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Broku is the son of Destiny and came from the future on August 6th 2012, He came to tell them that Earth was destroyed somehow and that he went to Planet Vegeta with the rest of the earthlings,
Ocean broku

Full Power Ocean Saiyan Broku

because they migrated, he has gone to the past to tell Michael and Destiny and is going to stay there and prevent all causes of Earth being destroyed.
Broku training on the lookout
Race Saiyan, Majin, Human
Gender Boy
Height 4'11"
Weight 79
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Destiny--Mother
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Broku fighting

Broku In His Fighting Stance

Super Grako

Grako is a fusion of Ghostly Figure (Ghano) and Broku, In this power, Broku can go SSJ4, but he can't go SSJ4 In other times.


  1. THIS IS FOR...
  2. Kamehameha(Final, Angry, Super, Big bang x100, Big bang, Dimension)
  3. Big bang attack
  4. Telekinisis
    Broku injured

    Broku Fighting

  5. Fusion technique
  6. Spirit ball
  7. Ki blast
  8. Ki ball
  9. Spirit bomb
  10. SSJ
  11. SSJ4
  12. Ocean Saiyan
    Broku oozaru

    Great Ape Broku

    Ocean Saiyan

    Broku showing Destiny his own Transformation

    SSJ Broku
Destiny's son

SSJ4 fusion of Broku and Ghano.

Broku ssj4

Broku SSJ4

Broku (Son of Destiny)

Broku, named after a good friend of Michael and Destiny

Grown up ssj broku

Older Broku In SSJ

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