Destroyer of Heaven Tenchi
is one of his single most powerful forms, and is bested only by the multiple stages of his Emperor Transformations. Destroyer of Heaven came about when Tenchi obtained mastery over his Devil State but accidentally fused his Black Luster powers with his Devil Transformation. The Conflicting Energies fused together in danger of obliterating the universe and gave birth to this immensely powerful state.

In this form, Tenchi loses nearly all semblance of humanity and instead gains his most devilish and imposing appearance yet. The Black Lister armor has morphed into pure malevolent cosmic ki which forms a solid body, while his bones get converted to a ghastly dark purple matter which is also made of black luster supplice. Many devilish skullheads now coat his body form head to toe.

Usage & Power

Tenchi's destroyer of heaven state is unlocked when he involuntarily fused his black luster powers in with the surging energies rising up threatening to take him over and turning him into devil tenchi inaverdantly. The result creates this monster, a being that is neither Tenchi nor Devil Tenchi, but something different alltogether.

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