This article, Dark Elder Kush, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Dark Elder Kush, is a Role-Play article.

Dark Elder Kush was creator and first guardian of the planet Kush which he named after himself and he is also the younger brother of Wise Elder Nash. Dark Elder Kush is considered Kushican since he created the planet Kush but he is originally a Tuffle. He created the
Chosen Dragon Balls and used them for his own selfish wishes and evil desires. To create the Chosen Dragon Balls, Dark Elder Kush used part of his soul and some of his life force. The Chosen Dragon which is summoned from the Chosen Dragon Balls is a fragment of his soul and is his more powerful body. Dark Elder Kush sits from his throne and controls the dragon with his telekinesis powers. If the dragon is asleep, then so is Dark Elder Kush and if the dragon dies then Elder Kush dies as well. fought the evil Chosen Dragon and destroyed it, this caused not only the Chosen Dragon Balls to vanish from existence, but it also took the life of Dark Elder Kush.

Dark Elder Kush's son Xemeanor would later invade Earth and try to avenge his death. Xemeanor was so strong that Elcidman had to sacrifice himself to defeat Xemeanor by using the which drained his life force. However, Elcidman was later reincarnated as Ultimate Elcidman.

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