This article, Daimao Kagemusha, is a Role-Play article.

"I am Immortal!, i am the thing that all sickness and fear originates from!, i am the one who stares in the face of death and lashes out against it in a rage!!, the devil himself cowers in fear of my boundless might!, You are Me, and I am You!, so long as my blood courses through your veins i shall live on!, and as you grow, so too will your mind collapse under the weight of my influence!, i shall never become a memory, and at that moment, the Greatest Evil shall be reborn!!, you are a fool, Tenchi, you do not deserve my blood, nor my legendary name!!"
— Daimao Speaks to Tenchi In His Own Mind

Daimao Kagemusha

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Daimao Kagemusha is the Great-Great Grandfather of Tenchi and one of the strongest known members who lived in the Kagemusha dynasty. He was considered the single most evil and malevolent member of the clan aside from his Father and Grandfather, and was a conquerer of worlds. With his immense power he obliterated hell and killed the devil himself, and is revered as an evil so dark and menacing that he is a being even more dark than the devil.

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