the full moon before the item is restored to full power.
  • The Cauldron of the Cosmos: A cauldron that allows Domon to dwell upon the immutable mysteries of the universe, and is used for consultation and scrying.
  • The Oculus Oroboros: The Oculus Oroboros is the most powerful conduit for elemental magic known to exist. It can gather elemental magic energy and store it to be used again at will.
  • The Hand of the Vishanti: A magical item that is capable of allowing people to enter the astral plane that would not be able to otherwise.
  • The Jewel of Transhypnosis: A jewel that can teleport its wielder into another dimension by focusing their concentration upon it and has the power to transform matter into imagination and vice versa.
  • Kartkuthi: A book that, when read, can force a person's astral form back into their body.
  • The Iris of the All-Seeing Oracle: A summoning tool that contains a mirror which allows for two-way audio-visual communications with another mage of Domon's choosing anywhere in the universe.
  • The Scroll of Eternity: A scroll that holds a spell that opens a gate to a mystic realm close to Eternity, allowing Domon to join with Eternity and avoid anyone trying to fight him, along with dodging Death itself if need be.
  • Helmet of Fate: The Helmet of Fate is a magical artifact that houses inside it the Lord of Order Nabu. It works as a symbiont of sorts, allowing Domon to be inhabited by Nabu. The Helmet of Fate holds immense arcane power in its own right, and is considered to be the most powerful magical artifact the universe has ever known. The Helmet empowers Domon's magic by an incredible amount, even more so than the Eye of Agamotto. However, due to the fact that Domon has to share his body with Nabu while wearing it, he only employs the use of the Helmet when absolutely necessary.
  • Amulet of Anubis: The Amulet of Anubis is an ancient amulet that holds a part of the power of the god Anubis. The Amulet contains the souls of the previous wearers of the Helmet of Fate, as well as it's own pocket dimension. The Amulet can also fire mystic beams, render Domon undetectable to magical detection, and empowers Domon's magic when being used.
  • Cloak of Destiny: The Cloak of Destiny is a magical cloak that, when worn, boosts Domon's flight abilities, makes him near-invulnerable, and gives him a large boost to his strength.
  • Worlogog: The Worlogog is a complete map of the Space-Time continuum of all of the universes, granting Domon mastery of time, making this the most powerful artifact that Domon owns. The Worlogog allows Domon to do absolutely anything he wants involving time, meaning that he is only limited by his own imagination when using the powers of this artifact. Because of the Worlogog's insane powers, Domon fears any evil force getting a hold of it, and has placed it under hundreds of the most powerful magical seals he could conjure in an alternate dimension deep in the Sanctum Sanctorum.
  • Timeship: Domon owns a Timeship, which is a ship composed completely of tachyon particles that is capable of traveling through both time and space.

Friends and Allies

Leogian: When Domon met Leogian at the Vampire Headquarters, they became friends instantly and took out the entire Vampire Army by themselves. At the Memorial Day Tournament. Domon's first match was against Leo. After a long fight, Domon won, but revealed that he only entered to test Leo's power, and quit the tournament. Domon taught Leo Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu, the ultimate sword style, after the tournament.

Tenchi: When Domon first met Tenchi at the Saiyan's arrival ground, he immediately sensed his huge power, and was shocked anyone could be that powerful in their base form alone. After Domon triggered his Devil Transformation during his fight with Beet, Tenchi tried to interfere, but Domon stopped him, allowing Beet to transform to LSSJ10. Domon had to resort to the Giga Drill Breaker, unlocking his Spiral Power, which in turn awakened Tenchi's Spiral Power, allowing Tenchi to finish off Beet with the Giga Drill Breaker. Ever since that day, Domon has been training as hard as he can to eventually match Tenchi's astronomical power.

Neo: Domon had known Neo for a long time, but he never really talked to him until The Ancient Evil showed up. Neo and Domon fought side by side until Domon fused with Tenchi. After Neo turned TAE into a good person with the Infinity Gauntlet, Domon truly realized the power of weapon, and went into training with Kuzon to become strong enough to beat him. After the Akuix returned to invade Earth, Domon and Neo decided to revive the Super Z-Fighters in the form of the Ultima Fighters, Earth's ultimate defense, composed of the mightiest warriors on the planet.

