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Bonez is an RP character of PhantomSilverShenron


Bonez, dubbed "King of the Underworld", is a member of the ancient race of Sukeruton that inhabit the Underworld. Bonez was born as from a royal family. Once born, he was claimed to be the "Savior Prince". He led his father's army and showed mercy to all souls within his home. His father, King Skulle, was killed by Oblivion and Bonez had to take the throne as king. He swore vengeance against Oblivion for commiting the murder of his father. Bonez' power is rivaled by few.

Bonez, wearing his father's armor


Bonez' secondary armor

Meeting the Lookout Crew

Bonez had stumbled upon Nobody one day. The two noticed how they had both wanted revenge against Oblivion. Nobody brought Bonez back to meet the Lookout Crew and become a member.

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