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"Brutes are like the heavy artillery. Let them go first into battle, wreak havoc and chaos. Like an agressive older brother, basically."
— The Dark Saiyan commenting the Brutes.

Professional Status
Personal Status
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Brutes, is the first part of The Dark Saiyan's army. They serve as the secondary, heavy force. However, they are always sent out first in battle because they are hard to kill and can be used to analyze the opponents. If they are killed, The Dark Saiyan use his powers to revive them, making them lose any sort of intelligence they had before.


The brutes are big, heavily musculed and tall. Their hair is a shade of blue, both dark and light. Their skin is thick and purple/blue. Due to their Saiyan DNA, they are very similar to Bardock. The armor was green, with black detailing. Their boots and armbands were grey in colour. 

Power and usage

They use that to their advantage, because what they lack in intelligence and speed, they make up for with sheer force, one punch easily enough powerful to smash through enemies defenses. Their power is about an estimated level of 24,000, but they are an match for Super Saiyans such as Goku and Vegeta. When zombified, their power decreases, but since they are dead, they can never be tired, which leads to heavy attacks, one after another.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely powerful and strong
  • Hard to kill
  • Loyal
  • Heavily weaponed, often with mini-lazer rifles.
  • Protective of their friends


  • Low intelligence
  • Slow and lacks speed
  • Can easily be fooled by illusions
  • Has a hard time separating friends from enemies.

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