This article, Death Battle: Vegeta vs Bruce Banner, is a Fan-Fiction article.

Vegeta: -currently doing hardcore training at many times gravity inside the ship in the front yard of capsule corp-

Bruce: -has been berserk for a few minutes and has various dbz army platoons attack him- HULK HATE LITTLE BULLETS!! -he says as missiles explode on his back harmlessly, thereby doing a thunderclap which releases a force similar to that of many tons of dynamite. Many are caught in the shock waves and blown away- Grr...

Vegeta: -senses a sudden odd power level and disengages his training- ...It isn't kakarots... completely unfamiliar... -smirks- therefore, worth checking out -he says as he exits the gravity roam and soars towards the epicenter of the energy-

Bruce: -smashes tanks, stomps weapons, beats mf'ers with other mf'ers-

Vegeta: -touches down- You know ever since i met a certain legendary saiyan, big green guys have always irritated me...

Bruce: Grr... what flying man want!?

Vegeta: -chuckles- It isn't nice to break another persons toys you know... i think i'd better give you a TIME OUT!! -fires ki blasts at the the hulk-

Bruce: -throws his arms up as several small explosions go off, barely doing anything besides dirtying him- Grr, stupid fireworks... where flying man go!?

Vegeta: -appears behind him and smashes his foot into hulks back, yielding no result at all- Th-this guy...

Bruce: HA!, not even tickle!! -reaches around and attempts to grab vegeta-

Vegeta: -teleports above- Hmph, you're tough i'll give you that, but you may as well be moving in slow motion!! -fires a full power energy wave-

Bruce: -easily leaps through it and grabs vegeta by the throat- Grrr, HULK CRUSH FLYING FIREWORKS MAN!! -tightens his grip-

Vegeta: GrrrrAAARRRGGGGHHH!!! -ascends to ssj generating enough force to knock the hulk back several meters-

Bruce: -shakes his head and tries to balance-

Vegeta: -easily surpasses him with speed and strength and barrages his body from all sides but even his strongest blows only cause hulk to stumble slightly from left to right- This green freak... just what is he made of!? -vegeta fires a powerful kiai which knocks hulk through several small mountains- Ha, know your place!

Hulk: -rumbling and quaking violently as he lifts up the entire mountain- Grr... HULK SMASK BLONDE FIREWORKS MAN!! -tosses the entire mountain down on vegeta causing a shadow to overcast him-

Vegeta: -awestruck expression- Grrr... GALICK GUN!! -reduced the mountain to flaming chunks-

Hulk: -comes barreling down on vegeta and lariats him much to the saiyans suprise, then carres him through several mountains ripping up his clothing- 

Vegeta: How the hell is this green freak so DAMN STRONG!? -unleashes explosive wave that blows hulk away- I've had enough of this!! -goes to most powerful state- FINAL.... FLAAAAAASSSHHH!! -shoots continent sized energy wave that sweeps over hulk-

Hulk: -resists it and growls as he digs his fingers into the earth and slowly moves closer to vegeta- 

Vegeta: -growls madly- 

Hulk: -Gets closer and closer to vegeta, reaching out he can almost touch him-

Vegeta; GET OUT OF HERE FREAK!! -expends ALL his energy into the attack blowing hulk out into space, knocking him out in the process, goes back to base form and passes out-


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