Chapter one:The Arival

In an alternate dimension a young boy lands on earth.This boy happens to be a Saiyan.His name Is Tanks.The Z-Fighters sense the boys arival and are preparing for whatever might happen.

Gohan and Goku fly toward the landing site at high speeds.

Gohan: Dad what do you think he's evil.

Goku: I don't know we'll just have to wait and see.

Gohan:I hope not that would mean another fight on our hands.

Goku:That were to happen he wouldn't be much of a fight judging by his power level but you cant judge a book by its cover.

Gohan: ...

They aproach the site and find that Piccolo, Vegeta Krillin and the others have already made it.They land and find that whoever was inside the space ship hasn't come out.

Vegeta:Oh come on already, I dont have all day now.

Goku:Dont worry Vegeta he'll come out.

Vegeta: I hope for his sake he does,because if he doesn't i just might blow the ship up.

Just then a hatch on the ship lowers with a boy in Saiyan armor lowers to the ground.The boy steps off the platform and starts to walk towards the group.

Piccolo:Don't let your gaurd down you don't know what he is capable of.


The boy stops right in front of them and stares at them.

Tanks:My name is Tanks.

Goku:Hello Tanks,not to be rude but what have you come here for.

Tanks:I have come here to make this planet my new home.

Krillin:And how is that.

Tanks:I wish to stay find a home and live here although i do not have any thought on what to do.I assure you i mean no harm.

Vegeta.Your a Saiyan aren't you.

Tanks:Yes but im not just a Saiyan im a Super Saiyan.


Tanks:Would you like me to show you?

Without waiting for an answer the boy started to transform.


Piccolo:What power!He's He's just a child.

All are startled to see the boy transform with such tremendouse power.

The ground begins to shake and earth is ripped from the ground and a crater forms around the boy.The wind is so strong it knocks Krillin over.


Tanks stops transforming and he earth falls back into the ground and the boy starts to walk up from the crater.

Tanks:What do you think.

They all shocked to see the boy turn into a Super Saiyan.Is he really here for what he says he is.Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Next Demension.

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