NOTE: The following is a work of comedy and jest, and IS IN NO WAY(i think) an accurate depiction of the users that can be found on the wiki. Don't complain how you come across on this page, its all in good fun. There is a lot more to come, so don't complain if you aren't featured yet i'm getting to it.

The Haunt of Demons..

oukan Gakuen
(, Lit. "Lookout Chat Academy") is a random envisioning of The Lookout Chat by TOAA, as its name suggests. Boukan Gakuen has earned itself the nickname "Unabara" meaning "The Haunt of Demons" due to the massive amount of psychotic and ravenous delinquents that infest it. Those whom dare venture into Boukan Gakuen's are lucky to leave a mere, beaten down shadow of their former selves, if they leave at all.


Boukan Gakuen is a school ruled by the students and not the teachers. It is a place where delinquent gangs from all over the regions enlist themselves in so as to obtain absolute military power, fame, and prosperity. In the words of Kuzon, a more coherent student at the academy, the entirety of its construct is "Immature and Unorganized". Bouken Gakuen has earned hate and animosity from other, more prestigious high schools(other wiki's) throughout the region and there are often gang/turf wars between the student warriors that plague the school grounds. The Students of Boukan Gakuen are arrogant and rude and live solely to fight for the sake of fighting.


The Students of the school are arranged in hierarchies and groups highly similar to that of Yakuza underworld gang leaders. There are Bancho's(Admins/Mods/Bcrats) who are the elite of the elite in the school, They command their own gangs and have great influence on the fighting underworld. Female Bancho's are called Sukebans and they have the same powers as ordinary Bancho's.

  • Mars: A Bancho that commands. He is hated by many for his bad attitude but is surprisingly easy to get along with and understand. Mars is a figurehead of great power and popularity in the school.
  • DJ: Many would agree that he is a full blown douche-bag, even the one he serves under, Mars. Be that as it may it is clear he has a great sense of honor and for it, has respect.
  • Tre: An ally of Mars. He is well spoken and polite, though this contrasts him from the previous two and often causes him to the subject of insults because of it.
  • Topazo: A low-level Bancho that has direct ties with Mars. For his "good work" Mars made him popular and gave him the power of a Bancho to rule over others, but he is considered a subordinate.
  • Ian: A very chill Bancho that commands his subordinates much alike him. He prefers peace over war and loves fooling around, loving the free lifestyle of a delinquent. Ian is the second figurehead and also has great legend in the schools history.
  • Kuzon: A Bancho whom prefers not to speak of his position or power. He is a far proper and upstanding member of Boukan Gakuen compared to the others. Kuzon was forced away from the school due to how chaotic it got but came back. He is the third figurehead.
  • Mike Iron: Considered an "Ace" Mike has earned a reputation for himself. He is considered a star-rookie and has earned popularity in the school for his determination and passion.
  • Azalea: The girlfriend of Mars. She has not demonstrated her fighting capabilities and acknowledges her weakness in comparison to other warriors, but her intelligence and wisdom are baffling, easily exceeding her significant others.
  • Kamiko: A Sukeban with an attitude, Kamiko is seen as a tomboyish bad-girl and is the girlfriend of SS. She is a rare occurrence these days however.
  • SS: The most "Well balanced" of the student body, SS does not discriminate, hate, and gives credit where credit is due. He is wise, acts according to situations in question, and is a reliable Bancho. He is the fourth figurehead at Boukan Gakuen.
  • Tenchi: A since "expelled" student, Tenchi is a former Bancho and is said to be of a status as high as the four figureheads. He is seldom seen or heard from these days but he has a grand legend in the schools history, though very few people know its details.

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