The Original Cosmical Omega Saiyan

Cosmical Omega Saiyan is the most powerful form of DJ. In which this form, the user has the ability to fade into thin air ITSELF.


The Cosmical Omega Saiyan causes the user to get White and Black hair, with the Red and White Super Saiyan 4 fur on his torso. However, the Original Cosmical Omega Saiyan had no control over the power and balance of the form, thus making his hair the Super Saiyan 3 size. Not only that, but he got all red fur on his torso, like a Super Saiyan 4. He only had white hair, without the black included. But, if you do have all control, your hair size is only a tad bit larger than that of an Super Saiyan 2's.

Power and Usage

Not only does the Cosmical Omega Saiyan form make your power SKYROCKET BOMB up, it causes a great focus and balance for the user during his fighting style. DJ uses this form whenever he is in need to go to the max.



The Original Cosmical Omega Saiyan.

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