AncientFighter: When Domon first met AF, AF was an evil being known as The Ancient Evil. After a long battle with The Lookout Crew and The Super Z-Fighters, TAE was turned into AF by Neo. Shortly afterwards, Domon challenged AF to a fight. Although AF proved to be a very good swordsman, Domon won with the Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki, the ultimate sword technique. Ever since then, AF has been training as hard as he can so he can become strong enough to defeat Domon.

Kuzon: After Beet and the Saiyans were destroyed, Domon asked Kuzon if he could train under him. Kuzon said yes, and they trained together in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, unlocking more of Domon's power. Afterwards, Domon decided to enter The Kuzon Games, and trained even harder with AncientFighter so they could both become stronger in time for The Games.

Kuzon Jr.: Once Domon finally returned to the Lookout, he met Kuzon Jr., the son of Kuzon, who had passed away in his absence. Domon followed KJ's orders throughout the Great Universal Revolution, and while he did not always agree with his opinions and actions, he did have much respect for him and what he had accomplished in his life, especially considering how he was even younger than Domon.

Sora: Domon first met Sora after his return to the Lookout, and trusted him, thinking him to be a good person. However, this all changed when Sora betrayed the Lookout Crew, deceived Domon, and destroyed his homeland, permanently killing his entire family and the people he grew up with. Eventually, after Sora's own family was killed, he returned to the GUAOF, which angered Domon greatly. While over time Domon's rage passed, he will still never forgive Sora for his actions, no matter how he served in the defeat of the System.

Akane: During the Great Universal Revolution, while Domon was attempting to join a battle in Everspace, he was attacked by Akane, who at first tried to hide her appearance from him by wearing a cloak. Upon seeing her for the first time, Domon found her to be absolutely beautiful, but continued to fight her to find her motives for approaching him. Once they had sorted out the misunderstanding, Akane left, but Domon wished to see her again. After this, Akane continued to pop up sporadically in Domon's life, often trying to attack him for one reason or another. As Domon learned more about her, he quickly fell in love with her, and was ecstatic when found out that Akane loved him as well. Eventually, they wed, and while they are both very busy due to their jobs, they still find time to spend together whenever they can.

Ultima: While Domon was training one day outside of his house, he was suddenly approached by a white-haired girl that revealed herself to be Ultima Vafer, the daughter of David Vafer, one of Domon's most hated enemies. Because of this, Domon was suspicious of her at first, but eventually found that she was very childlike and naive, and she didn't even know of the terrible atrocities that her father had committed throughout the war. She soon took a liking to Domon, and forcibly moved into his house in exchange for making him the Sub-God of Magic. After a few months of this, their relationship culminated during a trip to the beach, where Akane and Ultima both reached an agreement where they would marry Domon together, resulting in a three-way marriage. While Domon would try to protest this marriage, claiming that he wasn't ready to get married yet, he had no say in the matter, and became wed to both Akane and Ultima at the same time. Despite Domon being married to her, Ultima's past genocidal actions and Domon not actually knowing much about her prior to being forcefully married to her results in Domon often contemplating their relationship, wondering if he even actually loves her more than he would care to admit.



  • Domon shares his birthday with his creator, Ultimate Domon. Creative, I know.
  • Domon's favorite movie is 12 Angry Men. Same as his creator again. You can tell how much thought he put into making this guy.
  • Domon enjoys all genres of music, although he usually just listens to whatever new pop songs are being played on the radio. What a casual.
  • Domon's favorite show is Seinfeld. Not gonna make fun of him for this one. If you don't like Seinfeld, you probably don't deserve to live.
  • Domon's favorite food is chicken wings. His favorite sauce for them is buffalo sauce. This one actually isn't his creator's favorite food, but it is definitely one of his favorites.
  • Domon's name comes from the main character of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Domon Kasshu. Yeah. They have the same exact name. Domon's parents also have the same exact name as the parents in G Gundam. Plagiarism is fun!
  • The reason Domon became so interested in magic is because he played Yu-Gi-Oh when he was young. Pfft. What a nerd.
  • Domon's favorite hobby is reading in his study, despite knowing full well that books are for losers.
  • Domon's favorite subject in school was History because it was the only one that he didn't suck at.
  • Domon's favorite song is "Kiss" by Prince. He occasionally tries to emulate the ear-piercing shrieks that Prince makes in the song, only to crushingly fail each and every time.

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