This article, Demon Rooey, is a Role-Play article.

Zoo time Soaring Louie stand - Copy

This is the Demon Saiyan, I knwo that I did good with the out lines but I'm not good at painting in the inside.

This is the Demon Rooey form of the great Super Saiyan Ronsely and he gets stronger at this point, he can grow up to 10X is original size as he tries to knock over everyone that he knows in which he becomes out of control. He becomes this creature every night or when the sun is covered by clouds, Ronsely cannot control his transformation until he becomes human again. (The callar around his neck is the sign that he will turn into this demon every night or shade of day.)

And he uses his big spiked wings to fly,in order to fly better he filps over as he flies making it harder for the other super saiyans to catch up to him.


1.Demon Blast

2.Claw killer

3.Super Earthquake

4.Hyper Bite (Very powerful if he charges up to full power.)

( FYI:Sorry if the coloring went over my lines that I drew. I can't color in my own lines! :(.

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