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The Desaku Clan is known as the most fierce clan ever known, it was previously led by and Ian, and eventually just Ian after Zan's departing of the village. After this the village fell into a great depression until Ian's banishment by the clansmen. With this came change in leadership and a "Golden Age".

Notable Members

Of some 50K Residents, the clan has many notable members, those of the Lookout Crew.

  • - Co-Founder, Later village head. "Him", the leader that led the clan into a deppresion.
  • - Founder, Village Head. "The Great One".
  • Vegitax - Early member, councilman. "The Godfather"
  • Hideki - Son of Ian.
  • Sora - Brother of Zan. Fought, and lost to Ian for leadership.
  • Shun - Son of Zion.
  • Bandra
  • Aldrin
  • Riku
  • Topazo
  • Michael Iron - Early member, Councilman.
  • Kage - Early member, councilman.
  • Manticore
  • Kuro
  • Gorudo
  • Ryu

Clothing, and Uniform

Normal Clothing Just normal clothes

War, Fighting Clothing

If the warrior is a fighter or soldier they wear a black cloak with some blue cloud markings. You are not required to wear this everyday unless you're a soldier. This is also to be wore by clan leaders and commanders. Ian changed it so the leader of the entire clan wears a specific cloak with flames going across the bottom. 


Desaku Village, home of The Desaku Clan. It is surrounded by a giant wall for protection, which has three gates, one of East, West, and North.
Desaku Village

Buildings, and Locations

  • Clan Hall
  • Desaku Training Feilds
  • Desaku Library
  • Desaku All-Age School (Learning)
  • Desaku All-Age School (Martial Arts)
  • Desaku Ninja Academy
  • Smoothie Stand
  • War Room
  • Many Homes
  • Ramen Shop
  • Other Desaku Shops

Damages, Wars and Destruction

  • Zan Jr vs Ian - Battle lasted hours, and ended with Zan Jr victorious.
  • Ian vs Sora - Ended quickly, Ian defeats Sora.
  • Terrorist Attack of 46 - 7 Bombs were set off around the village center. 842 Casualties.
  • Desaku Civil War - Civil War prior to Ian's banishment. Rebels win and banish Ian as they take control.
  • Disbanding - After 34 years of rebel control, the village was eventually attacked by a vengeful Zan Jr who went on to destroy the village, leaving it to stand today in age 1503 as a ghost town.

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