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Chouetsu Shugendo
Chouetsu Shugendo
Anime name Transcended Shugendo
Manga name Alternate Shugendo
Alternate names Shugendo II
Super Human 2
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Rasetsu
Users Rasetsu
Class Power Up

Chouetsu Shugendo(修験道を超越, Lit. "Transcended Shugendo") also known as "Shugendo II" is the second stage of the Yin-Yang Essence based transformation, known as shugendo used and invented by Rasetsu. It is the successor and completely ascended form of the previous Shugendo and is subsequently many, MANY times more powerful than the original. The transformation is characterized by the sudden increase of Rasetsu's hair length while in the form, being extremely long and flowing down his back, often trailing behind him when he engages in acts of speed or combat.


With a sudden upsurge of Yang energy, Rasetsu's physical energy reacts and causes him to become enveloped in a sudden upheaval of vitality which subsequently grows his hair out to extreme lengths. His body become extremely attuned due to the vital energy coursing through him also causes his hair to behave more like a barely tangile "bolt" of energy or electricity, constantly floating in a weightless fashion behind him as if to trail behind him like a tail. The only difference between this form and the last is the change of hair length which is shown to be the distinctive characterization between the two forms and is thusly how they are told apart from one another, save for the constant flow of bio electricity which is constantly flowing within and around Rasetsu's body.

Usage & Power

While the previous transformation works on the principle of channeling Rasetsu's own will forward and converting it into tangible power, Chouetsu Shugendo, while maintaining said ability, causes Rasetsu's body to take on the "physiology" of his willpower. In saying that, this states physical abilities are directly changed and altered due to the direction that his will is urging it to go in. His strength, speed, and durability are all effected and boosted depending on his emotional state at the time. However, the true ferocity of this state is not found in his ability of materializing his desires within his body, it is found in materializing the desires and will he has within his surroundings. In this right, Rasetsu can possibly be granted a vast, vast range of different and powerful reality warping capabilities. The Yin-yang essence within him concentrates and converges in his brain, the center of his willpower. With such a unison of physical and spiritual energy which is basically omnipotent, he may be capable of utterly devastating performances of power and skill.

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