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Cimo is a young who in the main character of .


He lives on Planet Colo, a planet that is currently being reigned on, by the evil , a member of Frieza's race who is trying many ways to take all the color off the planet and from the people, to become more powerful then ever, since the planet is the most colorful and rich in the whole galaxy, if not the universe. He lives with his poor family, who's man of the house and once powerful fighter who trained Cimo, Cico, Cimo's father, had recently died while fighting Golgis with a group of war men. It is up to Cimo now, the new k-man of the house (kid), to take charge and stop Golgis, no matter what it takes.


He is small and chubbish. He has a colorful mohawk, and wears a blue jumpsuit with a white outer armor. He also wears a red theigh band, with brown/yellow boots. He has blue eyes.

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