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This article, Dark Lake, is a Role-Play article.

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This article, Dark Lake, is a Role-Play article.

The Dark Lake is a small black lake in the Skulfn Cairn


The lake is very large and misty. It is a pure black lake, with nothing but death. It is said by ancient legends, to be held in the center of the ancient Skulfn, a large training land where the souls from Other World reside in eternal training and slumber. The lake is guarded highly by Hepautus, the ancient Minotaur guardian of the Cairn. The lake is said by ancient legends, to hold a former God of Death, Heatusphus, who was captured by the Life God, Aremes, millions of years ago and put there (where he was stripped of God powers).

The ancient legend is on a gravestone in front of the lake:

"Thou'st God of Death, Heatusphus, the Minotaur, was captured in the lake for eternal slumber, by his brother God, Aremes, the God of Life. Heatusphus' son, Hepautus, guards over the lake storing his father, for hope one day, his father rises...thou who cross the God of Death, never return alive..."

The lake is surrounded in a black mist, with the stench of death. Hepautus, guards over the lake 24/7. The ancient prophecies, also date back to the date of the Original Super Saiyan, where Kuro finds out something thrilling.

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