This article, Death Burial, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Death Burial, is a Role-Play article.

Death Burial is a technique used by Devil Tenchi. It is a rush attack and as its name suggests, it works by burying the opponents soul in an unescapable super universe full of vengeful and dead spirits and destroys their body in the physicla realm. When beginning this technique, Tenchi raises his fist above his head as lightning violently streaks and courses out both ends of his fists violently, thereafter manifesting a dark lighthawk sword in his hand, holding it by the blade. He then reaches up with his free hand and grabs the handle and in a swift motion removes it from his fist and takes a fighting stance.

The sky casts over with shades of dark purple, blue, and black clouds that strike with bright blue streaks of lightning all over the landscape as Devil Tenchi then rockets towards his enemy. Faster and faster he gets until he becomes like a streak of light, surging back and fourth widly as he rushes towards his opponent. His eyes then glow with a streak of bright red energy as he smiles evilly. He then impales his opponent through the abdomen and forces his clawed hand into the side of their ribs, subsequently grappling them and flying high into the sky with them. Once at a certain altitude, he releases their helpless body but begins using his immense speed to slice them from all sides. Faster and faster he slashes the victim from all sides, thus forming a gigantic intricate magic circle in the sky with the victim at the center, trapping them from moving. He then returns to the ground

Black streaks of lightning begin shocking off the victims body as Tenchi himself never looks up at the sight. The dark purple magical circle then starts glowing with an intense bright fire red color, thereafter exploding into a massive cloud of black smoke and fire red sparks, completely annhilating the victims body and sending their soul to the shadow realm, the place where all victims are cursed to wonder for eternity upon being hit by this technique.

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