Death Saiyan
Death saiyan
Anime name Death Saiyan
Manga name Saiyan of Death
Debut RP
Appears in RP
Inventor Kotaz
Users Kotaz
Class Transformation
Death Saiyan is a form used by Kotaz.


Death Saiyan is a form between life and death. It is between SSJ5 and SSJ6 in power. In this form when someone looks into your eyes, they see their death to every little detail.


As a Death Saiyan you become pale. Your eyes turn all black and your hair spikes up and is gold like an SSJ.

How To Achieve

To achieve this form you must be a full-blooded Saiyan. Then, if you are dying charge up your remaining energy to your eyes. You have to have died another time. As you continue to die the energy will turn darker and darker. Your eyes will turn black and will be a rift through the mortal world and otherworld. Then you will turn pale and your hair will spike up.


  • Kotaz

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