This article, Devil Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Devil Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

Devil Tenchi
is an extreme transformation taken on by Tenchi and is technically his third state of transformation if Incubator Tenchi is discounted when looking at this form. Devil Tenchi is a manifestation of every last one of Tenchi's and human histories negative emotions and dark feelings. It is the incarnation of sin and the awakening of evil, described as being a creature even more fearsome than the devil himself. This form is the reason why King Yemma would not let Tenchi into hell, due to the staunt fact he may take it over should he enter this form.

Power and Usage

Devil Tenchi is an extremely Dangerous Transformation, and is the ultimate evil that Kami Tenchi spoke of about constantly fighting to supress. This form is even more powerful than Kami Tenchi's destructor state, in spite of its decreased muscle mass. Upon entering this state, Tenchi's personality becomes entirely remodeled. He is cruel and psychotic and loves torturing his opponents within an inch of their life. He has no regard for his or anyone elses safety. Suprisingly, he is not murderous to innocents, indicating that Tenchi still may be in control while in this state, however, he loves nothing more than to victimize his enemies and maim them endlessly.

Devil Tenchi is so strong that he surpasses the power of Tenchi's Black Luster state by trillions of folds. This was shown many times throughout the series, but one of his most recognisable feats of doing so was when he shattered the armor of the absalon cyborg with a casual finger flick in his direction, the armor itself being strong enough to tank universe destroying attacks. While in this state, Tenchi's body morphs to take on a distinctively more demonic, gargoyle-like appearance. He sprouts large bat-likw wings from his back, a tial, and gains horns, various spikes on his body, and an increases musculature, though not quite on the level of his destructor form, the power difference is astronomical. Devil Tenchi makes a far more liberal usage of his godlike reality warping powers then any of his previous counterparts. Though mostly preferring to kill his opponents with his bare hands, he will often cast spells of extremely powerful and deadly nature on his opponents that can set them at a great disadvantage. The spiritual successor of Devil Tenchi's form is Emperor Tenchi.

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