This article, Destructor Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Destructor Tenchi, is a Role-Play article.

Destructor Tenchi
is the second transformation capable of being taken on by Tenchi , and is revered as one of his most popular and iconic transformations. Destructor Tenchi is an ascended state of power that can only be unlocked by Tenchi's far stronger alter ego, Kami Tenchi . Destructor Tenchi is a last ditch battle effort and is described as "the deciding factor of all fights" as in the moment Tenchi should decide to take on this form, his enemies have already lost the battle. It is the successor form to Kami Tenchi.

Usage and Power

Destructor Tenchi is an extraodinarily powerful transformation in a tier completely of its own, not just because of the fact it can only be taken on by Tenchi himself and nobody else in the entire universe, but because of the unimaginable battle advantage it grants to Tenchi. Destructor Tenchi is so strong that he was described as "having reached the realm of god" upon taking it on, which is only natural seeing as it is a manifested side effect of Kami Tenchi's divine power. In this state, Destructor Tenchi's body and skin right down to the tiniest atom of flesh composing his body is invulnerable to all forms of physical outside attack. He was so strong that no opponent thus far has been able to cause harm to him, and his body is so durable that he himself claimed that he "didn't even notice" a full powered, fully serious LSSJ3 broly was attacking him until after it happenned. During their battle, Tenchi dominated broly with casual ease, as the legendary super saiyans fists would bounce of Tenchi's body harmlessly. Tenchi claims that he does not obtain this power through natural means, but magical.

He obtains the ability to move, attack, and fight with any amount of speed or physical strength that he desires without having to put in the effort or strain on his body he would in previous forms. He can effectively transcend the concepts of space and time alltogether and fight, wound, and defeat his enemies instantly. Fighting instantly allows him to dispose of foes before they even realize what has happenned, and throwing as much power as he likes behind his attacks and physical hits can pose lethal threats to his enemies.

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