The Chosen Dragon is the evil Dark Elder Kush's more powerful form and is also a fragment of his soul. The
Chosen Dragon is summoned by the Chosen Dragon Balls and can grant people's wishes only if they are selfish wishes or evil desires. Elder Kush and the dragon are connected since the dragon is a fragment of his soul, if Elder Kush sleeps then so does the dragon, if the dragon dies then so does Elder Kush. Elder Kush controls the dragon with his telekinesis powers and he speaks through the dragon's mouth. fought the evil Chosen Dragon and was killed but when he returned to life more powerful than ever, he became a and destroyed the Chosen Dragon. Once Elcidman destroyed the Chosen Dragon, the Chosen Dragon Balls vanished from existence and Dark Elder Kush died. Elder Kush, the Chosen Dragon, and the Chosen Dragon Balls were all connected to each other. If one of them died, the rest would too.

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