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Dak base

Dak base

Dak sayape 3

Dak super saiyape 3

Dak is the Potara Fusion result of Jake and Drake. Jrae is his Fusion Dance counterpart


The Fusion Dance version of the two had more Human/Ape features, this time it is more Saiyan like, which is why it can use some Saiyan Transformations combined with Ape Transformations. Odd enough, he has a vest during this Fusion.


  • Big Bang Blast
  • Celestial Kamehameha
  • Zero Edge
  • Fusion Blast
  • Ape Fury


Super Saiyape 1 - He gains a Fusion Vest, Blue and Silver Hair, red arms and yellow chest.

Super Saiyape 2 - Blue Fur and Black Vest

Super Saiyape 3 - Gold Fur

Super Saiyape 4 - Purple Fur, Purple and black Hair

Dak sayape 4

Super Saiyape 4

Dak sayape 1

Super Saiyape 1 Dak

Dak sayape 2

Super Saiyape 2 Dak

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