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LSSJ Adult Broku

LSSJ Adult Broku

"I've Taken Enough Crap from my father...but you won't turn on me Broku, or the breath you have at this moment will be your last."
— Teen Broku Talking to the son of Topazo and Destiny--

Broku is a good friend of Michael Iron and Destiny Song, and Broku, their son, was named after him. He is the Son of Broly, and was a very good friend of Son Tayu Kilo, he often takes care of Broku for Michael and Destiny.

Broku (other) ssj4

Broku SSJ4 Transformation

Adult Broku Using Angry Kamehameha

SSJ Teen Broku Using Angry Kamehameha On Broku(Son of Destiny)

Teen Broku

Teen Broku

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