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Daidara (デイダラボ, Lit. "Legendary Giant") is a Bijuu that has become so powerful that it has grown ten arbitrary limbs as tails, effectively ascending all the way to the level of a Ten Tailed Beast(十尾, Jubi). It is the demon creature that dwells sealed within the confines of Rasetsu's spiritscape.


Daidara is the only Bijuu that has ascended to the power of a ten tails. It is the younger sibling of Ippon-Datara, the more popular and infamous ten tailed demon beast, but even so, it is considered the absolute equal to its elder brother. Unlike its elder brother, Daidara is a being of pure heart and justice, preferring to use its incredible power for the sake of what is right.


Daidara posessess all the abilities of its elder brother.

Behind The Scenes

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